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8 Benefits of Soursop Leaf For Women Good Illness and Beauty

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Top ! 8 Benefits of Soursop Leaf For Women Good Illness and Beauty - Healthy T1ps

In addition to the fruit that can be consumed, soursop leaves also have many benefits for the body, especially in curing diseases. In soursop leaves contain acetoginin such as asimisin, bulatacin and squamosin. Soursop leaves are commonly consumed in the form of tea also contains alkaloids, acetogenins, antioxidants as well as some types of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, B, C, calcium, potassium, iron, anomol and gentis also. Of the many benefits of soursop leaf like the benefits of soursop leaves for tumors, there are also some benefits of soursop leaves for women to cure mild to chronic diseases as we will review the following.

Health Benefits Of Soursop Leaf - Healthy T1ps

1. Prevent Breast Cancer and Cervix
The first benefit that can be obtained from soursop leaves is as a cancer solution, especially breast and cervix. In soursop leaves contain acetogenins, a group of powerful antibiotics that can kill and stop the production of cancer cells so that gene mutations can be prevented. In addition can be consumed to overcome two types of cancer, soursop leaf can also be used to prevent throat cancer, prostate and leukemia or blood cancer.

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2 Lose Weight
In soursop leaves also contain a number of B vitamins which are essential for optimizing your metabolism. By consuming soursop leaf tea regularly, the burning is getting higher and higher as it is converted into energy source so it can help in weight loss program.

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3. Caring for Skin
Soursop leaves also have excellent astringent properties used as a skin beauty solution. Soursop leaf can tighten the skin and make the appearance of the pore the face of increasingly smaller pores. In addition, soursop leaves are also very powerful to prevent facial skin problems such as acne and pore pore inflammation because it contains antimicrobial properties of acetogenins so it can prevent infections attacking the skin.

4. Have Anti Aging Compound
High vitamin C benefits in soursop leaves is also very helpful to produce antioxidants to fight free radicals that can cause various problems on the skin such as signs of premature aging include fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. In addition, applying the dregs from the soursop leaves on the face is also very good for lifting dead skin cells on the face for a more perfect skin appearance.

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5. Overcoming Hair Mite
Not only useful to nourish hair and overcome some hair problems such as dandruff, fall, premature gray hair and also branched, but applying soursop leaf water to hair is also an easy way to inhibit the growth of parasites such as hair lice without causing side effects because it is a natural ingredient .

The Amazing Health Benefits of Soursop Leaf For Women Good Illness and Beauty - Healthy T1ps

6. Relieves Pain
Women often experience problems such as arthritis and also rheumatism caused by uric acid levels too high. Soursop leaves can be used to reduce pain in a very easy way that is by smoothing some sheets of soursop leaves and then applied to the affected body for 2 times a day until the pain can be removed.

7. Overcoming Eczema
Soursop leaves can also be used to treat other skin diseases such as eczema. To overcome eczema, some soursop leaves can be smoothed and then rubbed on an area affected by eczema to help speed up the healing process while minimizing the pain caused.

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8. Overcoming Digestive Disorders
Soursop leaf that contains vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory compounds is essential to overcome digestive disorders such as menstrual cramps, diarrhea solutions, flatulence, constipation and some other digestive disorders. Calcium content in the leaves will help the body in utilizing iron more effectively, while the anti-microbial properties in this leaf will balance the intestinal microflora better to overcome various stomach disorders.

Benefits of soursop leaves for women that we have given above can be used as a solution of herbal treatments both internal and external disease or skin. It should be noted, use these soursop leaves according to dose and only to cure illness or skin problems only and do not be used in the long term to avoid side effects that can be caused.