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6 Benefits of Flowers for Mental Health - Healthy T1ps

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6 Benefits of Flowers for Mental Health - Healthy T1ps

It cannot be denied that flowers have beauty and are often used as expressions of various symbols of human feelings. Not only as a home decoration, we often find flowers as decorations at large events, such as marriage as a symbol of happiness for the bride and groom. When at a funeral ceremony, flowers are also often found as a sign of sorrow from close relatives of the deceased. When visiting a sick person, a bouquet of flowers is also a choice as a gift given, as well as attending our best friend's graduation ceremony, flowers are also a special gift.

Besides having a function as a beauty and also as a symbol of intrinsic messages, interest turns out scientifically to have positive benefits for mental health. In reality, the benefits of interest for human mental health can be a stress antidote. The following are 6 benefits of interest for mental health:

Flowers provide enough happiness for the recipient
When expressing feelings or making a surprise for loved ones by giving a beautiful bouquet of flowers, pay attention to their facial expressions.

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You will see an expression of happiness. It is not difficult to remember the emotions we experienced or the people who received the flower arrangements when given flowers. Joy, gratitude, or surprise will appear in their faces.

A study reports that 80% of people who receive flowers have a positive change in mood that lasts for days. The nice thing is not, if we can give happiness for a long time to someone just by giving a beautiful flower arrangement?

The happiness of the recipient of the interest will also be felt by the giver
In addition to making the recipient happy, happiness will also be felt by the interest giver. In addition, giving flowers will help build a positive perception for someone. Kisses Under Sunlight Hand Bouquet
6 Benefits of Flowers for Mental Health - Healthy T1ps
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People who give gifts in the form of flowers will be considered as smart, caring and successful individuals compared to giving other gifts. What's more, interest is seen as a wise emotional gift and shows kindness and sympathy for the feelings of others.

Being around flowers helps achieve eternal happiness
Have you ever seen flowers as hospital decorations, home yards, or in apartment lobbies? Flowers that are deliberately placed or planted around the dwelling have a function to reduce tension and relieve stress for the audience.

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In a study also shows that the best place to put flowers is in the kitchen, bathroom, or other high mobility areas where most people can enjoy it.

In addition, putting flowers in the bedroom is also said to provide long-term happiness because you can see it when you first open your eyes in the morning that can affect your mood all day to be good.

Flowers placed around the workspace make the idea flow
Sounds quite unique, but the fact that working around areas with flowers or plants can make you more productive. In fact, men are able to produce 30% more ideas in the office when they see interest compared to offices that are not planted with flowers or plants around it. By looking at flowers and plants, your stress level will decrease and feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Interest makes connectivity between people easier
Have you heard the situation of awkwardness when two people make a first date and feel confused about starting the topic and finally discussing the interest that is on the restaurant table where they are dating? That is one of the facts why interest is said to be a link between human relations connectivity.

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Flowers have a positive impact on sick people
Giving a bouquet of flowers when visiting friends and relatives who are sick has become a trend now. Flowers can provide recovery for people who are sick and provide positive energy for them to be more eager to recover. Flowers can also be an intermediary for 'get well soon' prayer for the person you are visiting.

Uniquely, it was found the results of the study that patients who had been hospitalized for a long time and began to treat their plants were actually slow to recover because their habits caused a sense of comfort in the hospital. However, other studies have shown that giving flowers to sick people will help recovery and feeling much better