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13 Benefits of Vitamin C for the Health of the Body and Its Sources

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13 Benefits of Vitamin C for the Health of the Body and Its Sources - Healthy T1ps

The benefits of vitamin C for the health of the body are very important, without which it will be very difficult to maintain a healthy body. Every food ingredient must contain various nutrients in it. These nutrients are of course included with vitamins in them. There are various types of vitamins in these food ingredients, in general vegetables and fruits of course, these vitamins include Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. Each vitamin has its own source and has the benefits and consequences of each if our body suffers from a deficiency of the Vitamin.

Above, we have talked about several types of fruits which contain high levels of Vitamin C, and know a little about the benefits and functions of these fruits in general. Following this we will make detailed descriptions of the benefits of Vitamin C in general to our bodies. The function of Vitamin C in general is to help the body to control all organs of the body to remain stable and have a good immune system.

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The benefits of Vitamin C for our body include:

1. Being a drug that prevents disease and fight cancer cells

Fighting against cancer is one of the main benefits of Vitamin C itself. Vitamin C is asked as a vitamin substance which is toxic to the cancer. Vitamin C is a vitamin that functions to increase the power of the human body, then cancer cells will not be able to develop if our immune system is maintained.

2. Improve skin cell tissue

Vitamin C is a vitamin that contains antioxidants also in it. This antioxidant substance is needed by human skin health in general. Antioxidants themselves are substances that function to eliminate or counteract the free radicals that are present in our skin. Free radicals themselves are substances that arise due to excessive sunlight, the amount of food containing toxins, and air pollution. Besides that, Vitamin C can help inhibit cells which is a sign of aging and can prevent premature aging.

3. Improve mood

Vitamin C deficiency can actually cause mood instability in a person. In general, if a person has a tendency towards Vitamin C deficiency, the person will become a person who is easily worried and agitated quickly.

4. Reduces the risk of a heart attack

Vitamin C can help prevent the occurrence of a heart attack because when the Vitamin C content increases or is stable, the arterial blood vessels in the heart will not thicken by itself. Thickened arterial blood vessels are the main cause of heart attack.

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5. Prevents rising blood pressure

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin C can actually help control blood pressure in our body. With the level of stability of our blood pressure, the risk of high blood pressure or hypertension, low blood pressure or anemia, and stroke and diseases caused by blood pressure instability will decrease.

6. Improve eye health

Who says only Vitamin A is important for eye health? Vitamin C also takes part in maintaining eye health. Vitamin C can prevent the occurrence of cataract eye disease increases, as well as other eye diseases, such as myopic and eye tumors.

7. Reducing cold complications

Although the benefits of vitamin C cannot cure colds, some studies have revealed that vitamin C can prevent colds from becoming more serious complications (source: webmd). This can help prevent chronic colds that can cause lung infections.

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8. Prevent strokes

Many people who do not know that vitamin C also correlates very positively to prevent stroke. Research reveals that people with enough vitamin C in their blood can suppress 42% lower stroke rates (Source webmd).

9. Prevents premature aging

Vitamin C is very important for the skin and this is very popular in the world of beauty, especially women. Vitamin C is very important for cells inside or outside the body that can help prevent premature aging. In a study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that we quoted from webmd examined the relationship between nutritional intake of vitamin C and skin aging in 4,025 women aged 40-74. The result is amazing that they have a lower risk of wrinkles, dryness of the skin, and skin aging which is a scourge for every woman.

13 Benefits of Vitamin C for the Health of the Body and Its Sources

Benefits of Vitamin C Also believed to function for various other body health such as:

  • Prevent heart disease
  • Prevents macular degeneration
  • Reducing the risk of cancer
  • and reduce the risk of other cardio diseases.

Foods that are a source of Vitamin C
Vitamin C or ascrobic acid is the most widely possessed vitamin in every fruit or vegetable. Many people know that citrus fruit is the main and well-known source of Vitamin C, but actually there are many more fruits and vegetables that are the source of Vitamin C itself.

The following are some kinds of vegetables and fruits which are sources of food ingredients that contain Vitamin C, including:

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1. Guava
Apparently, Vitamin C content in guava fruit is 2 times more than orange. Guava fruit, not only contains a lot of Vitamin C, but also has other benefits such as losing weight naturally, treating facial skin so as to prevent the onset of acne, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, and is very effective in stopping diarrhea. Nowadays it can be said that guava is the fruit with the highest vitamin C levels that have been found.

2. Kiwi

The content of Vitamin C contained in the kiwi fruit, it turns out to be comparable to the amount of Vitamin C contained in guava fruit. Besides being included in one of the fruits that contain the highest Vitamin C content, kiwi fruit is also a medicine for various diseases such as to prevent a person's risk of having heart disease, hypertension or high blood pressure, and to maintain stamina or endurance. Kiwi fruit is also good for maintaining skin health and its high nutritional content makes this fruit highly recommended for consumption by pregnant women.

3. Longan
Another fruit that has a high enough content of Vitamin C is longan fruit. Longan fruit turns out to have special benefits, namely treating insomnia. There are things that need to be considered from this fruit that is the addictive effect it causes, so we must have self-control so that we can limit the amount of consumption of this fruit.

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4. Broccoli
Broccoli is one type of green vegetables that are often consumed by the people of Indonesia. Broccoli has a high level of Vitamin C. Broccoli has the property of being one of the vegetables that can prevent cancer, detoxify, prevent the disease caused by stomach disorders, and prevent the occurrence of heart attack disease. In addition, broccoli is very good for skin health and prevents anemia.

5. Strawberry
The content of Vitamin C in strawberries is actually not too high so we need to eat at least 8 strawberries to meet the needs of Vitamin C in our body. Strawberry turns out to have properties that can help the process of teeth whitening and prevent thrush. And, another benefit is that strawberries can also help treat acne. However, we must be careful, because the taste of strawberry is sour and not sweet as we imagine in general.

6. Tomato
Tomato is a vegetable that is sometimes misused into parts of fruits. It turns out that tomatoes contain high levels of Vitamin C in these vegetables. Because of the high content of Vitamin C in tomato vegetables, tomatoes are very effective to prevent the growth and rise of cancer cells in the body and can help improve the health of our eyes.

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7. Chili
Chilli is one of the vegetables that has high levels of Vitamin C. This cooking spice is also asked as a cooking spice with very high Vitamin C levels. Therefore, chili is highly recommended for thrush sufferers because it is very effective in curing thrush.

The benefits of vitamin C can be obtained from the 7 main sources of food containing vitamin C above, consuming these foods will increase our body's vitamin C needs to stay healthy and strong.