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10 Fruitful Vines and How to Plant them - Healthy T1ps

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10 Fruitful Vines and How to Plant them - Healthy T1ps

Vines are usually widely used to decorate a house canopy or fence. This is done, of course, to make our homes more beautiful and to add a cool impression because they are decorated with green vines. Usually the types of vines used are flowering vines or have unique creep paths that enhance the nuances of the house.

If we usually see plants only have leaves and flowers, it turns out that vines can also bear fruit. Well, do you know what these plants are? The following will discuss 10 fruiting vines and how to plant them. Stay tuned in Bacaterus, huh!

Top ! 10 Fruitful Vines - Healthy T1ps

1. Cucumber

The fruiting vines that we often find are cucumbers. Plants that have the Latin name Curcumis sativus L are fruits that are very easy to find and have many benefits.

Cucumber, often used as food or decoration on food. Besides being consumed, cucumber can be used to brighten facial skin. This of course can be seen from the many types of beauty products that use cucumber as a basic ingredient of beauty products.

For planting, cucumbers can be planted in both the lowlands and highlands. However, there are things you must pay attention to when planting cucumbers, namely weather conditions on the land. Why? Because, cucumber will be easier to grow in warm-type soil types.

In addition to the warm soil temperature, cucumber is a plant that requires adequate sun exposure. This sun sparkle is useful as a source of nutrition for cucumbers and regulates the temperature of the soil so it is not too moist. For crops, cucumbers only need 35 days to bear fruit.

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2. Timun Suri

Cucumber cucumber is still included in the cucumber family which has the Latin name Cucumis sativus. The cucumber cucumber is also included in the fruit that has vines. This type of cucumber is usually sought after entering the holy month of Ramadan.

The cucumber cucumber has a unique flavor and texture, so this fruit is a popular fruit during the month of Ramadan. Usually, cucumber suri is widely used as a mixture of drinks, such as mixed ice or fruit soup.

Cucumber suri can grow well in dry climates. If you want to plant cucumbers in the house, you can plant them on the ground. Then, cover the cucumber with plastic so that it doesn't get wild grass.

You can also propagate cucumber leaves on the ground. This is useful so that cucumber suri can grow well. In addition, make sure the plant is exposed to enough sunlight so that it can help plant growth. For yields, cucumber suri requires a long time compared to ordinary cucumber. This plant takes about 3 months to be harvested.

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3. Cantaloupe

Fruit or fruit that has the Latin name Cucumis melo L is a fruit that is sought after during the month of Ramadan. This fruit has a unique sweet taste. In fact, this fruit also has a distinctive taste when mixed into drinks or with other fruits.

Cantaloupe has nutritional properties in the form of minerals, potassium, and provitamin A. Not only that, cantaloupe also has dietary fiber that is beneficial for increasing endurance, nourishing kidney and spleen function, and lowering blood pressure.

The form of cantaloupe looks like pumpkin, but the size is small and the taste of the cantaloupe is clearly different from pumpkin. Cantaloupe has a more oval shape than pumpkin. Cantaloupe can be planted in any medium without the need for particular attention. The process of harvesting can be done after 50 days.
10 Fruitful Vines and How to Plant them - Healthy T1ps

4. Pumpkin

If overseas pumpkin fruit is identical to Hallowen, in Indonesia pumpkin fruit is identical to the month of Ramadan. Similar to suri cucumber and cantaloupe, pumpkin fruit is a prima donna that is often sought after during Ramadan. The reason is, this fruit is processed into compote which is often eaten as an appetizer during Ramadan.

As we know that the size of this fruit is very large. But, do you know that it turns out the pumpkin fruit tree is relatively small? Yes, this fruit tree has a stem that is not too big, because this fruit is the result of vines.

This plant is usually planted on plains with an altitude of up to 1500 masl and the air temperature ranges from 18-27 degrees Celsius. This plant needs a large area to develop well. Pumpkin fruit can usually be harvested when aged 50-60 days.

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5. Wines

Wine is one of the fruits produced from the type of vine. This fruit has a fairly high selling price even though so many people are interested in this fruit. Grapes can not only be eaten directly but can also be processed into various types of processed, ranging from wine, raisins, grape seed oil, and jelly.

