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9 Types Of Juice Recommended For Pregnant Women - Healthy T1ps

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Best Of 9 Types Of Juice Recommended For Pregnant Women - Healthy T1ps

Pregnant women are strongly advised to consume fruit for pregnant women. Various types of vegetables and fresh fruit contribute to the nutrients needed such as minerals and vitamins. These two nutrients have important benefits for fetal growth. One way to keep pregnant women eager to consume fruit or vegetables is to process them into juice. Juice can also help reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy or morning sickness. Even juice can also reduce the risk of dehydration which can cause maternal and fetal health problems.

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Here are some types of juices that are very healthy for pregnant women:

1. Carrot juice
Carrot juice has a very sweet and refreshing taste. You can make it from organic carrots to reduce the risk of contamination from pesticide ingredients. Local carrots are also very healthy because they are fresher and have not gone through a long storage period.

The benefits of carrot juice for pregnant women are as follows:

  • Helps maintain eye health and prevent visual disturbances in infants.
  • Helps cleanse toxins from the liver of pregnant women.
  • Contains vitamin A and vitamin E which keep the eyes and skin healthier and more flexible during pregnancy.
  • Helps maintain nail health and prevents brittle nails during pregnancy.
  • Helps prevent pregnant women from hair loss.
  • Helps prevent thyroid gland problems due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

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2. Apple juice
Apple juice can be an alternative when pregnant women get bored to eat apples. Apples have a sweet, slightly sour and very fresh taste. Apples can also help overcome nausea in pregnant women. Here are the benefits of apples for pregnant women if processed into juice:

  • Helps prevent excessive weight gain which can increase the risk of gestational diabetes.
  • Helps development and growth in the fetal brain.
  • Contains high iron which can prevent anemia in pregnant women
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3. Beet juice
Indeed, not many pregnant women consume beets. Make red with this attractive color has a strong aroma and feels shaky in the mouth. Therefore it is highly recommended to make beet juice with a mixture of other fruits such as red guava and carrots.

Here are the benefits of beet juice you need to know:

  • Beet juice can increase energy during pregnancy so that the body of a pregnant woman is fresher.
  • Beet juice will help improve the immune system and keep the body of a pregnant woman healthy.
  • Contains high iron which can help prevent anemia.
  • Contains high fiber which can prevent constipation and make the digestive system healthier.
  • Beets are very good to help cleanse the body of toxins and make blood healthier.

4. Orange juice
Orange juice is often the choice of pregnant women. Fresh and sweet orange flavors can reduce nausea and stomach discomfort during pregnancy. But besides refreshing, orange juice gives some benefits to oranges for pregnant women, such as:

  • Contains high vitamin C which can boost immunity and prevent colds or flu during pregnancy.
  • Helps increase absorption of potassium so that it can help the mother's heart and fetus be healthier.
  • Helps overcome skin problems such as wrinkled skin, dry skin during pregnancy and hyperpigmentation while pregnant.
  • Helps absorption of important minerals during pregnancy such as calcium, manganese and phosphorus.

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5. Strawberry juice
Strawberries can be an alternative choice of fruit juice for pregnant women. Fruit with red color and attractive shape can improve mood for pregnant women. Pregnant women often experience emotional disturbances unstable while pregnant and mentally due to the influence of hormones. In addition there are some benefits of strawberry for pregnant women that are processed into juice, such as:
  • Helps keep skin and eyes fresh while pregnant.
  • Helps improve the immune system.
  • Containing high fluid so that it can prevent dehydration for pregnant women.
  • Contains fiber which is important to prevent constipation.
  • The content of folic acid in strawberries is very important to prevent spina bifida defects in infants.
Best Of 9 Types Of Juice Recommended For Pregnant Women - Healthy T1ps
Best Of 9 Types Of Juice Recommended For Pregnant Women - Healthy T1ps

6. Grape juice
If pregnant women are forbidden to eat grapes, then it is very wrong. Wine can be a healthy fruit that is juiced or consumed fresh. Sweet and sour grapes are very important to maintain the health of pregnant women and the fetus. Also contains various benefits of wine for pregnant women such as:

