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The Benefits of Nutritious Rice Straw Mushrooms - Healthy T1ps

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The Benefits of Nutritious Rice Straw Mushrooms - Healthy T1ps

 Benefits of Rice Straw Mushrooms Rice straw mushrooms or better known as the benefits of mushroom mushrooms is one type of mushroom that can be consumed and is very easily cultivated. This type of mushroom growing media uses rice straw or rice straw with a very delicious taste and will generally be harvested when it is still buds because the price is more expensive than mushrooms that have bloomed but remain the same can be consumed. This rice straw mushroom is usually found in Chinese or Japanese cuisine with many nutrients such as vitamin B complex, phosphorus, zinc, iron, vitamin C and magnesium. But even so, you should be careful in choosing this type of fungus because there are many types of poisonous fungi that are similar in shape to rice straw mushrooms. Following this we will provide some benefits of rice straw mushrooms that are extraordinary for your body.

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Health Benefits Eat Rice Straw Mushrooms - Healthy T1ps

Prevent Osteoporosis
The mineral content of phosphorus in rice straw mushrooms is very important to make the bone structure more dense and also stronger than many of the benefits of exercise for bones. By consuming this fungus regularly, then bone loss and calcification will not easily occur or known as osteoporosis because the phosphorus content in every 100 grams of rice straw mushrooms can reach 223 mg.

Power Source
Although rice straw mushrooms contain quite low fat, the calorie content in this type of mushroom is very high, reaching 105 kilocalories. This is very good and also healthy as a source of energy when doing activities. Although mushrooms are consumed in large quantities, there is no need to worry about being overweight while at the same time providing a feeling of fullness longer.

Increase appetite
Eating rice straw mushrooms can also increase appetite so that it is good for children or after recovering from diseases such as the benefits of ear mushrooms. Besides being able to fill and increase energy, but this fungus can also improve appetite even better without causing side effects.

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Increasing Hormone Activity
In rice straw mushrooms also contain potassium which is very good to activate hormones such as the hormone adrenaline, dopamine and also serotonin because of the high mineral content of calcium in this rice straw mushroom.
The Benefits of Nutritious Rice Straw Mushrooms - Healthy T1ps

Health Benefits Eat Rice Straw Mushrooms - Healthy T1ps

Lowering blood pressure
Rice straw mushrooms that contain high potassium are very helpful for lowering blood pressure so that it can reduce the risk of heart and stroke. In fact, only one fruit straw rice mushrooms contain higher potassium when compared to bananas or one glass of orange juice.

Fight Free Radicals
Riboflamon, selenium and niacin are found in rice straw mushrooms which are all important for the body. Selenium is a source of antioxidants that will work with vitamin E to protect all body cells from damage caused by free radicals.

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Reducing Prostate Cancer Risk
For men, rice straw mushrooms are also highly recommended for consumption because it is one type of food cancer solution. Selenium contained in this fungus is very helpful to prevent prostate cancer. In research where a person who consumed high-selenium foods such as fungi twice as much could reduce the risk of prostate cancer to reach 65%. While for men who consume selenium in small amounts will have a 4 to 5 times greater risk of prostate cancer.

Prevent Breast Cancer
Not only good for men, but rice straw mushrooms also have components that can inhibit aromatase activity, which is an enzyme that plays an important role in the production of estrogen and 5 alpha reductase, an enzyme that is useful for converting testosterone to DHT. This fungus can reduce the risk of breast cancer such as prostate cancer by removing toxins in the body.

The benefits of rice straw mushrooms not only have a very delicious taste and are an alternative food for vegetarians, but in fact a myriad of nutrients contained in these fungi are also very good for maintaining a healthy body and also overcome several types of diseases ranging from mild to severe.