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Black Potatoes Are More Superior than White Potatoes

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Black Potatoes Are More Superior than White Potatoes - Healthy T1ps

Until the decade of 70, boiled peanut hawkers and boiled sweet potatoes were still selling black boiled potatoes in the arms of their wares. In markets, boiled potatoes can also be found at tubers. Black potatoes are now only found in certain regions. Not surprisingly, there are not many or perhaps even rare present-day generations who know them.

Studies conducted Peni Lestari, Ning Wikan Utami, Ninik Setyowati of the Center for Biology Pengeahuan Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), as published in, should be observed. Black potatoes are very potential as food, especially in dry areas because black potatoes grow and produce well on dry land. Citing research conducted by John C Roecklein and Ping Sun Leung in 1987, they mentioned black potatoes capable of producing 4.5 to 6 tons per ha.

Black potatoes also have the potential to be developed as nutritious functional foods according to research conducted by A Kishorekumar and the team in 2007. Their results indicate that black potato tubers contain ascorbic acid.

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Black potato tubers, according to the study by three LIPI researchers, also contain more carbohydrates, 33.7 gr / 100 g, compared to ordinary potatoes which are 13.4 g / 100 g. Energy in black potato tubers is even six times (400 cal) compared to ordinary potatoes which are 64 cal.

There are many more advantages of black potatoes. The seeds are rich in phosphorus and vitamin C compared to potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Citing research RM Nkansah, third LIPI researchers also mention the 100 grams of fresh raw black potato tuber contains 76 percent water, 21 percent carbohydrates, protein 1.4 percent, 0.7 percent crude fiber, 0.2 percent fat, and ash 0.1 .

Black potatoes are popular in the countries of Sri Lanka, India, Nigeria, Mali, Burkina-Faso, and Ghana. In the case of Indonesia, its small size makes people lazy to peel it, and causes its cultivation to be not optimal.

In addition to being processed by boiling, black potato tubers are often used as a mixture of vegetable lodeh, tamarind vegetables, until processed into afternoon snacks.

Black Potatoes Are More Superior than White Potatoes - Healthy T1ps
Benefits Of Black Potatoes Are More Superior than White Potatoes - Healthy T1ps
Black Potato Extraction and Use - Healthy T1ps

Black potatoes, from the Lamiaceae family, have the scientific name Plectranthus rotundifolius, (Poir.) Spreng. Wikipedia states Coleus has many synonym names, namely Coleus dysentricus, Baker, Coleus pallidiflorus, A. Chev., Coleus parviflorus, Benth., Coleus rugosus, Benth., Coleus tuberosus, Bth., Non Rich., Plectranthus coppinii, Heckel, Plectranthus coppinii, Cornu, Plectranthus tuberosus, Blume.

Black potatoes are creeping terna and bushes with a height of 40-100 cm. This plant is rooted in plant base. The stem is erect, slightly creepy, rectangular, thick, and slightly smelly.

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The leaves are single, thick, membranous, facing each other and alternating. The shape is ovoid, dark green on the upper surface of the leaves and light green at the bottom. 2-4 cm long and 3-6 cm wide, slightly hairy, and pinnate leaf bones.

The flowers are small and purple. The stalks are long with 1-2 mm in size, and hairy. The petals are stellar, the crown is lip-shaped, the color is dark purple to light, and its length is 7-10 (-12) mm with a slightly bent tube shape. Black potatoes bloom from February to August.

The umbrellas are small, brown, and the tuber flesh is white. The length of the tuber is 2-4 cm. Its roots are fibrous, and form yams.

This plant, quoting from Wikipedia, originated from India, which then spread to Madagascar, and Malesia. In Malesia, this plant grows in Malaysia, Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Maluku) and the Philippines.

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In Indonesia, black potatoes are widely grown in Banten, Jakarta, Magelang, Yogya and Bali, on plains with altitudes of 40-1,300 meters above sea level and like hot climates.

Farmers plant it after planting rice. German botanist Georg Eberhard Rumphius says this plant has long been planted. According to Karel Heyne, quoting Rumphius, black potatoes are widely grown in Java and Bali. Heyne, quoting De Landbouw der Inladsche Bevolking op Java (Agriculture in the Java Community), 1901-02, Volume I: 107), mentions the plant is widely grown in paddy Batavia (now Jakarta), and growth requires loose soil.

Historically, the Portuguese found this plant growing on Coromandel Beach in New Zealand and there was also in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), although not much. It is possible, the Arabs brought this plant to India, and the Portuguese brought it to Malacca. The Portuguese bring it as imported food and are well planted in a dry climate.

In English, quoted from the Flowers of India website, black potatoes are called chinese potato, coleus potato, potato thirst. In India, black potatoes have a variety of local names, yes.