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3 Dangers of Dental Cavities for Pregnant Mothers and Fetal

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3 Dangers of Dental Cavities for Pregnant Mothers and Fetal - Healthy T1ps

tooth, this little little white is one of the organs that are important to our health. Although small, the main function of this tooth cannot be underestimated and underestimated. When we are eating, then the food that enters our mouth will then be chewed and mashed with the help of teeth, then swallowed and digested by the digestive organs in the body, such as the intestine and stomach. Besides helping to initiate the digestive process, there are other benefits from the teeth too.

tooth also sometimes has other benefits, including as a measure of health and personal self-care as well as our personal hygiene as well. If we have clean and well-maintained teeth, this can show that we are people who are very healthy and can take good care of the body.

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Just like various types of other organs, teeth don't escape health problems. Some health problems sometimes often appear on the teeth and are usually caused by our own condition which may be poor and only origin in maintaining and maintaining dental health. The following are some health problems, which often appear on teeth:
  • Cavity
  • Dental abrasion
  • Bleeding gums
  • Black teeth
  • Yellow teeth
Those are some of the many problems that often approach teeth. Nearly all dental problems are caused by poor dental care, which can cause dental health problems.

One of the dangers of cavities is that this condition can occur in pregnant women. Yes, pregnant women sometimes experience a lot of health problems during pregnancy, including cavities. This condition will get worse, if during pregnancy cavities are not treated immediately and are also patched, because it will adversely affect health and also for the fetus. In general, pregnant women who experience cavities of course will experience various kinds, symptoms that are quite dangerous as an effect of the cavities themselves.

The following are some of the dangers that arise as a result of cavities:
  • Teeth feel Afternoon
  • Infection of the teeth and gums
  • Inflammation that can spread to other parts of the body
  • Dental nerve damage

Perforation of Perforated Teeth While Pregnant

From the symptoms that arise due to cavities in pregnant women, inflammation is one of the harmful effects for pregnant women and fetuses. Why? The following is the explanation:

"Inflammation that occurs as a result of these cavities is caused by germs and bacteria that nest in the teeth. Yes, germs and also bacteria that live on this part of the tooth can cause burning of the teeth. And apparently, inflammation of these teeth can spread and also spread to other parts of the body. This is dangerous. Yes, the condition of spreading inflammation can make many other organs affected. Bacteria and germs that cause inflammation will follow the bloodstream and infect other organs. For pregnant women, bacteria that cause inflammation can attack the fetus. This can cause infection and create inflammation in fetal development. "

Well, if it turns out that germs and also bacteria that cause infection and also this inflammation has attacked the fetus, then this is what must be considered, because it is very dangerous and can also cause some of the things below:

1. Miscarriage

The most dangerous thing from the condition of bacteria and also germs that attack the fetus is that it can cause death in the fetus, aka miscarriage. This is the most dangerous impact on the fetus, and also for the mother. Having a miscarriage will cause the mother to be likely to experience depression and also pressure, so that it can cause stress and also deep sadness.

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2. Not optimal development of the fetus

The danger of cavities for the next pregnant woman, when the bacteria and also the virus starts attacking the fetus is the appearance of obstacles and also not optimal fetal development. For example, when the bacteria and germs enter and also attack the fetus when the fetus is experiencing development in the organs of vision, then there is a possibility that later the visual organs in the fetus will be disrupted at birth later.

3. Abnormal birth

Germs and also these bacteria can also cause other hazards, namely the birth process that is not normal. Premature birth can occur, or born with an abnormal weight. In addition, it is also possible that the baby who is born will later experience health problems, due to the effects of bacteria and bacteria.

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Those are some of the dangers of cavities for pregnant women. So, for those of you pregnant women, if you experience toothache, you should immediately take it seriously and also right, so that later it will not cause health problems that will endanger your fetus. Hopefully this article about the dangers of toothache in pregnant women can add to your insight and can also be beneficial for all of you.