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Get to know the Skin Problems of Children and Adolescents from an early age

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Get to know the Skin Problems of Children and Adolescents from an early age - Healthy T1ps

PROBLEMS OF SKIN in every decade of age require different handling. Recognize some skin problems at various ages.

Different ages, different skin problems experienced by individuals. For children, for example, skin problems that are often encountered are eczema diapers, namely skin disorders that arise due to inflammation in the area covered by diapers, namely in the genitals, around the anus, buttocks, groin, and lower abdomen.

This diaper rash is a cause of skin disorders that often occur in children, especially ages 9-12 months. About 7% - 35% of babies experience a diaper rash with an irritant, infection, or allergic cause.

Diaper rash episodes can occur more often when a child has diarrhea or is taking antibiotics. Other skin problems that are often experienced by children as explained by Matahari Arsy SpKK, namely atopic eczema.

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"This problem has characteristics of dry skin, itching, reddish rash, skin cracks in the skin folds, thickening of the skin, to exudate (discharging skin)," he explained at the Bamed Healthcare program.

The main therapy that can be done to overcome the child's skin problems is by educating parents about the disease, including how to treat the skin of the diaper area, and additional medication prescribed according to the child's eczema condition.

Get to know the Skin Problems of Children and Adolescents from an early age - Healthy T1ps

Get to know the Skin Problems of Children and Adolescents from an early age - Healthy T1ps

Treatment is adjusted to the current state of eczema, such as severity, extent of infection, dry or wet conditions, location, and whether or not it disturbs sleep. For diaper eczema, treatment can be done if it is not infected by giving cream or ointment containing anti-inflammatory and protective skin paste.

If the child is infected, therapy is combined using a cream or ointment according to the cause of the infection. "Other therapies may need to be added, such as drinking medicine according to the child's condition," he said.

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On that occasion, Dr. Arsy also straightened the wrong view in the community. People often assume that the use of antiseptic soap, often washing hands, applying oil and powder to the child's body, the use of wet wipes, the use of sunscreen is important.

But in fact, doing so if it is not done properly can have an undesirable effect. "The use of antiseptic soap, frequent hand washing, and smearing oil on a child's skin which is thinner can cause irritation," he said.

Excessive powder, especially the area above the stomach, is dangerous if inhaled. While giving sunscreen to babies under 6 months has more side effects than the protective effect.

The skin problems experienced by adolescents, Dr. Martinus SpKK explained, adolescents are the age of entering puberty, where individuals experience various changes, one of which is physical changes due to various skin problems.

These skin problems include acne, oily skin, and acne post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (HPI), namely darker skin discoloration, which occurs after skin inflammation due to acne.

In addition, adolescents often complain of acne scarring (permanent damage to skin tissue due to disruption in the healing process of acne lesions), body odor (body odor), and excessive sweating in the form of increased production of sweat glands that cause body odor, especially in the armpit, genitals, and soles of the feet.

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"Actually there is no definite limit on when is the right time for teenagers to start skin care. However, generally teenagers will start the initiative to seek skin care when entering puberty, where skin disorders begin to arise due to the influence of androgen hormones, "said Dr. Martinus. Some treatments that teenagers can do depend on the complaints they experience.

Acne and HPI can be done with additional therapies, namely comedone extraction, intralesional corticosteroid injections (KIL) for nodular and inflamed lesions, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and NdYag lasers. Acne scars can be treated with CO2 laser, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. "Meanwhile, body odor and excessive sweating are improved by botulinum toxin injection therapy," concluded Dr. Martinus.