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Good for Kidney to Prevent Cancer, 7 Benefits of Watermelon Skin

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Good for Kidney to Prevent Cancer, 7 Benefits of Watermelon Skin - Healthy T1PS

Who doesn't like watermelons? Sweet taste with abundant water content, this red fruit is often eaten when the weather is hot. Whether eaten directly or processed into fresh drinks, watermelon becomes a favorite fruit of the community.

Although the flesh can provide a refreshing effect on the body, unfortunately many people often remove watermelon skin. In fact, part of the white watermelon skin has a number of health benefits. Anything? Come on, see the review:

1. High nutrition

Many studies reveal, watermelon skin contains a series of nutrients that are very good for body health. Starting from zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, A, to C. Not only that, watermelon skin is also enriched with antioxidants that are high enough, so it can protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals.

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2. Good for sports

Reported by Boldsky, watermelon skin is also very effective to increase power when exercising. Enriched with high levels of magnesium and antioxidants, eating watermelon skin after exercise is claimed to restore the energy and energy that has been wasted during exercise.

3. Prevent cancer

Who would have thought that watermelon skin also in fact can be used as an anti-cancer. Yes, it contains lycopene which is quite high, consuming it regularly can help prevent various types of cancer, such as cervical, esophageal, colon and pancreatic cancers.
Good for Kidney to Prevent Cancer, 7 Benefits of Watermelon Skin
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4. Improve digestion

Watermelon skin contains high enough fiber that can help improve digestion and maintain health. Not only that, watermelon skin is also very effective to reduce excess moisture that is deposited in the body.

5. Control blood pressure

Consuming watermelon and skin can also help control blood pressure. In fact, people with hypertension who eat watermelon skin regularly can maintain blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of advanced diseases such as stroke and heart failure.

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6. Good for kidneys

Enriched with abundant antioxidants, watermelon skin can also prevent certain diseases, including urinary tract infections. In addition, watermelon skin also seems very good for maintaining kidney health.

7. Increases libido

Watermelon skin contains citrulline which is an ingredient for use in drugs that increase libido. In addition, inserting watermelon skin into the daily menu is claimed to be able to maximize sexual desire, while maintaining the health of reproductive organs.