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Must Know the Dangers of Pollution for Pregnant Women

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16 Hazard Pollution for Pregnant Women - Healthy T1ps

Pollution for pregnant women is certainly very dangerous, but rarely known by the community or pregnant women themselves. During this time pollution, especially air pollution is everywhere, especially pregnant women who are actively working outdoors. When you are pregnant, the mother should keep the contents in her womb. Mother is not only concerned with her own health, but she must also maintain the health of the fetus in her womb.

Not only the danger of pollution that is not known by pregnant women, but the danger of pollution in general is still considered to be safe for health and also the fetus. Whereas in reality it is not like that. Pollution is very dangerous for the health of pregnant women and also the fetus in the womb. The following are various kinds of pollution effects for pregnant women:

1. Fetus Affected by Asthma

Pregnant women who let themselves be exposed to pollution, especially air pollution, can make the fetus in the womb develop asthma. Pregnant women in the second trimester are very susceptible to having babies who have asthma if they allow air pollution to enter their throats. Hazardous particles in air pollution can enter and be inhaled by the mother. These particles can cause the fetus in the womb to develop asthma.

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2. Fetal Lungs Disrupted

The presence of air pollution in the environment makes the lungs of the fetus become disturbed, this is because air pollution makes the respiratory organs including the lungs disrupted. The fetus in the womb is affected by the growth and development of the lungs. If the growth of the lungs is disrupted, the baby's breathing will be disturbed.

3. Respiratory Disease

The danger of air pollution for pregnant women who enter the body, can make the fetus in the womb have a disease in the respiratory tract. That is because the lungs cannot develop perfectly and their growth becomes disrupted. The lungs are closely related to the fetal respiratory tract.

4. Low baby weight

Mothers who often breathe air pollution can cause babies born with low weight. Pollution of air inhaled into the body can cause the absorption of nutrients of pregnant women into the body of the fetus to be disrupted. As a result the baby has less nutrition and low body weight.

16 Hazard Pollution for Pregnant Women - Healthy T1ps
Pollution Is Dangers For Pregnant Women

5. Aggravate the placenta

Pregnant women who are often exposed to pollution, especially air pollution when entering the third trimester can cause the baby's placenta to deteriorate. If the placenta deteriorates, the condition of the fetus can worsen too.

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6. Development of Fetus Disturbed

The danger of pollution for pregnant women can make fetal development disrupted. both fetal development from the initial trimester to the final trimester. This is caused by harmful substances contained in the pollution.

7. Supply of Oxygen Reduced

Pregnant women who are exposed to air pollution can cause oxygen supply to the fetus to decrease. Oxygen is an important substance for both mother and fetus in the womb. If the fetus is deprived of oxygen, the result is that the fetus becomes weak in the womb, does not move actively and then dies suddenly.

8. Reduced intelligence

Reduced oxygen supply, especially the brain that lacks oxygen, can reduce the intelligence of the fetal brain. It will be dangerous if the fetal brain continues to lack oxygen. The result is that the baby is not smart, the catch is weak and the concentration power is low.

9. Cleft lips

Mothers who are often exposed to pollution, especially cigarette smoke, are prone to give birth to children with cleft lip conditions. Also included are the dangers of alcohol while pregnant.
10. Damaging the Heart Valve

Air pollution caused by carbon monoxide and absorbed by pregnant women is very dangerous for the condition of the fetus in the womb. The reason is that these levels can damage the heart valve. The heart is a vital organ for babies and also humans.

11. Autism

Research has found that mothers who live on the side of the road and in pollutant areas can cause their children to get autism. Development of a 4-month fetus in pregnant women in pollutant areas, is at risk of giving birth to autistic children 3 times more than pregnant women living in pollutant-free areas. Similarly, children who live in pollutant areas and are raised in pollutant areas are at increased risk of developing autism.

12. Premature Birth

Mothers who are often exposed to air pollution can cause the baby to be born prematurely. Research conducted on 970 pregnant women living in areas near the industry, near the road told close to the highway shows the fact that babies born by mothers were born 2 weeks faster than HPL, besides that there were mothers who gave birth prematurely less from 37 weeks.

13. Hearing Loss

Research conducted in the United States proves the fact that if a mother works in an industrial area with a lot of pollutants and works in noisy pollutant areas it is prone to make a fetus in the womb of hearing loss. When the 7 months of fetal development starts to be perfect, but hearing loss can occur and will continue to be carried away until the baby is toddler. In the noisy area there is noise pollution and there may also be air pollution.

