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4 Benefits of Areca Fruit for Female Breasts - Healthy T1ps

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4 Benefits of Areca Fruit for Female Breasts - Healthy T1ps

For a long time, people have often used betel nuts to cure various diseases because this fruit is a very good source of antioxidants to fight viruses and disease-causing bacteria. Areca catechu can be used by chewing like tobacco, made into an external medicine or even safe for consumption. Areca nuts contain a lot of nutrients such as caffeine, anti-bacteria, iron, can regulate glucose levels and much more. For this reason, betel nut is often used as a solution of diarrhea, scabies, dysentery and other diseases. As a traditional herb, betel nut turns out to have other benefits, namely for female breasts. The young areca nut can be used for breast health and beauty which does not cause side effects at the same time is very effective and also cheap. To find out what are the benefits of betel nuts for complete breasts, you can see the reviews we provide below.

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Tighten Breasts
As we get older, the level of elasticity of the skin of the breast will certainly decrease so that many women feel themselves no longer attractive. In betel nut has a tanning substance which is astringent and also hemostatic so it is very effective for tightening the skin including the area of ​​your breast besides the many benefits of betel roots for the body.

  • Prepare 3 young areca nuts and take only the seeds.
  • Also prepare 3 pieces of leaf andong and 1 piece of young stone bananas are removed from the skin.
  • Blend all the ingredients by pounding or blending and stirring until they become pasta.
  • Apply the paste to the breast but avoid the nipple area because it can cause itching.
  • Do it this way every night and freshly cleaned in the morning.
  • Do this method 2 times a week for satisfactory results in a few weeks.

Enlarge Breasts
For those of you who want to have a bigger breast size. The benefits of jambe fruit or betel nuts are also very well used to increase the size of your breasts without side effects while being very easy to use.

  • Prepare 2 pieces of young nutmeg, 10 pieces of lempuyang leaf and 1 spoon of salt.
  • Clean the young areca nut from the fibers and take only the meat.
  • Cut small and puree and mix with lempuyang leaves that have also been mashed.
  • Add salt then dip cotton in the mixture.
  • Apply to the breast evenly but avoid the nipple area.
  • While rubbed, do the massage slowly and let it dry and then gently wash with warm water.
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Overcoming Breast Cellulite
Cellulite is a collection of fat that is located under the skin and can occur in various areas of the body from the stomach, thighs, buttocks and breasts. Cellulite in the breast area will make the skin surface like a wavy because it pushes the connective tissue in the breast area. To overcome cellulite in the breast area and some other body parts, you can use the benefits of young areca nut as a baluran. You only need to soften the betel nut to taste and then use it as a baluran breast and make sure to avoid the nipple area. Do this method regularly to get maximum results.

4 Benefits of Areca Fruit for Female Breasts - Healthy T1ps
4 Benefits of Areca Fruit for Female Breasts - Healthy T1ps

Overcoming Breast Pain
Pain in the breast area or known as mastalgia usually occurs in the upper part of the outside of the breast and can spread to the armpit area. Pain in the breast area can occur due to the menstrual cycle, breast inflammation, injury to other parts of the body, unhealthy diet and much more. To reduce the pain in this breast area, you can apply a paste made from betel nut to the breast area and do a gentle massage which of course must also avoid the nipple area. This method is quite powerful enough to deal with pain in the breast area in a safe and easy way to do in addition to the many benefits of old betel nuts for the body.

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Besides being able to treat many diseases such as abdominal pain, sore throat, glaucoma and several other types of diseases, it turns out that there are quite a lot of benefits of betel nuts for the breasts especially to tighten the breast back to relax due to age or after breastfeeding. In addition to easy to obtain, betel nut also includes a safe solution and does not cause side effects when compared with drugs.