  • Contains natural acids that can prevent high acidity in the body of pregnant women.
  • Helps reduce the risk of hypertension in pregnancy.
  • Treat constipation which can cause difficult bowel movements for pregnant women.
  • Contains natural compounds that can reduce the risk of migraine that triggers the cause of dizziness in pregnant women.
  • Can maintain healthy hair for pregnant women because it prevents hair loss during pregnancy.
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7. Peach Juice
Peach juice is very important for pregnant women, although this fruit is difficult to obtain directly in Indonesia. You can try to find peaches in the supermarket. Fresh peaches and not dried peaches that have been processed in cans. There are some miraculous benefits of peach juice, such as:

  • Prevent pregnant women from anemia which triggers vulnerable conditions such as the risk of giving birth to a premature baby.
  • Helps cleanse toxins from the body so it is very good for maintaining kidney and liver health.
  • Helps cleanse the bladder so it is very beneficial for pregnant women.
  • Helps maintain healthy blood flow during pregnancy so as to prevent the risk of the fetus being deprived of oxygen and miscarriage.

8. Cucumber Juice
Although many pregnant women do not like to eat cucumber because it is considered to be a cause of vaginal discharge, it turns out that cucumber for pregnant women is very important for body health. Cucumber contains a lot of fluids and several other nutrients such as vitamin A, folate, vitamin C, folate, manganese, potassium, phosphorus and other types of minerals. Here are the benefits of regular consumption of cucumber juice for pregnant women:

  • Helps reduce high blood pressure and keep blood pressure normal.
  • Contains sodium which is very important to maintain blood flow in the body.
  • Contains vitamin C which can help the body's skin stay tight and reduce the risk of stretch marks in the abdominal area.
  • Helps reduce the risk of swollen feet during pregnancy.
  • Helps overcome various dental and gum problems including the risk of infection of teeth and gums during pregnancy.

9. Lemon juice
Lemon juice can help the body of a pregnant woman be healthy and stay fresh. It is very important to prepare the body of a pregnant woman to give birth nomal (read: how to prevent normal labor from getting sick). A healthy and fit body also helps the fetus develop and grow healthy in the mother's womb. The benefits of drinking lemon juice for pregnant women are like:

  • Contains high vitamin C which can enhance the immune system.
  • Overcoming constipation problems during pregnancy.
  • Prevent pregnant women from the risk of dehydration.
  • The natural antioxidant content of lemon can help cleanse the body of pregnant women from toxins that enter through food and drink or air.
  • The content of calcium and potassium in lemon juice can help bone growth in infants.
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Tips for Making Healthy Juice for Pregnant Women

  1. Always choose fresh and organic fruit types to make juice specifically for pregnant women. Juice from organic fruit means helping the body naturally cleanse toxins.
  2. To overcome the excess calories from juice, always make healthy juice without sugar or milk. This method can help the body of the pregnant woman to avoid excess calories and sugar.
  3. Healthy juice for pregnant women is a juice that is made without using preservatives and made directly from fresh fruit.
  4. Avoid consuming excessive juice just to make your stomach full. Too much juice can cause pregnant women to lack complete nutrition during pregnancy.
  5. You can try to mix some fruits and vegetables into complete juices such as carrots, broccoli, mango and strawberry.
  6. Never mix various types of herbal ingredients for your juice. Some herbal ingredients can cause nausea and vomiting to become more severe. Herbs that are prohibited for juice mixes include licorice and ginger.
  7. If you want to consume juice from the store, try to buy pasteurized juice. This method can help your body not get viral and bacterial contamination from juice during the processing.
So juice is an alternative drink that is very healthy for pregnant women. Juice can reduce the risk of health problems including the unbalanced nutrition of pregnant women. But pregnant women must be smart to choose the type of fruit and vegetables that will be made juice. In addition, avoid drinking excessive juice which can cause the body of pregnant women to be less healthy.