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7 Benefits Eat Spinach for Pregnant Women

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Best Of ! 7 Benefits of Spinach for Young and Old Pregnant Women - Healthy T1ps

Vegetables are healthy food for pregnant women and their fetuses. There are many kinds of vegetables that are good and many are recommended where one of them is spinach. Spinach is one type of vegetable that can be found easily in the surrounding environment because the price is quite cheap and healthy so many people like to eat it. Spinach itself has a lot of good content for health such as vitamins, iron and minerals. Spinach is not only delicious to be consumed by being cooked as spinach but it is also delicious as a snack, namely by making spinach chips.

The benefits of spinach for pregnant women include:

1. High folic acid content

Spinach contains high levels of folic acid. Folic acid has many benefits for pregnant women and their fetuses such as helping the formation of neural tubes in infants in the early stages of pregnancy, reducing the risk of babies born with disabilities and so forth. the benefits of folic acid for pregnant women can also be used to avoid low birth weight babies.

Folic acid deficiency does not only affect the fetus that is being conceived but also has an adverse effect on pregnant women. Folic acid deficiency can cause mothers to feel tired easily, decreased appetite, inflammation of the gums, forgetfulness to digestive disorders such as diarrhea.

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2. Avoid pregnant women from anemia

Spinach contains the benefits of calcium and iron benefits that play a role in helping the formation of red blood cells so that they can meet the blood needs of the uterus. Sufficient red blood in the body can prevent hamill mothers from symptoms of anemia.

3. Lower blood pressure

Efficacy of spinach for pregnant women is the next to reduce blood pressure in the mother's body. During pregnancy, hypertension in pregnancy is one type of disorder that can occur. High blood pressure during pregnancy can be overcome using nitrate contained in spinach.

4. Prevent hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids and constipation are symptoms of pregnancy that many pregnant women experience. Consuming spinach can help you avoid or at least reduce these two symptoms. This is because spinach contains fiber which is good for treating digestive symptoms such as constipation.

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5. Reducing pregnant pain

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to experience pain during pregnancy. Pain in pregnant women can occur due to rapidly increasing body weight and hormonal changes in the body that result in painful bones and muscles. Spinach has a healthy content in the form of an anti-inflammatory agent, glycolipids which can relieve pain and pain during pregnancy.
Best Of ! 7 Benefits of Spinach for Young and Old Pregnant Women - Healthy T1ps
Health Benefits Of Eat Spinach For Pregnant Women

6. Helps fetal lung growth

Spinach contains beta carotene which can be converted into vitamin A in the body. vitamin A for pregnant women can be used to help lung growth in babies who are still in the womb. Not only that, but by consuming enough vitamin A, it can help increase the mother's metabolism and is good for getting enough weight for the baby.

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7. Increase endurance

A strong immune system can be relied on to overcome disease-causing free radicals so as not to attack the body. Spinach contains vitamin C which plays a role in improving the immune system.

The Dangers of Spinach for Pregnancy

Something that is consumed in excess turns out to be not good for health, including the spinach. To avoid this excessive impression, you can certainly consume enough spinach and in the right amount. The dangers of spinach for pregnant women include:

Causes kidney stones
If you are a person with kidney failure you should avoid taking spinach during pregnancy. This is because spinach has a high oxalate content and can trigger kidney stones.

It has been mentioned above, if it turns out spinach contains good fiber to maintain your digestive health. However, it turns out that the fiber consumed can not always have a good impact because if you consume excessively, spinach can cause the stomach to feel bloated and cramped.

Contains salicylate
Spinach contains salicylates which when you overdo it can cause labor to become difficult. In addition, consuming too much salicylate also makes the mother lose a lot of blood during labor.

Spinach does contain lots of good vitamins and nutritious substances during pregnancy. The disorders mentioned above will only occur if you consume excess spinach.

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Good Food for Pregnant Women

Not only the benefits of spinach for pregnant women, but there are many types of foods that are good for the health of pregnant women such as:

Eggs are one type of food that is good for pregnant women because it contains a lot of substances both for the mother and the fetus. Inside the egg there are many good ingredients such as choline, protein, omega 3 fats which have an important role in fetal brain development. In consuming eggs you should choose organic eggs without mixing with harmful substances or chemicals.

Peanuts have a lot of fiber that is so needed during pregnancy. consuming fiber can help pregnant women to avoid digestive disorders. There are lots of nuts that you can use to meet your fiber needs such as almonds, black beans and chickpeas.

sweet potato
Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A which is good for consumption during pregnancy. vitamin A from sweet potatoes comes from carotenoids which are then converted as vitamin A.

tofu and tempeh
This one food is a food that is so popular with the Indonesian people because besides being cheap, tofu and tempeh also contain lots of protein. Protein during pregnancy increases with the growth of the fetus in the uterus. You can increase your protein needs by consuming tofu and tempeh regularly.

The role of milk in pregnancy turns out to be quite large because it can make pregnant women feel more relaxed so that it can comfort their rest. In addition, milk is also needed to help smooth digestion of the mother's stomach which will increase even more when entering the final trimester.

During pregnancy, you should pay close attention to your intake. Keep in mind if you not only maintain yourself but also keep the baby in the womb.