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How to Satisfy Hunger When Pregnant, Without Eating Haphazardly

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How to Satisfy Hunger When Pregnant, Without Eating Haphazardly - Healthy T1ps

Just five minutes ago eating toast, but now it's hungry again huh? It seems like most pregnant women experience it, but do not let this make Mother eat carelessly. Mother is recommended to be able to manage the hunger that is felt, so that the food consumed is not excessive, but nutritious and beneficial for the small in the womb.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, some pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting that can interfere with activity. This nausea may continue until the second trimester of pregnancy. Despite the nausea, Mother may also experience hunger all the time.

Reasons Pregnant Mothers Often Hungry - Healthy T1ps

Pregnant women feel constantly hungry because babies in the womb need nutrients to thrive. Baby in the stomach Mother needs nutrients to form tissues, muscles, and bones. But, do not let this condition make Mother so out of control and eat anything as much as possible yes. The challenge is to provide enough nutrition for the baby without accumulating excess calories.

It is important to note that pregnant women do not need to "eat for two". Although there are babies in the womb, but he is not an adult or a child who needs an extra plate of food. Consumption of excess food, it can cause excess weight during pregnancy, as well as the risk of health problems.

Good and Nutritious Eating Tips for Pregnant Women
Choosing the right time to eat and the type of food that is well consumed is a step that Mother needs to do, so that Mother and baby in the womb get the right nutrition. Let's follow these guidelines:

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Drink first
Instead of eating directly when hungry. Try Mother to drink water first. Sometimes the body is confused to mean thirst to be hungry. After all, while pregnant the body of the Mother obviously needs more fluids than usual, especially because pregnant women sweat more often. Mother needs to drink about 12-13 glasses per day. In addition, Mother can also get fluid through water-rich fruits, such as oranges or watermelons.

Consume one favorite meal every day
Instead of being held back, Mother can try a small serving of favorite foods, like ice cream or chocolate. Mother can also give a gift for yourself by eating favorite foods once a week, after a week managed to eat healthy foods.

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Keep calorie intake is not excessive
Usually pregnant women need only an additional 350 calories in their food in the second trimester, and 500 extra calories in the third trimester. This number will increase to twofold if Mother contains twins. So make sure that the intake of calories consumed is not excessive, yes.

Choose fresh food
When shopping, it is recommended to choose fresh food instead of processed ones. Avoid taking ready-to-eat groceries, or packaged foods that are mostly high in calories but low in nutrients.
How to Satisfy Hunger When Pregnant, Without Eating Haphazardly - Healthy T1ps

Eat in small portions but more often
It may sound cliche, but rather than eating a lot at a time, eating often in small portions is an easy way to satisfy hunger without causing heartburn that is often experienced by pregnant women.

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Limit fast food
Whether you realize it or not, tired pregnant women often want to eat instant foods that tend to be sweet and full of carbohydrates. Unfortunately fast food, can make Mother so reluctant to eat healthy food. The solution, Mother can first eat food or healthy snacks, such as fruit or nuts. This can reduce the portion of other foods that are less healthy.

In addition, some of the following simple ways you can apply in choosing and serving healthier foods during pregnancy:

Protein is not only found in eggs or meat, but can also be obtained from cereals and nuts.
All pregnant women must know that vegetables are the best source of nutrition for babies in the womb. In order not boring, vegetables into various forms of food that Mother love, such as salad, stuffing spring rolls, or vegetable burgers.

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Instead of butter or cream cheese, apply avocado to the bread. Benefits of avocado in pregnant women is very good because it is rich in potassium and good fats. Then, the mango fruit rich in vitamin C and A can be a combination of yoghurt or salad.
Do not forget to keep balanced diet with active moves or exercise and rest quite yes, Bun. Mother also need not worry too much because usually the appetite will decrease in third trimester pregnancy. In the final period of pregnancy, usually Mother will become more easily satiated due to pressure from the growing content.