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How To Stop Menstruation

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How to stop menstruation - Healthy T1ps

Every woman has a different normal menstrual cycle. However, you who experience menstrual bleeding in large quantities, long, to inhibit daily activities, should suspect the possibility of abnormal bleeding in the womb.

To cope with this menstrual cycle, there are several ways to stop menstruation is recommended. The following ways are not only beneficial to reduce excessive menstrual bleeding, but also other complaints that often arise during menstruation.

Consider Previous Advantages and Disadvantages of Stopping Menstruation - Healty T1ps

Stopping menstruation is useful for women who have abnormal menstrual cycles

By stopping menstruation, it means you shorten the time period of menstruation which is also expected to reduce the volume of blood that comes out. This process of stopping menstruation can be very beneficial for people with the following conditions:

  • Has physical or mental limitations that cause him to be inhibited or difficulty when having to use pads or tampons
  • Having a particular condition or health disorder that gets worse during menstruation occurs, eg endometriosis, anemia, or abnormal bleeding in the womb
  • Experiencing severe premenstrual syndrome such as breast pain, abdominal bloating, drastic mood changes for 7-10 days before menstruation
  • Menstruation often accompanied by pain that is so painful
  • Menstrual blood volume is too much, or menstruation that lasts too long (long-term bleeding)
  • On the other hand, stop menstruation can also cause certain losses. Among other things, you may just find the onset of blood spots outside of the menstrual period. This is common when you stop menstruation using birth control pills.

Although a little worried, as time went by your body began to adapt and the blood spots will be reduced.

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Another disadvantage of stopping menstruation is that you may find it difficult to detect pregnancy because of irregular menstrual cycles. Therefore, if you experience morning sickness, feel the pain in the breast, or experience an unusual fatigue immediately ensure with the pregnancy test procedure using a test pack.

How to stop menstruation can be done by taking birth control pills and get KB injections

How to stop menstruation can be done by taking birth control pills and get KB injections

The length of each woman's period is affected by a number of factors such as stress, body mass index, and hormonal changes. However, how to stop menstruation is basically still can help you overcome excessive bleeding every time of menstruation.

Check out the details below:

1. Take the Pill
In addition to delaying pregnancy, birth control pills are also used to control the menstrual cycle. This method can also shorten menstrual periods and reduce pain complaints that are often felt by women at the time of menstruation. However, the results of this method will usually appear after a few months of using it.

Before applying this method, try consulting your doctor in deciding what type of birth control pills to take. Ask also about side effects and how to use exactly to your doctor.

In addition to reducing the menstrual period, the method of consuming birth control pills is also believed to have health benefits, including preventing anemia due to excessive bleeding, maintaining skin beauty, and lower risk of ovarian cancer and ovarian cancer.

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2. KB Injections
KB injection is one of the most effective ways to stop menstruation, as long as done regularly. This method also does not use the hormone estrogen so it can be done by breastfeeding mothers or women who can not use the hormone estrogen.

After routinely getting an injection, your menstrual cycle usually begins to change. Blood that comes out during menstruation will decrease with injection. Some women who use this method feel the cessation of menstruation after a routine use for one year.

Although effective, how to stop menstruating with injecting KB also has shortcomings. Blood spots can occur during the first 3 months you apply this method. In addition, you also have to get regular injections every 3 months

3. Exercise Exercise
Discussing the benefits of exercise is endless. Sports performed routinely it can also relieve bleeding during menstruation. Menstrual blood will come out more regularly so that your menstrual period is reduced.

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Exercising can also help reduce the possibility of menstrual and abdominal pain. Both conditions are often complained when menstruation comes.

4. Taking NSAIDs Drugs
Taking over-the-counter medicines such as paracetamol or ibuprofen can help reduce menstrual pain and stimulate uterine contractions, which can help reduce the blood that comes out during menstruation.

But, keep in mind if taking drugs in excess should not be done. Instead, you should consult your doctor before using any medication. Moreover you are intent on taking supplements, herbal teas, or other drugs outside the doctor's advice.

5. Add Vitamin C intake
Vitamin C in large quantities can decrease the amount of progesterone hormone. This will accelerate the process of decaying the lining of the uterine wall that comes out with menstrual blood so that the menstrual period is shorter.

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In addition, vitamin C supplements can also help the body absorb iron and strengthen blood vessels.

However, avoid taking vitamin C excessively. Intake of vitamin C exceeds 1000 milligrams a day can cause side effects such as abdominal pain, insomnia, diarrhea, to impaired kidney function.

Should the surgical procedure to stop menstruation?

If previous methods can not solve your bleeding problem, it may require surgical procedures. Surgery is performed to eliminate the cause of bleeding which is generally not in the form of menstrual blood.

Before undergoing surgical procedures, you are advised to undergo one or more inspection procedures consisting of:

Blood tests to detect anemia, impaired thyroid gland function, or blood clotting disorders
Examination of pap to detect any infection, inflammation, or the possibility of cervical cancer
Biopsy of the uterus by taking samples of uterine tissue
Ultrasound to obtain a picture of the uterus, pelvic cavity, and ovaries
The results of these tests are used to determine what procedure is most appropriate to overcome the problem of menstrual bleeding that you experience. Some possible operating procedures include:

  • Dilation and curettage (D & C), done by dilating the cervix, then continued to erode or suck the tissue layer on the inner wall of the uterus to reduce bleeding.
  • Focused ultrasound surgery. This procedure uses ultrasound waves to shrink the fibroid tissue in the uterus that causes the occurrence of bleeding.
  • Uterine artery embolization to shrink fibroid tissue The doctor will insert the catheter through the thigh vein to the uterine artery, then inject certain medications to reduce blood flow to the fibroid tissue.
  • Endometrial ablation, done by shedding the lining of the uterine wall tissue using a laser, heat source, or special radio waves. However, for women who are still planning a pregnancy is not recommended to go through this procedure.
  • Endometrial resection, performed by lifting the uterine lining tissue wall using a special tool. After passing this procedure you are not expected to plan a pregnancy.
  • Myomectomy, by performing a direct operation to remove fibroid tissue from the uterus.
  • Hysterectomy, a uterine removal procedure that will permanently stop your menstrual cycle and keep you sterile or unable to conceive for life.

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While it may be medically possible, the various ways to stop menstruation above require considerable consultation and consultation with experts. Especially you who want to use the method of contraception, taking NSAIDs drugs, or undergoing surgical procedures.

Therefore, stop menstruation should only be done by women who experience menstrual bleeding continuously so that no longer interfere with health and daily activities.