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5 Tips for Choosing Fresh and Solid Crab to be cooked

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5 Tips for Choosing Fresh and Solid Crab to be cooked - Healthy T1ps

Crab is one of the most popular preparations in seafood stalls. Its distinctive taste with solid meat is the target of culinary connoisseurs. However, choosing fresh crabs with solid meat to be processed at home is not easy.

If you choose crabs based on size, that's not the best way. Come on, see five tips for choosing fresh and solid crabs that we have summarized below:

Best T1ps to Choosing Fresh Crabs

1. Check his eyes
Delicious crab preparations certainly come from fresh crabs. When you want to process crabs, look for crabs that have both eyes intact and still moving.

"Why? Because the eye for mud crab is like a pulse for humans. Usually, the crab's eyes are damaged by mosquito bites or hit by objects. Well, if you find crabs like that don't want to!" said Corporate Chef, Iwan Sulaiman, during the launch of the latest menu of The Holy Crab, Wednesday (12/90).

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2. Leg pull
Besides having good eyes, fresh crabs can also be seen from their movements.
"If he is still fighting, it means that his stamina is still good. So you can say the contents of the meat are still okay," continued Chef, who is familiarly called Iwan.

3. Elbow
Other signs that indicate that the crab is fresh can be seen from its soft elbow.
"So, if you press the elbow it will re-inflate. If you re-inflate, we can determine whether the inside is solid or not," said Chef Iwan.
5 Tips for Choosing Fresh and Solid Crab to be cooked
4. Agency

Next is to pay attention to the abdominal or crab body. Before that, you must identify the sex of the crab whether it is male or female. When the abdomen shows a groove forming a triangle and pointed, the crab is male. When it tends to round, the crab is a female.
"After that, press the abdomen tightly. If it is solid, it means a lot, while if the stomach is empty, it means it's broken," closed Chef Iwan.

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5. Color
When choosing crabs, ignore the tendency to choose bright, shiny crabs. Instead, choose crabs with shells that are more dull and scratched. The thing is, the dull and scratched shell shows crabs ready to change skin and have solid meat.