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Here are 11 benefits of galangal for health and beauty

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Here are 11 benefits of galangal for health and beauty - Healthy T1ps

Galangal is one of the tubers that are rich in benefits - The characteristics of this plant are the stems erect, lancet-shaped leaves elongated, yellowish white tubers, distinctive scented. In general, people use it for cooking ingredients, but now you can use galangal for traditional medicine. For those of you who want to use it this plant is easy to find and very abundant. This is because the cultivation of this plant is very easy.

Compounds and Nutrients in Galangal - Healthy T1ps

The following are some of the compounds found in galangal:

  • Vitamin A and vitamin C Beta sitosterol
  • Emodin quercetin
  • Galangin Iron
  • Sodium Fenol
  • Flavonoid essential oil
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The Amazing Of Health Benefits of Galangal for Health and Beauty - healthy T1ps

The following are some of the benefits of galangal that can help you to maintain a healthy body:

1. Lowering Fever

Galangal contains antipyretic and analgesic substances that function to suppress pain and prevent infection due to fungal attacks. The part of the galangal stem can also function as an inhibitor of pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus.

2. Overcoming Cancer

The presence of galangin flavonoid compounds can function as natural antioxidants that can fight free radicals. The substance can also reduce the genotoxicity of chemicals.

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3. Eliminate scars

Galangal contains many antioxidant compounds that can help heal wounds. The trick is to attach a thin galangal slice to the scar.

4. Cleanse acne scars

Galangal contains compounds that can cleanse the skin from bacteria. This helps your skin to be clean, smooth and shiny. In addition, galangal can also help remove acne on your face.

5. Maintain Hair Health

The presence of oil is good for hair growth. In addition, the presence of oil also functions to improve blood circulation. How to use it is to mix oil on galangal with jojoba oil.

Galangal also contains phosphorus compounds and zinc which is good for strengthening hair roots.
This can make your scalp healthy and free from dandruff and prevent hair loss.
The Amazing Of Health Benefits of Galangal for Health and Beauty - healthy T1ps
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6. Treating Inflammation

Galangal contains high antioxidant compounds that can overcome inflammation. This is because antioxidant compounds can function to counteract free radicals.

7. Increase appetite

Galangal has many properties to increase appetite. The trick is to smooth the galangal together by meeting jokes and meniran. The three ingredients are boiled until boiling then can be drunk after cold.

8. Treating tinea versicolor

Galangal contains a lot of vitamin A which can maintain the reproduction of skin cells so that your skin will always be healthy and free from tinea versicolor. The method is to smooth the galangal and whiting. Then added a little water and then applied to the skin affected by tinea versicolor.

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9. Curing Cough

Cough can be caused by increased production of mucus in the throat. This can be overcome by consuming galangal. The trick is to smooth the galangal, meet the comedy, the leaves of the horse whip and the iler leaves and then boil it to a boil. The ingredients are cooled and then filtered and ready for consumption.

10. Providing Comfort in the Stomach

Galangal helps overcome inflammation in the stomach. This can help you prevent travel sickness, vomiting and prevent diarrhea. The way to consume it is to boil and drink it.

11. Maintain Oral Health

Galangal can be used to overcome various problems in the mouth such as canker sores, inflammation of the gums, sore throat and others. The trick is to make a galangal extract and then use it for gargling.