This type of vine can be planted in dry areas or has very little rainfall, with temperatures around 31 degrees Celsius during the day and 23 Celsius at night.

When planting this plant you must pay close attention to the surroundings, because this plant needs more attention. The reason is, if you plant it the wrong way, the wine will not bear fruit perfectly. Or it will not bear fruit at all.

6. Passion Fruit

Other vines that have fruit are passion fruit trees. Passion fruit is very rare today. Passion fruit itself is famous for its round fruit shape and has a unique fruit texture. Even this fruit also has a fresh sweet and sour taste.

If you want to plant this type of fruit on the home page, then there are a number of things you should pay attention to. First is the environment, if the neighborhood area of ​​the house is in a highland area with an altitude of around 800-2500 masl, it is likely that passion fruit can be planted in the area.

In addition, the weather around the place of planting also needs to be considered. The weather must have a fairly high humidity area with a temperature range of 20-30 degrees Celsius. The important thing that you must pay attention to is that passion fruit cannot grow well in windy areas too tight.

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7. Melon

Melon fruit is one of the fruits produced from vines. Melon fruit has a fairly large fruit size. Also, has a distinctive aroma and sweetness. There are various types of melons, for example there are green melons and melons with yellow fruit. Although different colors, both have a sweet taste so many people like this fruit.

Well, if you want to plant melons, pay attention to the following points. First, avoid areas that have strong winds because areas with strong winds can cause damage to the stem from the fruit stalk that has just grown.

Then, being exposed to sunlight is mandatory so that melon plants can develop well. Lowland with an altitude of 350 - 950 meters above sea level with an area temperature of a range of 24-30 degrees Celsius is a good place to grow this fruit. Oh yeah, this fruit can be harvested after 120 days of planting.

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8. Watermelon
Who doesn't know the fruit that has this big one? This fruit is excellent when entering the summer. The water content in this fruit makes it very delicious to eat when the sun's heat is stinging.

However, do you know if watermelons have a climbing tree? Similar to pumpkin, although having a large fruit size and weight of fruit that can reach 5 kg of watermelon fruit trees is a type of vine.

With a large fruit size, watermelons are usually not propagated to a pole or something high because this will make the plant not strong enough to withstand heavy fruit loads. So that it will break the trunk before harvest time.

Planting of watermelon fruit is carried out on the ground by allowing it to propagate on the soil. With plant media like this, we must pay more attention to the process of plant development. Because, if there are wild plants that interfere with the development process of watermelon fruit, the watermelon cannot develop properly.

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9. Fruit Kundur

Fruit kundur, has anyone ever heard of this fruit? This fruit may be very rarely found, huh? Fruit gourd or beligo, is a fruit that is included in the type of pumpkin. The appearance of this fruit shape looks like a cucumber cucumber but has a green color. For processing, this fruit is usually used as a vegetable or beverage.

Kundur fruit is usually planted in the highlands around 1000 masl. This plant needs a lot of water for its development, but don't let the water stagnate around the kundur fruit plant. Because, it will actually damage the plant.

There are many benefits you can get from this fruit, which can cool the body. Because the fruit has a lot of water. In fact, this fruit is believed to help overcome symptoms of sore throat, fever, and heat.

Besides being able to cool the body, there are many more benefits of this fruit, such as lowering cholesterol levels, reducing blood sugar levels, helping the diet, and preventing cancer.

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10. Dragon Fruit

This vine is a little different from other vines. If vines usually have small stems and dense leaves, the vines are just the opposite. This plant is a cactus type plant. As is generally the cactus has thick stems and has no leaves.

In addition to its unique stem shape, the shape of the dragon fruit is also very unique. Having a round shape that has layered skin looks like dragon mythological animal scales, therefore this fruit is called dragon fruit. Dragon fruit that we often find there are two types, namely red dragon fruit and white dragon fruit.

If you want to plant this unique tree, make sure this fruit is planted on the plains at an altitude of about 0-300 masl with temperatures around 26-36 degrees Celsius, huh. Oh yeah, for those of you who want to eat dragon fruit but don't know how to cut it, try checking the article How to Peel this Dragon Fruit.

Well, that's the fruiting vines. Are you interested in planting one? In addition to not having a long growing time, vines also do not need too large land. You can get many benefits from planting vines, including beautifying your garden and fruit that you can consume without having to buy it