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6 Benefits of Garlic For Sick Ears

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Top 6 The Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic For Sick Ears - Healthy T1ps

Generally, many people know that garlic can only be consumed as mixed into cooking. But actually, there is also the use of garlic for health as one of them is for the ears. Garlic is one of the herbal ingredients that contain antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal sources so that it can overcome various kinds of infections. When consumed regularly, garlic is also useful for boosting the immune system because it also contains fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium and potassium. When someone is having an ear infection, the doctor will generally give antibiotics even though most ear infections occur due to viruses so that antibiotics are actually not the best solution to overcome ear problems. Then, what are the actual benefits of garlic for the ear and how to use it?

Benefits of Garlic For Ears - Healthy T1ps

Ear infections are a common disorder that many people experience. This ear infection occurs due to accumulation of fluid in the middle ear. In addition to being caused by a virus, there are many causes of other ear problems such as allergies, bacteria, flu, fever and dust into the ear. Fortunately, it turns out there are still many ways that can be done to overcome this problem such as one of them garlic in addition to the many benefits of onions.

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Relieve Pain in the Ear
Applying garlic topically or external medicine is very helpful to reduce the pain caused when earache. In a study involving 103 children who experienced ear pain due to middle ear infections found if ear drops containing garlic and some other herbal ingredients are as effective as curing earaches with over the counter or OTC ear drops.

In a subsequent study, ear drops made from garlic extract were also found if these natural ear drops were said to be more effective than anesthetic or numb ear drops to treat ear pain in children in contrast to the benefits of onion.

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Prevent Ear Infection
Consuming garlic is also very good for boosting the immune system so that it can fight or prevent infection. Garlic has been used as a natural treatment for ear problems including earaches, ear infections and tinnitus.
6 Benefits of Garlic For Sick Ears
Removing Earwax
Earwax or also called earwax is a component that is produced by the ear naturally and actually cannot be called dirt. It is produced by the gland of the ear canal which serves to maintain ear health such as capturing foreign dust and particles that enter the ear and can cause damage and infection in the eardrum.

But a person's ear canal can have a small or unnatural shape so that earwax can easily accumulate which eventually causes blockage of the ear canal. To remove the clogged dirt in the ear, the garlic extract that has been made into oil can be used to remove earwax naturally in addition to the benefits of garlic for other ears.

Overcoming otitis interna
Internal otitis, acute otitis media or a middle ear canal infection can generally occur due to bacteria or viral infections that attack the middle part of the human ear canal. In the middle part is filled with air which is located behind the eardrum.

Ear infections that occur can cause pain because of the accumulation of fluid and inflammation in the infected ear. To overcome this internal otitis. Garlic water can be used as natural drops because it contains anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory so that it can be used to overcome various problems in the ear even more effectively than the benefits of ear candles.

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Otitis Externa
Otitis externa or called ear canal infection can cause swelling, inflammation and also redness outside the home. There are many factors that can cause infection of the outer ear canal such as bacterial, fungal, irritant, allergic infections that can cause ear disorders.

Overcoming Meniere
Meniere is a disease that occurs in the inside of the ear which is caused by an endolymphatic pouch swelling due to a buildup of fluid in the ear. Symptoms that occur due to ear disorders such as buzzing ears or tinnitus, dizziness and other hearing disorders. This disease usually does not only occur in one part of the ear but can also occur in both parts of the ear. To overcome this meniere, garlic extract can also be used to treat meiere in a more natural way besides the many benefits of drinking garlic for the body.

The benefits of garlic for the ear that we have given above can be used as an alternative way to deal with some of the safer ears that are somewhat safer, even as effective as some of the ear medications commonly given by doctors. Hopefully this time information can add to your insight.