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6 Types of Sleep Positions that are Dangerous for Pregnant Women

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You Must Know Of 6 Types of Sleep Positions that are Dangerous for Pregnant Women - Healthy T1ps

Pregnant women usually face an unusual situation. Especially for the first pregnancy it will be a new experience for pregnant women. One of the problems often faced by pregnant women is that it is difficult to sleep. There are several common disorders that usually occur in pregnant women such as:

sleeping position that is dangerous for pregnant women
  • body that is too tired
  • excessive nausea
  • excessive sweating
  • headache
  • a sore hip
In the end, many pregnant women who cannot rest well so that the health of pregnant women is also disturbed. Though rest like sleep plays an important role in how to maintain pregnancy to stay healthy and the fetus in the womb. In addition, pregnant women must also remain vigilant about sleeping positions that can endanger pregnancy.

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The following are some types of sleeping positions that are dangerous for pregnant women:

1. Supine sleep for the second trimester

Sleeping on your back during the second trimester is very dangerous for the fetus and pregnant women. This is because when you enter the trimester the uterus is in the vein pressure section which serves to restore blood flow to the heart of pregnant women. If the supine position for a long time can make the blood flow to the placenta of the fetus become smaller.

This condition can limit the nutritional intake of pregnant women and oxygen to the fetus so that it can cause death. In addition, this position will usually cause nausea and dizziness for pregnant women.

2. Sleep Slanted to the Right

Sleeping position that is dangerous for pregnant women tilted to the right, can cause strong pressure on the liver of pregnant women. This condition can also cause intake to the fetus to be more limited. Not only does the nutrient experience a reduction but also the oxygen that flows through the placenta.

This position can also cause uncomfortable discomfort because pregnant women will lack oxygen.

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3. prone

Sleeping prone in the early signs of pregnancy or early in the first trimester is still allowed. But after pregnant women feel there is greater pressure, this position can be very dangerous. This will cause the fetus to be squashed and can threaten the life of the fetus.

Besides this condition can also cause several complications such as:
  • Poor digestion and very heavy respiratory pressure can cause pregnant women to be deprived of oxygen.
  • The effect of oxygen that will flow to the heart through veins.
  • Impaired nutrient and oxygen forces for the fetus that can cause miscarriage and fetal death.

You Must Know Of 6 Types of Sleep Positions that are Dangerous for Pregnant Women - Healthy T1ps
6 Type Of Sleep Position Are Dangerous For Pregnant Women

4. Lifting the Leg Up

Pregnancy in the first trimester will cause pregnancy disorders such as feeling too tired and frequent urination. Some pregnant women try to place pillows so that the legs become higher. basically this position must be avoided. Sleeping with a higher foot can cause the fetal space to become smaller. Besides this condition can also cause the fetus to lack oxygen.

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5. Sleep While Sitting

When pregnant women experience pregnancy disorders such as nausea and excessive heartburn, pregnant women usually try to sleep on the couch while sitting. Sleeping position is dangerous for pregnant women, because it can increase excessive blood vessel pressure for the heart.

In addition, it can cause excessive fatigue in the back. For pregnant women who have hemorrhoids, this position can worsen the situation.

6. Supine Sleep Higher Head Position

Pregnancy will indeed make it difficult for pregnant women to get a comfortable feeling of sleep. This is what often causes pregnant women to have a hard time resting. Sleeping position with a higher head is also not allowed.

This can cause oxygen intake for pregnant women to be more limited. In addition, this position will increase the pressure for the liver, placenta, kidney and back of pregnant women.

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Tips for sleeping comfortably during pregnancy

Many pregnant women are worried because they cannot sleep comfortably during pregnancy. In addition, some pregnancy disorders often make pregnant women unable to sleep as before pregnancy. To overcome various types of sleep disorders during pregnancy, then follow a few tips below.
  • Use lots of pillows around the bed. You can choose the type of pillow that is soft so that the head, hands, feet and back can get the most comfortable position.
  • If a pregnant woman wakes up and realizes a sleeping position that is dangerous for pregnant women with a sloping position to the right, then this is indeed very natural. To keep the sleeping position in position, use a support cushion for the back and legs. This position is highly recommended for pregnant women.
  • Use clothes that are loose, not hot and remain soft for the skin. This clothes will make pregnant women feel more comfortable so that sleep gets better. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight because it can cause the body to be less flexible.
  • If you can't sleep and experience a lot of sleep disturbances during the third trimester, then you can use a special pillow or sofa equipped with lots of pillows.
  • Avoid consuming spicy food at night. Spicy food is a dangerous food for pregnant women, which can cause digestive disorders so that pregnant women can get diarrhea.
  • Try to relax throughout pregnancy and keep the mind away from pressure. A relaxed and relaxed mind can also improve sleep quality.
  • Arrange nutrition intake during pregnancy. Foods that contain high carbohydrates and protein will cause a more comfortable feeling. In addition, this food will also increase blood sugar levels so that it can make sleep more comfortable.
  • Drinking a glass of warm milk before bed can also be one way to stay comfortable during sleep. If you experience severe nausea, avoid drinks and foods that can trigger nausea and vomiting.
  • Mild exercise during pregnancy. For pregnant women mild exercise such as walking can be a powerful way to overcome sleep disorders. If the body continues to exercise during pregnancy, it can help the body burn calories and fat. Besides that, exercise can also improve sleep quality.

T1ps For husbands who accompany a pregnant wife

For husbands who are waiting for the baby's birth, they must also have a good attitude for pregnant women. Many pregnant women experience sleep disturbances and they do not get support from their husbands. This can worsen sleep disorders because pregnant women become more emotional.

To overcome this, the couple of pregnant women can do the tips below:

  • Support pregnant women to get a good sleeping position during pregnancy. Husbands must accompany pregnant women until they really sleep comfortably.
  • Sharing happiness before bed can be a surefire way to deal with emotional disturbances. Have a second time before going to bed by talking about good memories. Things that can respect your partner and talk about the future for the fetus.
  • Communicate with the fetus during bedtime. This step is very effective for dealing with various complaints during pregnancy. Communication with babies will make pregnant women realize that some sleep disturbances during pregnancy will be a beautiful end to the presence of the baby.

So sleep disorders during pregnancy must still be overcome with a variety of positive actions. Pregnant women and couples must welcome the baby's presence happily, so that some disturbances during pregnancy and sleep can be overcome properly.