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As parents, we naturally want to recognize our children's personality or character as early as possible. But actually the child's personality is not something that cannot change and will continue to grow into adulthood. The child's personality that is seen during a baby can change or survive as time goes by. Although there is a part of the child's character that is innate from birth, there are some things that influence the development of the child's character:

Parent-child relationships have a large impact on children compared to other caregivers. In addition, parents can also play a role in helping children build positive relationships with those around them, such as relationships with younger siblings, brothers, grandparents, friends, etc.

Education also has a big role in shaping the character of children. Therefore, when choosing a school, pay attention to the value of the school, whether it matches the value desired by the parents. For example, if parents have value socializing, look for schools that prioritize social activities and teamwork.

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The environment in which children live also influences their character. If there are many children in the surrounding environment and have facilities that support children playing like a park, it will certainly help children social skills.

Childhood Experience
The experience of children from infancy to adolescence also has an influence in shaping the personality of the child and ultimately will affect his behavior and choices. Children who have a lot of praised experience when trying to help with housework even though it is more messy will of course be different from children who are not given the opportunity to help at home.

By recognizing and developing the character of children we can recognize how he interacts with others, how he resolves problems, how he organizes ideas and thoughts, and anything that can motivate and attract interest.

In approaching children and building their character, we can pay attention to the strongest characteristics that often appear in their behavior. For example, if your child is a brave child, happy with new challenges, competitive, strong-willed, usually children who are like this will be happy to be leaders and really like new experiences. Therefore, provide opportunities for children like this to lead or be responsible for certain jobs. For example: in this fasting month he got the task of awakening his brother and sister during the meal. Or invited to do new activities during the holidays.
If the child has the characteristics of happy talking, happy socializing, cheerful and spontaneous. He really likes to have fun and socialize with others so games that involve all family members are things that can be done. In addition, bringing children to a house of worship and giving children the opportunity to get to know other people or other children also provides a pleasant experience for him.

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Some children really want everything according to the rules, so they have a regular, persistent and quiet character. Children who like order like this are children who will be happy if they are trusted to assist you in housework. Teach tidying up toys and clothes in a certain order, help him have the responsibility to tidy up his own things and if he can, the tidiness of his bedroom is also his responsibility.

If your child is very concerned about the feelings of others and likes to share with others, do not ever ask him who is he more dear? Mama or daddy? Children with this character will have difficulty and feel guilty if asked to choose like that. With the character of a child who likes to share and maintain the feelings of others, we can hone his care by making simple social actions and asking children to organize the action. For example, distributing packaged rice for people needing on the road or collecting and providing used clothes suitable for use in orphanages in need.

What about shy children and need time to open up with others? If that is the case, give it time and not be too forced. Some children do need time to open up to others. Have you ever experienced a child who doesn't want to be invited to shake hands with a new person at a family event? Maybe he needs more time. No need to be forced but can be negotiated. For example: "brother does not need greetings but must say goodbye to himself" or other ways. If the child is shy, also increase the discussion at home. Give the child a chance and encourage the child to voice his opinion. Thus, in a comfortable environment he will still dare to express opinions.

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There may also be other characters that have not been mentioned here, which clearly by understanding the character of children and recognizing what shapes their characters, parents can develop positive behaviors that are in accordance with their character but still love them for who they are.