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7 Benefits of Tomatoes for the Brain as a Memory Enhancer

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Top ! 7 Benefits of Tomatoes for the Brain as a Memory Enhancer - Healthy T1ps

Red or green tomatoes are plants that come from the Solanaceae family from Central America. Tomato fruit which is often used in dishes such as pizza, tomato sauce or juice has a lot of nutrients for body health. Consuming tomatoes is highly recommended for diabetics, urinary tract infections, digestive problems, improving blood circulation, skin beauty solutions, improving fluid balance, preventing premature aging and many others. Some of the nutrients contained in tomatoes include copper, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, fiber, lycopene and several types of vitamins such as vitamins A, C, K and B6. Behind the many uses of tomatoes for the body, there are also some benefits of tomatoes for the brain that are very important and we will explain in the following article.

Health Benefits Eat Tomato For Brain - Healthy T1ps

1. Prevent Brain Cell Damage
Lycopene in tomatoes has a very high source of antioxidants to help protect brain cells from free radical damage which is considered a major factor in the cause of dementia. Lycopene in tomatoes will protect the brain from brain damage.

2. As a Brain Food
The benefits of raw tomatoes become one of the easiest and most economical ways to increase intake which is in charge of protecting the brain due to carotenoid content. This is a molecule that protects fat in the body and is very important for the brain because most of the brain is from food.

3. Prevent Alzheimer's
Besides being able to provide antioxidant benefits, lycopene contained in tomatoes is also responsible for regulating cells that affect brain growth and inflammation. In a study found if a person with mild cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer's disease, usually have low levels of carotenoids in their blood. By consuming tomatoes that contain high carotenoids, brain disorders such as Alzheimer's can be prevented and treated properly.

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4. Improve Brain Memory
In addition to containing antioxidants, tomatoes also contain several other compounds that can protect health and also brain function in addition to the many benefits of tomatoes for skin and beauty. In research shows if choline contained in tomatoes can improve short-term memory, help in the learning process and also regulate sleep better. While lipoic alpha acid in tomatoes can protect brain tissue which can even delay the occurrence of disturbances in the human brain.

5. Increases nerve plasticity
The benefits of magnesium minerals contained in tomatoes are used by more than 300 processes in the body and there are more than 50 processes needed by the brain. The benefits of magnesium can increase nerve plasticity so that later the nerves can adapt while avoiding better brain damage. Magnesium in tomatoes can increase focus, improve memory, reduce stress and depression and is important for the treatment of ADHD and hyperactivity while calming the nervous system and increasing energy production and neurotransmitters.

Health Benefits Eat Tomato For Brain - Healthy T1ps
Health Benefits Eat Tomato For Brain - Healthy T1ps

6. Regulating Brain Chemicals
The benefits of vitamin C in tomatoes which is also often referred to as ascorbate in the body are the strongest and highest antioxidants found in the brain and neuroendocrine tissues. Ascorbate in tomatoes will later be used to regulate more than a dozen different neurochemistry in the brain so that it can reduce the risk of stroke.

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7. Improve Memory
In tomatoes also contain vitamin B6 which is very good for producing hemoglobin so that it can overcome anemia and low oxygen levels in the body causing shortness of breath. Not only that, but vitamin B6 in tomatoes is also very good for dealing with depression and memory loss while increasing memory to be sharper.

For that from now on, you should increase your consumption of tomatoes, mixed in food, made into sauces or drinks, remembering the many benefits of tomatoes for the brain and the whole body health. Be sure to consume fresh tomatoes and not canned because a lot of nutrients are lost and have been added with preservatives.