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The Benefits of Sweet Sapodilla Skin

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The Benefits of Sweet Sapodilla Skin - Healthy T1ps

Sawo is one of the favorite fruits because of its sweet taste and soft texture of fruit so it is widely cultivated in Indonesia because of the benefits of sapodilla fruit and its very high nutritional content. But unfortunately, most think that only sapodilla fruit can be used. However, in fact, there are also benefits of brown skin which is also not inferior to the flesh of the fruit. Sapodilla skin which has only been considered as garbage and has not been used has apparently extraordinary properties that you should not rush away. Here are some benefits you can get from brown skin.

The Amazing Of Health Benefits Sapodilla Skin - Healthy T1ps

1. Dysentery medicine
Dysentery is a disease with symptoms such as heartburn, runny water and mucus. One of these digestive diseases can be overcome only with brown skin. How to deal with dysentery while reducing the pain caused by the fruit skin is quite easy, namely by washing clean about 8 young sapodilla then chew directly with the skin and add a little salt. Do this method 2 times a day until healed.

2. Treating Diarrhea
Diarrhea is one of the digestive diseases that makes a person defecate continuously. Although it looks like a mild disease, but if diarrhea is left without treatment, it can make sufferers weak because of dehydration and also lack of ions in large quantities. This brown skin can be used as a diarrhea solution with several stages such as the following.

  • Prepare 1 piece of sapodilla that has been washed.
  • Grate the sapodilla with the skin then squeeze and add a little boiled water.
  • Drink this mixture 2 times a day.
  • As for fast results, you can add a small amount of sapodilla leaves.

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3. Overcoming Lung Disease
Lung disease is a dangerous disease that can also be treated with brown skin. Using brown skin must be a better way compared to taking drugs that can have side effects. This tannin content in sapodilla bark is highly believed to be able to overcome lung disease naturally while reducing pain from the symptoms.

  • Boil slices of sapodilla fruit and skin for 15 minutes.
  • After warmth, drink the boiled water 2 times a day for fast results.

4. Lowering fever
Fever is actually not a disease but only a symptom of the underlying disease. Even so, fever still must be overcome properly to reduce discomfort caused. To use brown skin as a fever-lowering method, it's also very easy. You only need to boil the sapodilla and the skin, both brown or young. After boiling, strain and leave until warm and drink twice a day until the fever heals.
The Amazing Of Health Benefits Sapodilla Skin - Healthy T1ps
5. Cancer Prevention
It is not only a mild disease that can be treated with brown skin, but this usually removed fruit skin can also be used as a cancer solution. The content of vitamin A, fiber and also the benefits of antioxidants in brown skin is very important to prevent certain types of cancer such as lung and oral cavity cancer. You only need to consume sapodilla fruit with the skin twice a day which has been washed clean.

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6. Nourish the Skin
The benefits of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E in sapodilla skin are very important to be used as a skin beauty solution to stay healthy and youthful. Like some of the methods above, you only need to consume sapodilla fruit along with the skin regularly to maintain the health and beauty of your skin.

7. Maintaining Eye Health
Another benefit that you can get from brown skin is to maintain eye health. The content of vitamin A in the skin of sapodilla fruit is very important to prevent various eye damage in an easy way that is consuming sapodilla fruit without being peeled regularly.

The benefits of the sapodilla skin that we always throw away when we enjoy this fruit flesh is very amazing which can even prevent various dangerous diseases such as cancer. For that reason, you should not throw the sapodilla skin together with the fruit to get the maximum benefit from this fruit.