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11 Benefits of Drinking Garlic for Health

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TOP! 11 Benefits of Drinking Garlic Juice for Health - Healthy T1ps

 There are so many kitchen spices that you can find in traditional to modern markets today. one of them is onions, for onions there are many types ranging from shallots, black onions, lanang onions, dayak onions, and garlic. Garlic itself is one type of tuber that has many layers, not only that garlic is also a compulsory spice that must be in the kitchen. And for the people of Indonesia themselves, if you look at the benefits of drinking turmeric, garlic is the main ingredient of every menu.

This is related to the distinctive taste and the aroma that can make the dishes become more delicious and tempting, so adding the garlic to your cooking will inspire everyone who sees it. To find out more clearly, here is a brief explanation of garlic in general. Garlic is found in many regions of Asia and Africa, then along with the rapidly growing trade era, garlic can be found in various countries.

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Garlic itself has the scientific name Allium sativum which belongs to the type of root crops rooted, not only because one of the ingredients is obligatory in a dish, garlic is sought because of its nutritional content. In general garlic is consumed differently if you see the benefits of areca nut herbs, but do you know garlic can also be consumed by drinking. For that you can make it into herbal tea or mix it in juice. The details about the nutritional content of garlic.

Garlic Nutrition Content - Healthy T1ps

  • Calories
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Calcium
  • Phosphor
  • Iron
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins A, B1, and C

The nutrient content in garlic above is actually only partially, related to the amount of nutrients contained in garlic makes garlic rich in benefits. Not only as a cooking ingredient, but also many people who use garlic in the field of health and basic ingredients of traditional medicine as a disease cure. The trick is to make it as a base for drinks or capsules, for those of you who are curious about the benefits of drinking garlic and the explanation.
TOP! 11 Benefits of Drinking Garlic Juice for Health - Healthy T1ps

Benefits of Drinking Juice Garlic For Health - Healthy T1ps

Prevent cancer
By drinking garlic every morning there are lots of benefits that you can get besides as a detox. You can prevent cancer which is a chronic disease because of its antioxidant content.

Lowers cholesterol
For those of you who have a problem with cholesterol levels, it is more difficult to reduce it and easily rise with the benefits of taro in human life, you can try this one way. That is by mixing honey and garlic then drinking every morning before breakfast.

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Cough medicine
Cough is a type of mild disease that is often experienced by children to the elderly. To overcome this traditionally you can drink garlic and honey every morning and night.

Inflammatory medicine
Besides being able to treat cough, by consuming garlic you can also treat inflammation. The type of inflammation that can be cured by drinking garlic is inflammation of the throat and stomach.

Infection Medication
Garlic also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can clean and kill bacteria or viruses that cause infection in your digestive system.

Maintaining Nervous Health
It is very important for you to maintain your nervous system to prevent various neurological disorders and diseases. One of them is to drink garlic.

Maintaining Heart Health
Not only is it able to keep your heart health different from the benefits of kenikir leaves to overcome gout, by drinking garlic every morning garlic is also able to maintain your heart health.

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Tumor medicine
Tumors are one type of chronic disease that is not contagious, to say it and treat it you can drink garlic regularly.

Overcoming High Blood Pressure
Usually you will experience dizziness and cold sweat when your high blood pressure recurs. To overcome this you should drink garlic mixed with honey when your high blood pressure recurs.

Lose weight
For those of you who want to have an ideal body weight different from the benefits of boletus edulis, you can drink garlic as a diet for your nutrition.

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Blood Circulation
For those of you who often feel tingling or cramps to pain, it could be one of the symptoms of a lack of fluency in your blood circulation. For that you can overcome it by drinking garlic. By drinking garlic regularly, it is very effective for your blood circulation.

That is the various benefits of drinking garlic which is very good for your health, hopefully the information above can be useful and increase your insight.