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8 Benefits of Tamarind For Swollen Foot Area

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Top ! 8 Benefits of Tamarind For Swollen Foot Area - Healthy T1PS

As the name suggests, Tamarind has a sour taste that is widely used in the culinary field and also treatment such as the benefits of Tamarind during menstruation. The texture of this acid flesh looks like mush, sticky and slightly watery. The sour tree that comes from tropical Africa has spread in almost all tropical regions including Indonesia. Javanese fruits can be consumed in raw or mixed in cooking, dried or ground into spices that are often re-processed into candy, sauce or jam. Fruit also has many nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E, phosphorus, calcium, iron, manganese, potassium, fiber and a number of organic compounds so it also contains anti inflammation and a very powerful source of antioxidants. Among the many benefits of Tamarind, one of the well-known uses is the benefit of Tamarind for swelling as we will explain below.

Best T1ps ow To Treat Swollen Foot Area With Use Tamarind - Healthy T1ps

What is Swelling?

In medical science, swelling is called edema or fluid buildup in the body, especially the leg area. This swelling can occur due to the health condition of the patient. While swelling itself is most commonly experienced by patients with kidney disease and heart.

Provides Anti-Inflammatory Effects
Tamarind can be used to reduce pain such as joint pain, inflammation, arthritic condition, arthritis and also uric acid in addition to many also the benefits of Tamarind for the diet. This can happen because in the Tamarind has the ability to calm inflammation and swelling and anti-inflammatory properties that can be used as herbal remedies to overcome inflammation.

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Lowering Hydrosatic Pressure
Edema or swelling may occur due to increased hydrosatic pressure. The hydrosatic pressure itself is the fluid pressure that flows in the blood vessels just as it does with heart failure and liver disease which will lead to a blockage of fluid flowing in the blood vessels so that the fluid will move into the interstitial space. Various content that is in the Tamarind will be able to reduce the pressure of hydrosatik so that swelling can be more quickly overcome.

Increases Plasma Oncotic Pressure
The oncotic pressure is the pressure that retains fluid remains in the blood vessels that are affected by albumin. Decreased oncotic pressure can occur due to the formation of albumin such as liver disease such as renal failure. Tamarind is the best natural way that can be used to increase the pressure of plasma oncotik so that will accelerate the swelling healing process that you experience.

Overcoming Inflammation
Swelling may occur due to inflammation that occurs in some parts of the body but most often occurs in the leg tissues so that the foot will hurt when held. In addition to pain, swelling also makes the swelling area feels a little hard when in the press so that interfere with patient activity. In addition, inflammation can also occur because of late stage uric acid disease caused by accumulation of uric acid levels in the blood. The content in this Tamarind is very well consumed to lower uric acid levels in the blood so that inflammation can be overcome while reducing the pain caused.

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Overcoming Fluid Stacking
Swelling that occurs in some areas of the body can also occur due to accumulation of fluid in the limbs that usually occur in patients with heart failure, cirrhosis or scarring of the liver, chronic renal failure, hormonal disturbances and blockage of the lymph nodes. Whereas in pregnant women, this swelling usually occurs when the baby has entered the third trimester. By consuming Tamarind regularly, the accumulation of fluid in the body can also be overcome so that the swelling will gradually recover.

Neutralize Drug Side Effects
Some drugs can also cause swollen feet such as diabetes medications, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, stand up too long, drive by car or travel by plane. The content that is present in Tamarind is very well consumed to decrease the side effects of drugs which become one of the causes of swelling in some parts of the body.
Top ! 8 Benefits of Tamarind For Swollen Foot Area - Healthy T1PS
Top ! 8 Benefits of Tamarind For Swollen Foot Area - Healthy T1PS

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Overcoming Venere Insufficiency
Not only many benefits of Tamarind bark, but the fruit of tamarind also has many uses for health, especially swelling. Swelling in some parts of the body can be the first symptom of venous insufficiency that is when the blood can not move up from the leg blood vessels to the heart blood vessels which then make the leg area swell and if not treated immediately it can develop into skin ulcers, infections and changes on the skin. By consuming the Tamarind, the blood flow can be smoothened by lowering high cholesterol and blood clots in the body. With this, then the entire bloodstream can be more fluent and swollen can be prevented or overcome.

Heals Injuries
Besides very well consumed to overcome fatigue, Tamarind is also very good used to overcome the swelling caused by injury. Tamarind can be used by consumed as herbal ingredients and also baluran areas of swollen body. Injuries that occur when a wrong step or ligaments are stretched beyond the normal limits can be resolved quickly with the content contained in the Tamarind.

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Tamarind is not only delicious to be mixed drinks and flavor enhancers in cooking, but there are also benefits of Tamarind for swelling that you can overcome. In fact, the benefits of vitamin C as well as some types of minerals and other vitamins in Tamarind is also powerful to overcome many other diseases in the body from mild to severe disease that there are even more than 35 benefits of Tamarind for tested health.