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Benefits of Boiled Soursop Leaves - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits of Drinking Boiled Soursop Leaves Water For Health - Healthy T1ps

Boiled Soursop Leaves Water For Threat Cancer - Surprisingly, the secret of the efficacy of sirsakuang covered in meetings was finally revealed. Soursop leaves that are easy to get at very cheap prices can actually kill cancer cells thanks to the content of annonaceous acetogenins in them.

Since many years ago, soursop has been used as an antitumor drug by indigenous tribes of the Amazon forest, South America. Seeing this phenomenon, in 1976, Jerry L. McLaughlin together with one of his colleagues Prof. Soelaksono Sastrodihardjo, PhD, researcher from the School of Biological Sciences and Techonology, Bandung Institute of Technology researched the efficacy of soursop leaves.

The results of this study were found to contain several active compounds which are included in annonaceous acetogenins. Some of the acetogenins derived compounds found were acetogenins muricatocins A, muricatocins B, annonacin A, trans-isoannonacin.
 Health Benefits Boiled Soursop Leaves Water For Threat Cancer
Health Benefits Boiled Soursop Leaves Water For Threat Cancer

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Soursop leaves are mostly processed in the form of tea by processing some soursop leaves with good leaf quality. They used to use soursop leaves to treat cancer. But not everyone knows how to use soursop leaves as a natural herb to fight cancer.

There are some people who panic when boiling soursop leaves because the color of the water from the decoction of dark soursop leaves. They feel afraid if they choose soursop leaves that are too old or young. Good soursop leaf decoction water is yellowish green and not too dark. If the color of the soursop leaf decoction tends to be blackish in color it is usually due to the storage process that is too long due to the oxidation process after the boiling process.

For the administration of soursop leaf decoction dosage for the treatment of each person, it cannot be equated. Dosage must be adjusted to the condition of each person's body. meaning that each individual has a different dose of medication.

Dosage must be adjusted according to the severity of the disease suffered by the patient. Of course the dose for end-stage cancer patients is different from those of early-stage cancer patients or patients with malignant tumors. Each patient must also learn and recognize the phenomena or symptoms and reactions that occur in his body. Not necessarily the reaction that occurs to someone also happens to you.

The effectiveness of soursop leaf decoction water is taken with a frequency of 3 × 1 a day regularly until the indicator of cancer is of normal value. Don't forget to always apply a healthy and nutritious diet every day. If the patient has cancer complications with other diseases it is not necessary to do a treatment combination between soursop leaves with other drugs. Simply add to the nutritional intake of daily food and avoid food ingredients that worsen the body's health condition.