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5 Benefits of Ice Cubes to Make the Face Clean and Ageless

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5 Benefits of Ice Cubes to Make the Face Clean and Ageless - Healthy T1ps

Jakarta Besides being able to refresh the esophagus, ice cubes can also make the face look brighter. Yes, if routinely used, ice cubes have good properties for beauty and facial health.

But before applying ice cubes on the face, there are several things that must be considered, as reported by, Monday (10/31/2016)

- Always clean your face before doing this therapy - Use gloves to protect your hands from ice cold - Cover ice cubes with a cloth or plastic bag, do not directly rub into the face - Ice cubes can reduce swollen eyes and pimples - Don't do ice cube therapy more from 1 hour because it will cause a heat effect on the face - To get maximum results, make ice cubes from a mixture of cucumber, green tea or garlic

1. Making the skin smoother Every night or before going to bed, try to wash your face and then fill a plastic bag with ice, gently massage on the face and neck for about 3 minutes. Do it every day and in just a few days, you will get real results. Your skin will become fresh and smooth. This ice therapy can also prevent wrinkles and help you sleep better.

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2. Get rid of zits Ice therapy is one of the best ways to get rid of acne problems. Wash your face then wrap the ice cubes in a soft, clean cloth or plastic then apply and gently press on the area of ​​the pimpled face for about 3 to 5 minutes.

3. Reducing wrinkles Ice stones can improve blood circulation and prevent premature aging and wrinkles. Face massage with ice cubes for about one minute every day before using makeup.

4. Against open pores Apply and massage ice cubes directly over your face for 2 or 3 minutes. If you consistently do it every day, the pores will shrink in a few days.

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5. Overcoming swollen eyes Wrap 2 ice cubes with a cloth, compress the swollen eye about 2 to 3 minutes. Make a circular motion, you will see swollen eyes begin to shrink.