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14 Benefits of Melon for Pregnant Women and Fetus

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14 Benefits of Melon for Pregnant Women and Fetus - Healthy T1ps

Fruits are very good for pregnant women and fetuses in the womb. The fruit has a refreshing taste and can reduce the effects of nausea in pregnant women. However, are all types of fruit safe for pregnant women? Including one type of fruit such as melon. Melon is a fruit that is usually found during the dry season. Fruits with a very fragrant aroma are preferred by pregnant women. Melon has a refreshing taste with a high water content. Yes, melon is a fruit that is very safe for pregnant women. Although some pregnant women are doubtful about the calories and sweetness that become a taboo for pregnant women, because it can make them fatter. Melon benefits for pregnant women.

Is Melon Safe for Pregnant Women?

The fragrant aroma of melon fruit turned out to be enough to make pregnant women feel worried about the safety of this melon, so it is consumed during pregnancy. But it turns out that melon contains a very high source of nutrients and vitamins. Melon has been tested by nutrition and nutrition practitioners who stated that melon is very good for pregnant women. Even melon contains a variety of super benefits for the fetus and pregnant women.

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Below are some of the benefits of melon for pregnant women, which is a pity if not consumed:

1. Overcoming Excessive Nausea

Melon effectively can make pregnant women feel more comfortable entering the first trimester. The body of a pregnant woman will feel a variety of differences because the natural hormone process continues to develop to prepare the fetus. to overcome this problem pregnant women can consume a few small pieces of melon. Melon can give a refreshing effect so it is comfortable for the stomach. Melon will help pregnant women to overcome nausea and vomiting.

2. Prevent Dehydration

Melon contains lots of water which is very refreshing. Pregnant women need a large amount of water to support metabolic changes in the body. Many pregnant women are dehydrated in the first trimester due to lack of water. Healthy melon water from the benefits of melons of pregnant women can replace mineral water and does not make a pregnant woman's stomach feel full.

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3. Melon Overcomes Constipation

Constipation is a pregnancy disorder that usually occurs in the first trimester. Pregnant women will feel constipation because the digestive process runs slower. Natural fiber that dissolves in water from melons can overcome constipation. In addition fiber from melon will also help the body absorb nutrients so that the body's metabolism for pregnant women becomes better.

4. Normalize Blood Pressure

Melon contains a high amount of potassium. Potassium acts to regulate the blood pressure system. The benefits of melon for pregnant women will prevent high blood pressure and low blood pressure. In addition melons contain natural substances that can prevent pressure system damage and blood clots.

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5. Supports the Process of Bone and Tooth Formation

In 100 grams of melon contains about 15 mg of calcium. Calcium is a nutrition for pregnant women needed in the process of bone and tooth formation. During the pregnancy process calcium is also needed for the formation of fetal skeletal structures. Pregnant women need calcium to reduce the risk of bone fragility which usually often occurs in women who have given birth to children.
14 Benefits of Melon for Pregnant Women and Fetus - Healthy T1ps
6. Helps Form the Fetal Organ Network

In every 100 grams of melon contains about 0.5 mg of phosphorus. Pregnant women and fetuses need phosphorus to prepare pregnant women in labor. The muscles of pregnant women need very strong contractions before the birth process. In addition phosphorus also plays a role in maintaining the blood clotting system, improving heart and kidney function. Healthy food for pregnant women can be one source that is good enough to meet the needs of phosphorus.

7. Helping Red Blood Cell Production

Pregnant women need a higher number of red blood cells to prepare for fetal growth and blood circulation. In every 100 grams of melon contains around 35 mg of iron. The benefits of melon for pregnant women contain the benefits of iron, to produce red blood cells so that pregnant women are far from the risk of anemia. Even the production of red blood cells that suits your needs will protect the fetus from lack of oxygen.

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8. Become a Source of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the vitamins that is very important for pregnant women. In every 100 grams of melon contains 640 mg of vitamin C. The role of vitamin C for pregnant women includes:

Overcome various types of mild disorders during pregnancy such as weakness, flu and fever symptoms.
Vitamin C is also important for forming the immune system for pregnant women and the fetus.
Vitamin C found in melons can also prevent cell damage to pregnant women from various types of free radical attacks.
Vitamin C also in melons is also very important to maintain the immune system of pregnant women so as to encourage the formation of white blood cells.
It is also found in fruits for pregnant women who provide vitamin C.

