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Benefits of Black Sticky Rice for Health - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits of Black Sticky Rice for Health - Healthy T1ps

Black Sticky Rice is a sticky version of black rice. Black glutinous rice has a myriad of health benefits. Based on the health literature states that this type of black glutinous rice is the best rice to be consumed, because based on medical research states that black sticky rice has health benefits. Some of the benefits / benefits of black sticky rice are to prevent various diseases, maintain skin health, improve the body's immune system, detoxify (cleanse toxins and impurities in the body), and restore organ function and body metabolism.

In the black sticky rice it turns out that it has a high iron content which is beneficial for our body. The iron content contained in it reaches 15.52 ppm. In addition there are also other substances in the form of anthocyanins, which are high antioxidant natural substances with basic functions to protect plants from damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. This substance in the human body is efficacious to protect cell damage due to oxidation of harmful substances such as food coloring, drugs, pesticides and so on. In addition, based on medical research it has been found that this substance also provides protection to the cardiovascular system and can function to fight cancer, heart disease and other diseases.

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The benefits of eating black sticky rice for health - Healthy T1ps

1. Maintain the Body's Endurance

This efficacy does not necessarily treat you from illness, keep in mind this black sticky rice is not a medicine. Black Sticky Rice can help maintain the body's immune system especially during the rainy season like now. So consuming more black sticky rice will make you have a good immune system.

2. Black Sticky Rice Can Prevent Diabetes

Because it has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants, it is useful for long-term consumption to prevent Alzheimer's and diabetes.

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3. Maintaining Natural Skin Health

The concentrations of black sticky rice are able to replace dead skin cells with new skin cells that are smoother and softer, also contain antioxidants, contain natural moisturizers, and can cool the skin.
Benefits of Black Sticky Rice for Health - Healthy T1ps

4. Improving Liver Cell Damage

The liver is an important organ for our body and has a heavy duty to neutralize toxins in the body. The vital role of the heart in the body must be balanced with proper nutrition so as to minimize the risk of liver damage. Black sticky rice has ingredients that can repair liver damage such as hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.

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5. Prevent Cancer and Tumors

Cancer / tumor is uncontrolled cell growth. Cancer or tumor is a very deadly disease and until now there is no 100% cure for cancer / tumors. For that from now on let's try to prevent it. Well, inside black sticky rice has a substance that is able to protect our body from cancer attacks. Therefore, it is important to consume black sticky rice early.

6. Prevent Anemia

In black sticky rice there is a high iron content of up to 15.52 ppm. With that you are not easily lethargic and stay in shape because you avoid anemia after iron is met.

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7. Slows aging

Black sticky rice can slow down aging so you always look youthful because it contains antioxidants that can counteract free radicals that cause premature aging.

8. Cleansing cholesterol in the blood

For those of you who like to eat fatty or oily foods certainly make blood cholesterol levels rise. Therefore, be diligent in consuming black rice, because the content of substances in black sticky rice can neutralize cholesterol in the blood.

9. Fertilize Hair

Based on medical research it turns out black sticky rice is able to fertilize hair. The nutrients needed by the hair are absorbed through the hair roots obtained from the nutrients we eat. The content in black sticky rice can nourish our hair.

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10. Make the Body Muscle Solid

Want to have a solid body and muscles like bodybuilders? Meet the nutrients needed by the body so that the body is always healthy and its cells are well developed. It is said that black sticky rice can make the body muscles become solid so that the body looks athletic.

Now that's some of the benefits we can get from black sticky rice. Apparently it was proven that black sticky rice is the best type of rice with a substance that is very beneficial for our body. From now on let us take advantage of black sticky rice for the health of our bodies whether it is processed as food or so forth.