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3 Reasons to Place Plants on the Office Desk for Health

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3 Reasons to Place Plants on the Office Desk for Health - Healthy T1ps

A number of employees while taking a nap at their desk during recess in his office, in Beijing, China (21/4). This nap activity is a common sight among office workers in China. (REUTERS / Jason Lee), Jakarta Return to the office after spending a year-end holiday, making you have to have more motivation. Especially if your office is designed cubicle which limits movement space.

Most are also illuminated by artificial lighting. Some are lucky to get natural light and a view from the window. But poor room ventilation will spread the disease.

Launching from Femalemag on Friday (1/12/2018), one of the best ways to deal with stress in the office is to fill your office desk with plants. Why plants? Consider the following information;

Benefits Place Flower On The Office Desk For Health

1. Fight formaldehyde

One of the chemical compounds released by office synthesis furniture is formaldehyde which can make the mucous membranes of the eye become irritated. Not only that, it also causes irritation to the nose and throat and also allergies to the skin.

Irritation of the eyes, upper respiratory tract and headaches is a common symptom if the body is contaminated with hazardous chemicals. High levels of carbon dioxide and inhaled by workmates can give a stuffy impression especially when the air conditioner does not turn on.

Indoor plants will purify the air, reducing volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde. A study conducted by NASA showed that indoor plants were able to filter pollutants, and effectively remove various organic compounds from the air.

Look for medium and large leafy plants to remove pollutants to the maximum.

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2. Improve the balance of bacteria in the room

There are trillions of bacteria in the office but only a small number enter through an open window. Most bacteria, fungi, and viruses come from humans.

The office also becomes a new habitat for these microbes. These bacteria may not be good for your health. By placing plants on an office table, it can stabilize the synthetic environmental ecology that is built. Bacteria in plants also help avoid pathogenic outbreaks by increasing microbial biodiversity and balancing complex ecosystems.

It is recommended that you use a medium pot. Larger plant pots mean more root mass and soil surface that is beneficial to the habitat of bacteria and other microbes.

3 Reasons to Place Plants on the Office Desk for Health - Healthy T1ps
3 Reasons to Place Plants on the Office Desk for Health - Healthy T1ps

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3. Beat stress

Over the past 30 years, research has shown that green spaces contribute to public health. Contact with nature can divert someone from the mind of stress to a more positive emotional state.

Most offices have poor ventilation systems with low natural light. Therefore, choose plants that are not too difficult to care for, able to survive without water in another time, and be able to withstand a little sunlight. Also avoid flowering plants to avoid allergies to flowers.