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9. Source of Vitamin A

Pregnant women need vitamin A intake to support the fetus's body development system. Vitamin A has a very large role to support eye health for prospective babies. In every 100 grams of melon found around 0.03 mg of vitamin A. The benefits of vitamin A for the development of the fetus and pregnant women are as follows.

Vitamin A in melons supports the baby's cognitive development process.
Vitamin A also acts to prevent various types of defects caused by imperfect development.
Vitamin A is one of the important supports for forming tissues in the heart, kidneys, eyes, bones and lungs.

10. Source of Vitamin B Complex

Pregnant women need vitamin B complex to support various preparations that are important for tissue in prospective babies. Various types of melons such as green melons and yellow melons have enormous potential to contribute to the adequacy of B vitamins for pregnant women and the fetus. The following are the benefits of B vitamins for pregnant women and the fetus.

Vitamin B1 found in melons plays a role in supporting the formation of central nerve cells in infants.
Vitamin B1 also plays a role in tackling all types of prenatal defects that can be fatal in infants.
In general, B vitamins found in melons can also overcome various problems of nausea and vomiting that appear in the characteristics of people pregnant in the first trimester.
Melon fruit helps the body of pregnant women to prepare all the strong milk tissue so it is very good for babies.
The content of folate in melons is also very good to prevent problems with neural tube defects. This is a type of disability caused by folate deficiency in the first trimester.
Folate in melons also plays a role in supporting the production of healthy cells because pregnant women are usually vulnerable to dead skin cells which make the appearance of pregnant women less fresh.

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11. Prevents Blood Freezing

Melon has a very important role in pregnancy, especially to prevent blood clots that can cause a risk of miscarriage and baby defects. Even the problem of blood clots can cause disease disorders that are very risky to the fetus and pregnant women such as heart attacks and strokes. Melon consumption is very important for pregnant women to prevent these problems.

12. Form an Immune System

Melon is one type of fruit that contains carotenoids. Carotenoids found in the benefits of melon for pregnant women, such as licopen and beta carotene. Carotenoids function to form the immune system in pregnant women and fetuses so that they can avoid the risk of cancer.

13. Prevent Obesity

Many pregnant women think that eating together with the fetus. As a result, the consumption of excessive amounts of food can cause obesity and health risks to the fetus. This is what makes pregnant women can do a light diet one of them by consuming melon. Melons do not contain high calories and vitamins in melons can prevent cholesterol in the blood.

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14. Melons Prevent Stress

Many pregnant women experience stress for various reasons. One of them is preparation for facing birth. Melon consumption was very effective in dealing with stress. Melons contain superoxide which can make blood pressure relatively normal. Besides that melon also makes the nerves become more relaxed.

Melon Consumption Risk
One of the problems that pose a risk of melon consumption is contamination from listeria bacteria and toxoplasma virus. Baktesi listeria and Toxoplasma can enter melon because melon fruit sticks to the soil directly. Some of the risks of being exposed to listeria are such as miscarriage, maternal death and fetal disability. Symptoms of listeria are not immediately seen but will only be seen after two or three weeks. Some signs that are usually shown from symptoms of listeria infection are such as seizures, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and more severe disorders.

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How to Avoid Listeria Risks in Melons

Although melon fruits are prone to bacterial and parasitic contamination, don't be afraid to eat melon. The following are some ways to avoid melons from exposure to bacteria and parasites.

Always clean your hands before peeling melon.
Use a clean knife to peel the melon and place it in a special fruit.
Do not use devices for melons that are used for ingredients such as meat and fish.
Choose melon that is still fresh, there is no wound on the skin. Look at the tip of the melon that is directly related to the handle of the melon.
Avoid consuming melons that have been stored for more than 12 hours in the refrigerator.
Consumption of fresh melon can be one of the most important intake for pregnant women. Melons contain all the nutrients needed and can help the development of the fetus. So, provided you eat fresh melon and are handled properly, it is safe for you and your baby.