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8 Benefits of Corn for Chicken Feed

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Top ! 8 Benefits of Corn for Chicken Feed - Healthy T1ps

Corn is one of the famous palawija plants in Indonesian society which is often found in Indonesian specialties. One dish that uses corn ingredients is bakwan made from a mixture of corn and flour and spices typical of Indonesia and fried. A taste that is covered is a tasty salty savory. Aside from being a corn bakwan, it is also used as a topping when porridge or martabak.

Corn is not only an ingredient that can be cooked as a sugar cane chemical. Corn has a sweet taste. Suitable for making sugar with low calorie content. Then corn is also good for animal food. One good animal is fed corn, which is chicken. Chicken is a livestock that produces many benefits because chicken is very much for side dishes in Indonesian society. Until most dishes will definitely be processed chicken meat. Besides being processed into cooking and chicken, chicken is used for other purposes, which has been preserved in health to be one of the methods called good feeding. Corn has good benefits for chicken health and its explanation

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The Amazing Of Benefits Corn For Chicken Feed - Healthy T1ps

1. Maintain digestive health

Healthy digestive health is also needed by chickens so that nutrients from food can be absorbed properly. Corn has a high fiber content. Same with humans who have high fiber is also good for chicken health. Fiber from corn used by chicken will make healthy digestion better than the energy from the digestion process of the corn. In addition, it is important for chicken health is very necessary so that chickens are well-nourished and not easily ill for language intended for health.

2. As a Staple Food

Corn is very clear can be a staple food for chickens. As staple food corn is very good in nutritional content and can be given for a long time. Chicken from the youngest to the old age can be fed corn. Presentation of feed from corn in chicken can be different, corn can be mashed or in the form of seeds. Fine corn will be suitable for feeding small chickens and corn seeds. Suitable for medium to adult size chickens.

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3. Increase weight

Fat and healthy chickens are the dream of chicken owners. Corn, which is the staple food in chickens, will give a very high amount of carbohydrates that contain calories in corn. Its value is calories (calories) will make chickens become fat and healthy.

Increasing weight in chickens will add and add value to chickens that have broilers. In addition, it is also very important because the weight will affect the movement and the burden to fight the opponent. A fat body that is muscular will give strength to the chicken.

4. Increase Chicken Stamina

The chicken that functions to become a fighting chicken will be very important to have good stamina to compete well and win. Corn which can increase chicken stamina. Nutrient content of corn will help the chicken's body organs become maximum. In this case the role of Vitamin C is needed to maintain chicken stamina. Corn does not only fill chickens and increase the weight of chicken stamina can also be increased.
The Amazing Of Benefits Corn For Chicken Feed - Healthy T1ps
5. Healthy bones

Corn has a beneficial content of calcium. The calcium in corn is very high. The need for light can be met. Chicken also needs health care, healthy bones will make the chicken become active. Chicken for complaints will be very good if you have good bones, the chicken will be very active and not easily defeated. In the long run it will make the chicken bones become stronger and avoid bone health problems.

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6. Source of potassium

Body fluids are a necessity that helps the body to be fresh, but the balance of body fluids that are not good will have a negative impact. One of the negative effects of body fluid imbalance is the performance of the body's organs decreases, absorption of vitamins is not optimal, the body of the chicken becomes thin. Feeding corn with ingredients will help the chicken balance body fluids.

Corn contains high potassium benefits. Potassium content in corn will help chicken organs to regulate body fluids and electrolytes. Well-managed body fluids will make the chicken not easily tired and dehydrated. In addition, good body fluids will support the performance of the body's organs to be good with this, so the chicken will become more fit in stamina and productivity.

7. Strengthen muscles

Muscles often become discussions related to body strength. Not only chicken humans also have muscle tissue that is not less good and must be maintained for certain purposes. A Muscle light can be treated with health by providing food to the right chicken. One of the importance of muscle strength in fighting chickens.

Chickens intended for matches require the ability of qualified body muscles. Corn can help chickens to increase muscle tone. The content in corn can maintain the growth of connective tissue which consists of cartilage, muscles and ligaments. This muscle tissue health is very good to support the movement of chickens especially for fighting chickens. The anxiety needed by the fighting chickens is very new to victory so that the nimble chickens will have a better chance of winning than the chicken's body characteristics that are fed with corn will be more muscular and trengginas.

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8. Source of vitamin K

Corn has good vitamin K benefits. In vitamin K chicken that is fulfilled will make chicken feathers become good. The appearance of a good feather feather seems healthy will make chicken have a plus value. Because chickens will look mighty with beautiful feathers. Chicken feathers that can be good and not easy to fall or fall out can be realized by giving feed made from corn because corn will meet the need for vitamin K in chickens.

In addition to vitamin K content which is good for the beauty of chicken feathers. The fat content in corn also plays an important role in the beauty of feathers because fat will help the feathers that the chicken has become more shiny. The beauty of chicken feathers will be very important for chickens that are used for complaints because the feathers that will give the impression of charming and mighty in the eyes of the opponent.

That's the benefit of corn-based feed for your favorite chicken. Be sure to provide food that has a complete nutritional content both from vitamins and minerals so that chickens become healthy and strong so they are ready to compete or to produce good meat or eggs.