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Benefits of Ceplukan Fruit for Health

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Benefits of Ceplukan Fruit for Health - Healthy T1ps

CEPLUKAN, ciplukan or the scientific language physalis angulata is the name of a small fruit, which when ripe is covered by an enlarged flower petal. In some regions this fruit is also known as cecenet or cecendet, nyurnyuran, and kopok-kopokan.

Well, talking about natural fruits that grow wild in these rural areas, it turns out to have tremendous benefits for human health. What are the benefits of ciplican fruit, the following launches from various sources 16 benefits of fruit for the health of humans.

1. Treating diabetes
Diabetes or diabetes is one of the most feared diseases. How to use it is, boil the stems and roots of the fruit of Ciplukan, then drink three times a day.

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2. As a drug for asthma
Application of ciplukan as an asthma drug is also relatively easy. Take the leaves and stems from the ciplukan fruit, boil and drink the boiled water. Or take the leaves, then mix with betel lime and crush it using both palms. Then wet with water. After that, lump in the palm of the hand so that the water comes out whitish green and foam. Apply to the chest, abdomen and back.

3. Cure heart disease
One of the properties of ciplukan fruit is to treat heart problems. The method is quite easy, take 40 ciplukan leaves and crush them with a blender like juice, then drink without any mixture. Besides being made like juice, we can eat the leaves directly, but make sure it's been washed first, huh?

4. Lowers fever
Not only leaves, ciplukan fruit can also be consumed to reduce fever or heat, especially in children.

5. Lowering high blood pressure
Ciplukan fruit is also able to reduce high blood pressure. You do this by drinking water from the leaves, fruits and roots for three weeks in a row.
Benefits of Ceplukan Fruit for Health - Healthy T1ps
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6. Treating ringworm
Ringworm does indeed interfere. Besides making it uncomfortable, it also damages the appearance if it occurs on an open part of the body. To treat it, just destroy the leaves from the ciplukan fruit and apply it to the skin affected by ringworm.

7. Treating breast cancer
Breast cancer may sound like a terrible disease. But ciplukan fruit can also cure this disease. How, young shoots mixed with four seeds of rice and turmeric buds. Then ground with grated coconut until pulverized. After that the concoction is directly attached to the breast.

8. Remove yellow in newborns
Ciplukan fruit can also remove yellow in newborns. How, ciplukan is dried in the sun to dry, then used for bathing in newborns.

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9. Awake people to faint
Take root and burn. Then the ashes are mixed with whiting. After that, mix with a little coconut oil, and apply to the heads of people who are unconscious.

10. Treating strokes
Drinking and eating parts of ciplukan fruit regularly can also help treat stroke.

11. Add intelligence
Ciplukan fruit mixed with water, lime, and a little sugar in addition to favors can also improve children's intelligence.

12. Eliminate joint pain
The method is quite easy, mix the leaves with whiting and then attach to the joints that hurt.

13. Lower cholesterol
Part of the ciplukan fruit can also reduce cholesterol. How to eat leaves from ciplukan fruit two strands three times a day.

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14. Antidote
All parts of ciplukan fruit can be consumed as a detoxifying agent.

15. For blood
Ciplukan fruit also can treat blood deficiency or anemia. The application is by cooking stems from ciplukan fruit, then drinking from the stew.

16. Cleanse dirty urine
Enough to drink boiled water from the roots to the tops of ciplukan fruit.

But keep in mind, although this ciplukan fruit has extraordinary properties, but don't consume it together with coffee! Because it is said to actually cause poisoning.