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Here's How to Fight Diabetes with Avocado Seeds. Curious? Guaranteed Safe!

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Here's How to Fight Diabetes with Avocado Seeds. Curious? Guaranteed Safe!

Avocado Seed - Who does not know Diabetes Mellitus (DM) or diabetes. Lately DM has begun to become a threat to society, not only from the upper classes but also from the lower classes.

Indonesia's consumption of carbohydrates in high amounts, which is about 70%, is one of the risks of contracting DM. But do you know if avocado seeds are one solution to overcome diabetes? Research shows that avocado seeds contain three compounds that function as antidiabetic. The three compounds include triterpenoids, flavonoids, and tannins.

Triterpenoids can increase the hormones insulin and leptin.

Flavonoids in avocado seeds can inhibit carbohydrate-breaking enzymes into simple sugars that are readily absorbed by the body.

Tannins in avocado seeds are efficacious as astrigens. On the surface of the intestine, tannins that come into contact with proteins form a layer that can reduce the absorption of glucose from food extracts.

Here's How to Fight Diabetes with Avocado Seeds. Curious? Guaranteed Safe!
Furthermore, other properties of avocado seeds as the most potent diabetes drug are as follows:

1. Reducing Sugar Levels in Blood

Although it seems simple, the fact is that the ingredients of avocado seeds are very effective to help cure your diabetes mellitus. Especially in reducing blood sugar levels which is the main cause of diabetes mellitus. That's why you have to keep sugar in the blood stable.

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2. Maximizing Sugar Absorption in Food Sources

Absorption of sugar that is not optimal can then make the sugar remain in the body and enter the blood. So that the level of sugar in the blood continues to increase. Increased levels of sugar in the blood is then a major cause of diabetes mellitus.

3. Prevent the spread of diabetes mellitus

Finally, avocado seeds are known to have benefits to prevent the spread of diabetes mellitus. The purpose is to consume avocado seeds, diabetes mellitus can be prevented from spreading to other organs. So your blood sugar levels are no longer too high and have side effects on your other organs.

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And besides that there are still some benefits of avocado seeds that you can know for diabetes, as follows:

  1. Reducing wound healing, due to diabetes.
  2. Eliminate scars, due to diabetic wound inflammation.
  3. Reduces pain during severe injuries

Processing Avocado Seeds to be a Diabetes Mellitus Medication

The processing of avocado seeds into a concoction of diabetes mellitus can be done alone at home. You only need to follow the steps below to feel the benefits.

1. Make Avocado Seed Herbs

The first way you can start by first preparing a number of avocado seeds. By default, prepare two to three avocado seeds once processing. After you have a number of avocado seeds, wash them thoroughly. After cleaning, you have to dry it using a grill or by drying it. Avocado seeds that have dried up then you have to cut them into small pieces. These small pieces of avocado seeds must then be boiled with boiling water. After boiling, strain the avocado seed cooking water and consume when it's warm.

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2. Make Avocado Seed Herbs

Furthermore, you can also enjoy eating avocado seeds by processing them into medicinal powder. The steps are a little different from the first step before. For starters you must first prepare a number of avocado seeds, then wash thoroughly. Avocado seeds that have been clean must then be thinly sliced. The results of the avocado seed slices then have to be dried in the sun to dry completely. Avocado seeds that have dried up are then roasted. The roasting process is the process of frying dried avocado seeds without using any oil. After roasting completely, blend the avocado seeds until smooth.

After getting this avocado seed powder you can take it directly like a medicine or brew it with hot water.

It turned out that Diabetes Mellitus (DM) can be cured with herbal ingredients which the manufacturing process is very simple, using the basic ingredients of avocado seeds. You can make it yourself at home, good luck.

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