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The Negative Impact Of Playing The Cellphone Too Long for The Child's Brain - Healthy T1ps

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The Negative Impact Of Playing The Cellphone For Too Long On The Child's Brain - Healthy T1ps

Some modern parents often use devices or gadgets to keep children busy. The goal is to keep the child calm and distracted. But this action often backfires. Because more and more children are addicted to playing electronic devices.

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Actually introducing electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets, and television to children is not something bad. But it can also have a negative impact if it is not accompanied by proper supervision from parents. This was conveyed by senior psychologists from the Department of Child Development and Growth at the KK Mother and Child Hospital, Singapore, Soong Chi Mei.

The Negative Impact Of Playing The Cellphone For Too Long On The Child's Brain - Healthy T1ps

While we cannot deny the benefits of technology, Soong urges parents, both fathers, mothers, or caregivers, to understand how cellphone or device exposure can affect a child's growth and development.

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As quoted from Singapore Health XChange on Wednesday (10/10), Soong reminded that too often allowing children to be absorbed with cellphones and other devices could reduce their thinking ability.

"Later there will be signs of little attention from the child, impulsivity, and poor short-term memory, which causes behavioral and learning difficulties," Soong said.

Before entering school age, a child should be taught to write hands to hone their fine motor skills. In addition, let them be exposed to traditional toys such as playing blocks, or active in art activities. This will not be obtained by a child who is too focused with their cellphones.

"As a result, obesity is increasing in very young children because of a lack of physical exercise," he said.