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Consumption of shark fins can actually be harmful to health

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Consumption of shark fins can actually be harmful to health - Healthy T1ps

Many myths about shark fins, among others, make the body healthier and become youthful. Is it true?

But apparently health practitioners and culinary experts actually urge people not to consume shark products because in addition to disturbing marine ecosystems with shark hunting, shark products are not good food for health.

"Who says eating body shark fins is healthier? In fact, to make it look more attractive, shark fins are often added to Hydrogen Peroxide which can increase free radicals and are harmful to the human body," health practitioner Erikar Lebang said in Jakarta on Friday.

The statement was conveyed at the launch of the campaign entitled SOSharks (Save Our Sharks), a public campaign held by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia together with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), to stop the consumption of various shark products and commodities in supermarkets, online shops, hotels and restaurants and stop the promotion of shark culinary in the mass media.

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Erikar said that up to now there are still many false assumptions in society that assessing shark products can make the body healthier because it contains high protein and collagen which can make the skin youthful.
Consumption of shark fins can actually be harmful to health - Healthy T1ps
Illegal Shark Fin

"Even though the method of cooking fin and shark meat with high heat and a long time is most likely the protein has been lost. In addition, chicken claw contains higher collagen than shark fin," he explained.

Meanwhile, Film Producer Vera Lasut, who is also a health practitioner, said that she did not want to eat sharks or shark meat because sharks are predators that live long in the sea so that the shark's body contains lots of metals and chemicals, such as mercury.

"By eating shark fins means you don't care about your own beauty and health. The sharks in the sea are not to be eaten," he said.

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WWF Indonesia Executive Director Efransjah said that people tend to consume shark products because they are "trapped" by thoughts that have been built long ago.

"Shark fin soup is considered very healthy, it turned out to be a myth from the Ming Dynasty because emperors or kings often ate it so it was considered a" Chinese Delicacy Luxurious Item "(delicious and luxurious Chinese food)," Efran said.

In fact, he said, the habit turned out to be carried over into modern times because people often consider shark food products as food related to "Wealth, Power, and Prestige" (Wealth, Power and Prestige).

He added that there is also another misconception in the community regarding the efficacy of shark fins that are said to increase a man's sexual desire and ability.

According to WWF Indonesia, the practice of "Shark Finning", namely the taking of shark fins by cutting fins alive, has been carried out on 38 million sharks each year from 26 to 73 million sharks caught in world fishing activities.

That, said Efran, means that around one to two individuals sharks are caught every second, even though sharks are fish that breed slowly and produce few tillers that are vulnerable to over-exploitation.

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"In fact, in a year a shark can only produce six to 12 birds," he said.

Data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2010 showed that Indonesia was at the top of the 20 largest shark-catching countries in the world.

"In fact, all the assumptions behind the public's desire to consume sharks are not true. If we do not invite people to stop consuming sharks, this poor animal can become extinct because of those strange beliefs," Efran said.