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Benefits of Oyster Mushroom Chips

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Health Benefits of Oyster Mushroom Chips - Healthy T1ps

Krispi mushroom is made from oyster mushrooms. After the mushrooms are cleaned, then the mushrooms are processed using herbs and dipped in flour flour, then the oyster mushrooms are fried using a lot of oil. Once cooked, sprinkle krispi mushrooms with various flavors according to taste, there are original flavors, balado, cheese, barbeque, super spicy flavor, sweet corn and flavor left behind. Ignore the last one !!

It turns out that it turns out that oyster mushrooms have very good benefits for our bodies. What are those? Here are the benefits of oyster mushrooms for body health:

The Amazing Of Health Benefits Eat Oyster Mushroom Chips - Healthy T1ps

1. Helps Fight Free Radicals

Oyster mushrooms contain important compounds needed by our body, such as niacin, selenium and riboflamin. This antioxidant in it is very useful to ward off free radicals that can make our body damaged.

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2. Controlling Bad Cholesterol

Unexpectedly, oyster mushrooms can provide adequate nutrition without adding bad cholesterol to our bodies. Because the cholesterol content is 0%, even though oyster mushrooms are equivalent to meat. And if we regularly consume oyster mushrooms, can reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body. You are bad cholesterol !!

3. Improve body immunity

Oyster mushrooms also contain vitamin C and magnesium which are very good for maintaining our immune system.

4. Nutrition intake for pregnant women

The nutrients contained in oyster mushrooms are also good for pregnant women. Because oyster mushrooms contain enough nutrients and are needed daily by the body.

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5. Destroying the Tumor Virus

The iron content of oyster mushrooms is very good for helping lymphocyte growth. What is lymphocyte? Lymphocytes are one type of white blood cells that help maintain the body's resistance to attack by tumor cells and viral diseases.

6. Helps Protect the Heart and Lower Blood Pressure

When exposed to sunlight, ergosterol substances in oyster mushrooms will turn into vitamin D. And you know, if vitamin D has a role that is quite important for our body, which regulates immune enzymes, regulates various genes that affect cell growth in the body and help reduce blood pressure and maintain heart health.
The Amazing Of Health Benefits Eat Oyster Mushroom Chips - Healthy T1ps

7. Prevent Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer

Oyster mushrooms contain beta-glucan, which functions to inhibit prostate cancer cell growth in men. And linoleic acid which serves to suppress the onset of estrogen which causes breast cancer in women.

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Hmmm ... it turns out that oyster mushrooms are secretly very useful, yeah guys. Now from now on, let's regularly consume oyster mushrooms so that the body becomes healthier.

That's enough, guys, articles about the benefits of oyster mushrooms for body health.

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