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Get to know the types of foods that can stain your tooth color - Healthy T1ps

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Get to know the types of foods that can stain your tooth color - Healthy T1ps

Jakarta It's no secret that white teeth can certainly make you appear more confident. However, what if the color of your teeth turns yellow because food is often consumed?

Reporting from, here are some types of food that should be avoided so as not to make your teeth yellow. What are you curious about?

1. Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea have high tannin content. This is why many people advise you to use straws when drinking coffee and tea, but actually the way to remove stains on your teeth is to actually leave caffeine.

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2. Wine

Did you know that wine can worsen tooth stains? If it does not cause staining, wine can make stains on the gogo darker.

3. Pasta sauce

Between red and sour tomatoes, pasta sauce can clearly cause stains on your teeth. If you want to enjoy pasta, be sure to choose an appetizer, such as broccoli, spinach, or other green vegetables to provide protection on the surface of the teeth.

4. Give

Berries can also give stains to your teeth, as well as wine. Unfortunately the berry stain is difficult to resist.
Get to know the types of foods that can stain your tooth color - Healthy T1ps

5. Kari

Curry over time can also make the color of your teeth turn yellow. If you eat a lot of foods that combine turmeric, curry powder, or spices, your teeth won't look white.

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6. Balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is acidic and concentrated, can cause stains to form on the teeth. If you continue to consume balsamic vinegar, consider pairing it with leafy vegetables, such as lettuce or kale.

7. Bit

Beets will not only stain the color of the teeth, but also make very complicated stains. Beets are a type of food that can cause enamel stains, so you should not consume too much or consume them too often.