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The Benefits of Wudu For Health, What Is Its Check?

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The Benefits of Maintaining Ablution (Wudoo) For Health, What Is Its Check? - Healthy T1ps

Wudu is a sacred ritual, before we step on prayer rugs to perform prayers or other holy worship. But do you know doing wudu first is one of the habits of the Prophet. It means that wudoo can be done anytime not only at the time of prayer. Ablution can we do before bed, when we want to travel, when we are angry and so forth. Why does the Messenger of Allah prove so?

Let us consider the following words of the Prophet SAW,

"Indeed, my people will be summoned on the Day of Judgment in glowing circumstances because of the former wudhu'nya, (Abu Hurayrah added) then who is able to overestimate the long rays on his body, then do it." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Wudu means to cleanse ourselves. Both from dirt, germs, and bacteria that affect your body.

Doing wudlu that starts from the intention, then washing hands, rinsing, putting water into the nose and washing the head very clearly means cleaning the upper limbs.

Then proceed to clean the hands to the elbow, then to the two earlobes, and clean the feet. The procedures mentioned are very good to help you maintain and care for your health.

Doing istinsyaq (putting water into the nose) and isytinsar (removing water from the nose after istinyaq) turned out to be beneficial to the health of our nose including also preventing the emergence of various diseases associated with ear, nose and throat (ENT).

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The Amazing Of Benefits Maintaining Ablution (Wudu) For Health - Healthy T1ps


1. Cleaning Our Hands. Germs that surround us unknowingly often stick to our hands. Because of the many activities we do everyday using our hand function. Therefore by frequent ablution means automatically we always wash our hands and keep us from the attacks of germs that are harmful to our bodies and our health Quoted from

2. Reduce Headache. In general, headaches can be caused by stress or psychological pressure and the heat of the sun that hit our heads. Therefore washing some of the head while performing ablution is a therapy to provide a sense of freshness in our brain as well as providing a massage effect on the scalp. So by doing the head washing process when wudoo can reduce the headache that arises.

3. Preventing toothache and gum. A clean, germ-free mouth will prevent us from dental and gum disease. Gargling when performing ablution benefits to remove all dirt and germs that cause tooth disease and gum in the mouth. Gargling with cleaning germs remnants in the mouth will be more perfect because the water can penetrate between the teeth and gums that can not be reached by a toothbrush.
The Amazing Of Benefits Maintaining Ablution (Wudu) For Health - Healthy T1ps

4. Avoid from skin diseases. The process of wudoo consists of washing most of the body parts such as face, hands and feet, and the sidelines of the ears. Various skin-resistant skin such as panu, kadas, or ringworm, can be prevented by always maintaining skin hygiene.

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5. Maintain the health of the nose. The nose is very vulnerable to dirt, because inside the nose there is a feather to filter out dirt when we breathe, so that the dirt does not come into the lungs. By washing your nose while doing wudu means throwing away all the dirt in your nose, so that your nose will stay healthy and free from dirt.

6. Brighten our eyes. When we wash the face in ablution, it is definitely our eyes will also be exposed to water ablution, this is very good for the health of your eyes. water that hit the eye will make your eyes relaxed and refreshed, so your eyes will come back bright after tired work.

7. Cure insomnia. You often have trouble sleeping? Yep, insomnia is a lot of attacks on teenagers. And according to health, sleeping too late, even morning or no sleep even able to damage your organs automatically. So the habit of insomnia should be removed. How? Simply take ablution water before bed.

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8. Normalize the heartbeat. One of the ablution activities that have highly qualified properties is when you wet the limbs into the water. This is able to make the heart normality to beat more stable. These results have even been meticulously by Dr. Ahmad Syauqy who is an expert in the field of internal medicine and heart disease in London.

9. Shape and efforts to stimulate the central nervous system. According to research conducted by prof. Leopold Warner Von Ehrenfels, he is a psychiatrist and expert in the neurology midwife from Austria to admit something special when someone is doing wudlu. The most sensitive human nerve center is the hands, feet and the forehead. These three parts can be said to be very sensitive to the presence of fresh water. So when you wash the three parts, indirectly you wake up and stimulate the central nervous system.

10. Free from evil germs. Evil germs can grow and develop anywhere. Even on every doorknown you, on the bed sheet, or in your television viewing place is a good development of germs. Therefore, you should always keep it clean. Especially when sleeping. One solution is to wudlu before bed. Recent research says that wudlu is able to reduce germs that live in your body. Read Also: Make the Body Luminous on the Day of Judgment

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11. Relax the muscles before going to sleep. When during the day, surely you do very much activity. For that need to be done to relax the muscle. The benefits of ablution before bed are one way to relax the stiff muscles after a hard day. Even psychologically, someone who has performed wudu will appear more relaxed. And your body will feel fresh again.