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Get to know Ciplukan, Gold Berry Fruit

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Get to know Ciplukan, Gold Berry Fruit Healthy T1ps

Ciplukan or called groundcherry or goldenberry is a small yellow fruit inside a paper-like wrapper that is lantern-shaped. Ciplukan fruit will fall to the ground when cooked. that's why it's called groundcherry. Planting goldenberry is quite easy, if you can grow tomatoes and chillies, you can grow this plant too.

In addition to shape and size, ciplukan fruit has nothing to do with cherries. This fruit is closer to the family of eggplant, for example tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants. Ciplukan fruit has a distinctive taste which is sweet a little like pineapple, but bitter when it is not ripe. This fruit is also known by various regional names such as cecenet or cecendet (Sd.), Nyurnyuran (Md.), And kopok-kopokan (Bl.). Generally grown wild, ceplukan usually found mixed with other herbs and shrubs in the garden, moor, dry fields, roadside, forest edges and parts of the forest that are exposed to the sun.

The fruit is loved by children. All parts of the plant, from leaves to roots and are usually dried first, are used as ingredients for traditional medicine. The farmers assume, ciplukan fruit that can not be eaten. So often if the plant appears in the garden, it is cut down and thrown away. In fact, now the price of ciplukan is very expensive, 1 Kilogram is only 50 $ USD.

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Ciplukan has also been sold in supermarkets. No wonder the price is exorbitant. Many are starting to glance at this goldenberry or ciplukan planting effort. The benefits of ciplukan are also many. Ciplukan contains very high Vitamin A. As reported by, 100 grams of ciplukan fruit contains 720 units of vitamin A. That number means it can meet 14 percent of the needs of vitamins in our body in a day.
Get to know Ciplukan, Gold Berry Fruit Healthy T1ps
In addition, ciplukan is also rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is needed for the body to absorb iron and help in the formation of collagen. Ciplukan can also be used to treat diabetes mellitus and as a calorie intake. For 1 gram of ciplukan contains 53 calories and one gram of fat.

How to plant Goldenberry (Ciplukan) - Healthy T1ps

Goldenberry Planting:

  • Ciplukan requires full sunlight and warm or hot temperatures, like tomatoes.
  • This plant is easy to grow from seeds and takes 60-65 days to become an adult plant
  • This plant has an attractive shape so it is suitable for planting around the yard or guardrail.
  • The space needed is 60-90 centimeters and can grow to a height of up to 50cm and without the need for additional buffer.
  • This plant can multiply and grow from seeds that fall around it. They also grow in pots with the same care.

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Goldenberry Folwer

  • Ciplukan is susceptible to all the same problems with tomatoes and tomatillo plants. This includes cutworms, spider mites, and others.
  • Flush the plants regularly during the dry season and fertilize them like fertilizing tomatoes and eggplants.
  • Goldenberry

Harvesting Goldenberry:

  • Wait until the fruit falls itself on the ground because it has matured. do not need to be picked by hand because the fruit that is still in the plant tends to be immature.
  • The fruit wrap will turn brown which indicates that the fruit is almost ripe. and if it is held, there will be fruit in it.
  • The size of a fruit the size of a blueberry and can be stored in a dry container
  • Groundcherry

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Benefits of Goldenberry for health

  • antioxidant effect
  • Cancer protective effect
  • bacterial counter
  • kidney protective effect
  • liver protective effect
  • reduce fever
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Modulate immune function
  • reduce inflammation
  • benefits of weight loss