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Benefits of Eating Spinach The effective way to lose weight!

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Benefits of Eating Spinach The effective way to lose weight! - Healthy T1ps

Spinach has been known as one of the iron-rich vegetables and is good for health. But a study revealed that spinach not only helps nourish the body but also can help you lose weight.

Research conducted by Lund University in Sweden found that spinach is known to reduce the habit of snacking up to 95 percent. Spinach extract contains a green leaf membrane called the thylakoids. This membrane increases the body's ability to lose weight by 43 percent.

These results are based on observations of researchers on 38 women who were overweight. Snacking habits is one problem that is difficult to avoid by people who are overweight and often causes a diet to fail. Thylakoids will increase the production of satiety hormones in the body and prevent snacking habits, as reported by the Daily Mail (03/09).
Benefits of Eating Spinach The effective way to lose weight!
Spinach For Healthy Diet
"Our analysis shows that consuming thylakoids before breakfast will prevent snacking habits, make people full faster, control their appetite and help lose weight," said Professor Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, one of the researchers.

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In this study the control group managed to lose weight up to 3.5 kilograms while the group consuming thylakoids managed to lose weight up to five kilograms. If you are among those who are trying to lose weight, there's nothing wrong with starting to eat a lot of spinach now!