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How to Menstruation Unorganized Naturally

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How to Menstruation Unorganized Naturally - Healthy T1ps

Menstruation or menstruation is not smooth it can cause concern. In addition to the difficulty in determining the fertile period, the risk of reproductive disease is also often associated with this.

As a rule, the normal menstrual cycle is in the range of 23-35 days. Normal menstruation or menstruation will last for 2-8 days. Before handling it, make sure your menstrual cycle is not as referenced for more than three months.

Menstrual disorders are characterized by irregular or fickle menstrual cycles. Other signs like the amount of blood that comes out the same every month can also befall you. No need to worry, there are several ways to launch menstruation gradually.

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Understanding Non-Current Menstrual Causes - Healthy T1ps

The main principle in managing health problems is to recognize the cause. Irregular menstruation can be caused by many things. And every cause has a different way of handling. Here are the details of the causes of menstruation or menstruasi not smooth you need to know:

1. Hormone Changes
Menstrual disorders can occur due to hormonal changes. In addition to puberty, this condition is experienced by women during pregnancy, breastfeeding and before menopause. All three create an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone hormones in the female body.

2. Use of Contraception
Married adult women certainly use contraceptives in controlling pregnancy. The types can vary, ranging from the consumption of birth control pills to the installation of KB spiral IUD (intra-uterine device).

One of the side effects that are often felt after using contraception is irregular menstruation.

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3. Drastic Weight Changes
Dramatically increased or decreased weight can trigger irregular and irregular menstruation. These conditions can happen to you who work as athletes, women who undergo diet and extreme physical activity, have eating disorders such as bulimia, or experience chronic pain.

4. Stress
Mood and psychological factors turned out to play a major role in maintaining a healthy body. Not a few health problems come from stress that is not managed properly. Including one of your non-current menstruation.

Prolonged stress can worsen the menstrual cycle. Even the anxiety and anxiety that you experience can disrupt the cycle and cause menstrual disorders.

5. Reproductive Organs
The presence of menstrual disorders can be a sign of reproductive organ disease. One of the diseases associated with this condition is Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

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Menstrual disorders in patients with PCOS occurs due to the formation of cysts in the ovary. In severe conditions, the disease may increase the risk of infertility, diabetes, and heart disease.

If it were not for PCOS, menstrual disorders such as irregular bleeding can be caused due to disruption of the uterus and ovaries.

6. Thyroid Disorders
In addition to reproductive organ disease, thyroid disorders can be one reason non-current menstruation. The thyroid gland can affect the balance of hormones in the body. If the function is disturbed, then you will likely close menstruasi irregular.
How to Menstruation Unorganized Naturally - Healthy T1ps

How to Smooth Menstruation Gradually - Healthy T1ps

As long as it does not interfere with your physique, an irregular menstrual cycle may not be an obstacle. But for long-term health, you need to know how to launch a late menstruation from the beginning of this condition.

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Healthy Food Consumption
Nutrition can be one of the factors that you need to change as soon as possible. To get the normal menstrual cycle, multiply the intake of foods rich in vitamins A, B, E, and K. Here is the details of the food menu that you can choose:

  • Foods rich in vitamin A such as cheese, eggs, yogurt, and carrots. In addition to helping maintain the health of the uterus, this vitamin can also reduce painful menstrual pain.
  • Food sources of vitamin B such as fish, beans, vegetables, milk, and cheese. Cobalamin, pyridoxine, and folic acid are the types of B vitamins that help overcome hormonal changes in the body.
  • Foods that contain vitamin E such as vegetable oil, eggs, and spinach.
  • While foods high in vitamin K include broccoli, green vegetables, and cabbage.
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Start limiting excessive consumption of sugar and caffeine. If you really want to eat sweet foods, replace a snack or a sweet snack with fruits that contain natural sugar.

To keep your weight ideal, you can exercise lightly, manage your meal schedule, and schedule your breaks regularly. In addition, you need to manage stress well. The menstrual cycle can be disrupted if you experience too much anxiety and anxiety.

Before seeing a doctor, it would be nice to observe other symptoms that are felt. If your body has a particular disease, not only the non-current menstrual cycle is used as a reference. Also identify other types of symptoms that you may experience.

Other PCOS symptoms include excessive hair growth, weight gain, depression, acne, hair loss, and difficulty conceiving.

While other symptoms of thyroid disease is constipation, dry skin, easily agitated, weight loss, the change of voice, cough, and difficulty swallowing and breathing.

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For causes such as use of contraceptives, thyroid disorders, and reproductive organ diseases should consult your doctor. Your doctor may advise you to change the type of contraceptive used or prescribe certain medications.

For you who are accustomed to exercise too heavy or have a profession as an athlete, mentruas also can be irregular or stalled. To overcome this, reduce the intensity of your practice and do not overdo it.

Talk to your doctor about a hormone or calcium supplement that works for you. Both can lower your risk for bone loss or osteoporosis.

Well, that's a line of how to launch menstruation that needs to be known by you. Adult women are often menstrual disorders. But not all of these disorders are dangerous and a sign of serious illness.

Do not forget to apply healthy living and food consumption with balanced nutrition yes. If menstrual disorders that occur following the symptoms of certain diseases, do not hesitate to immediately consult a doctor.