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Benefits of Eating Fish for Pregnant Women - Healthy T1ps

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Health Benefits of Eating Fish for Pregnant Women - Healthy T1ps

Pregnant women are often afraid of eating fish, even though the nutrients contained in fish are able to nourish the womb and educate the fetus. Do not hesitate to eat fish during pregnancy, because fetal development will be better at the same time provide quality in the production of breast milk.

Nutritionist and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Ahmad Sulaeman advised pregnant and lactating women to eat processed fish food.

"Pregnant and lactating women are better if they eat fish," Ahmad said in the Nutrition Explore event with Sari Husada in the Thousand Islands, Jakarta. Ahmad continued, that the fish consumed by the mother would affect fetal development and the quality of breast milk (ASI).

"At least take 40 grams per day," he said. Eating fish regularly for pregnant women can give a good influence such as increasing intelligence in children later. "The child's IQ will also be high," he said.
Health Benefits of Eating Fish for Pregnant Women - Healthy T1ps
The Amazing Of Health Benefits Fish For Pregnant Women

Besides being beneficial for the fetus, fish consumption in pregnant women also has a good effect on postpartum mothers. "Mother doesn't experience depression after giving birth," he said.

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For mothers who are breastfeeding, the quality of breast milk is getting better because of fish that contain DHA, EPA, and Linoleic acids. The three contents, said Ahmad is very much needed by children for brain development. "And eating fish will increase DHA levels in ASI," he said.

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