14. Died in a Content

Mothers who are exposed to pollution at the age of 20 weeks and above can cause the baby conceived by the mother to die in the womb. Infants who die in the womb at the age of fetal development 5 months and above, must be removed through the operation.

15. Miscarriage

Mothers who from the early trimester are often exposed to air pollution can cause the pregnant woman to have a miscarriage. The reason is that harmful particles that enter the mother's body can interfere with the development and also the growth of the fetus in the womb. As a result, the danger of pollution for pregnant women makes the fetus unable to grow and is prone to abort themselves from the mother's womb.

16. Disability

Pollution of water contaminated with heavy metals and into the body of pregnant women, can make the fetus in the mother's womb have a disability. Disability can be permanent and lifelong. Of course, you don't want to have a disabled child, right?

Types of Pollution and the Case

Today's society only knows about one type of pollution, even though on this earth there are 3 kinds of pollution that must be known. Every pollution causes a bad impact on health, many cases of pollution that cause health problems start from mild health problems to severe health problems.

The following are the various pollution around us and the case:
1. Sound pollution
Sound pollution is a dangerous substance in the sound. This pollution cannot be seen but can be heard. The noise pollution comes from sound which is at the frequency limit of human hearing. A safe frequency is a frequency between 20-20,000 hertz. The case that is happening now is where noise pollution is in various places accompanied by the development of an increasingly industrial area. People who live in industrial areas can cause the affected fetus to experience hearing loss.

Mothers who are pregnant need to avoid deafening noise because the noise disturbs the fetus in the womb. The sound that must be avoided is the thunderous sound of thunder, the sound of the aircraft tempura or the jet, the deafening sound of the building machine and the sound of factory machines when operated.

2. Air pollution
Air pollution is a condition of air in the environment contaminated with dangerous chemicals. Hazardous substances or particles as well as biological materials that are harmful to health for living things and also various kinds of organisms that exist in the environment. Air pollution can pollute the oxygen that is normally inhaled by humans and also living things on this earth. Air pollution is a common pollution around us. Air pollution can be seen and felt. Air polluted with white or black smoke can be categorized as polluted air. This air pollution is a source of pollution. Air pollution is also a cause of free radicals.

Air pollution comes from the smoke of motorized vehicles both two wheels, four wheels and eight wheels. Pollution is also caused by cigarette smoke, factory smoke and smoke from burning. At present air pollution is everywhere and easy to find. The more motorized vehicles around us, the more active smokers and the more factories that have established air pollution will forever remain. Pregnant women are forbidden to be in the midst of polluted smoke siege. Pregnant women need to protect themselves by using the right mask

3. Water pollution
Water pollution is also a complex problem in Indonesia. Just look at it, a lot of the waste produced by the factory that is channeled into the river or flowed into the sea. That can make the water become polluted and dangerous. Not only is the water dangerous for consumption but also living things that live in it.

When pregnant, mothers are encouraged to consume the benefits of fish for pregnant women which are useful for maternal and fetal health. Unfortunately the condition of the waters in Indonesia, both rivers and sea is very concerning, because the waters have been polluted with various types of heavy metals such as mercury, copper and lead. The real case of water pollution is the Minamata case that occurred in Japan in 1956.

Pregnant women who consume fish in Japanese sea waters will give birth to a disabled baby, unfortunately at that time many babies were born handicapped because of the many mothers who consumed dietary restrictions on pregnant women, namely marine fish. Marine fish live and live in waters that have been contaminated with heavy metals.

Pollution Hazard Prevention with Masks

Pollution is very dangerous for pregnant women, but pregnant women are not aware of it. When pregnant, there is rarely a pregnant woman who covers her nose using a mask. Even if using masks, many types of masks are wrong to use. The right mask to cover air pollution is a mask that is green and white and sold in pharmacies so that the mask can be used to protect themselves from air pollution. White masks can be useful for counteracting air pollution, whereas if a pregnant woman has flu, pregnant women can reverse the white face mask while the green one is outside. Masks with this type are only one-use so that once they are used once they have to be discarded immediately. Nowadays many masks are circulating in various and colorful patterns. But the function of the mask is not as maximal as the mask sold at the pharmacy.