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Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Male and Female Fertility

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Benefits of soursop leaves for male fertility | Benefits soursop leaves for female fertility | Benefits of soursop leaves for uterine fertility and female content and male sperm Healthy T1ps

That is what will be explained in this article. You certainly already know that the benefits and benefits of soursop leaves are very good for our health. Starting from diabetes, cholesterol, gout, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more.

Surely you have heard of soursop leaves (Annona muricata) having properties as a vitality enhancing herb and increasing male and female fertility. Counting increases the potential for having a baby.

Let's discuss more deeply

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Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Male Fertility and Sperm

You have read this article Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Dry Diabetes. Please read. We arrived at the first question, how come it can.

How come soursop leaves are useful for male fertility? Although there are still no official case study studies on this, there are several in-vitro studies. One of them was Utip Ekaluo et al., Who proved that the addition of soursop fruit extract (in terms of content similar to the active ingredient with soursop leaves) was proven to increase the fertility of mice.

How can it improve? This is because by consuming soursop leaf extract, it appears that the weight of the testes, sperm content, sperm count every drop and the number of healthy sperm all increase.

Soursop leaves we know have a content and benefits as a powerful antioxidant. This is very good for sperm so that male / male sperm can stay awake from abnormalities. For example, damaged sperm that cannot swim into a Fallopian woman's tube.

So whether the benefits of soursop leaves for male fertility are correct? I say it has the potential to improve the quality of male sperm. For more effective results please follow the method / recipe for making fertility enhancing soursop leaf drinks below.

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Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Female Fertility and Uterus

Still with the first question, how come? I have not been able to find research evidence for female fertility in terms of using soursop leaf extract.

Even so, parents used to prove this. Indeed there is no data on the direct benefits of ovarian organs and female ovums. However, by consuming soursop leaf extract it means you maintain your body's health.

Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Male Fertility and Sperm
Health Benefits Soursop Leaves For Male And Female Fertility

The antioxidants possessed by soursop leaf extract are strong enough to keep you healthy so that you are ready to contain the baby.

In addition, sufferers of heart disease can also be reduced or even recover from their illness because of the benefits of soursop leaves in treating heart disease and your high blood pressure. People who have heart disease and high blood pressure do prove difficult to get pregnant.

Likewise, prospective mothers with diabetes, with your diabetes, are sure, you will be very difficult to get pregnant and the danger to the fetus if you are pregnant when your diabetes is too high.

Therefore, even if it does not directly increase the fertility of your woman and uterus. Soursop leaves are useful for female fertility and the uterus.

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Vital Records:

Many experts recommend not eating soursop leaves and fruit during pregnancy and lactation, especially in excess amounts. read this article

Know the Benefits and Side Effects of Soursop Leaves

Let's begin to prove it by making a fertility enhancing herb using soursop leaves, bay leaves, and guava leaves.

How to make a concoction of fertility from soursop leaves
Already know the benefits of soursop leaves for fertility. For couples who do not have children, please try this fertility herb from the soursop leaves. Take for 2 weeks, especially before a woman's fertility period / after menstruation.

Ingredients for Making Soursop Leaf Fertility:

  • 15 soursop leaves (Annona muricata)
  • 5 glasses of water
  • Honey or Javanese sugar
  • 1 sheet of bay leaves or lemongrass
  • 10 sheets of guava leaves
  • Tools for Making Soursop Leaf Fertility Herbs
  • Pan
  • Stirrer
  • Filter

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How to make Soursop Leaf Fertility Potion

First, wash all the ingredients and tools we will use clean. Including soursop leaves, guava leaves and bay leaves or lemongrass that we will use in the concoction to increase male and female fertility.

Next select leaves that are not too old and not too young for all leaves. Then cook the 5 cups of water over the pan.

Then, take the guava leaves and soursop leaves used and cut into small pieces then mash. Enter into the boiling water. Reduce the flame so the water doesn't boil but still hot. Leave it until the water evaporates and only 3 cups remain.

Then put 1 bay leaf to make it more fragrant. Then strain it so that only the water goes into 3 cups. Add honey to make it more enjoyable and effective in treating your fertility and increase your vitality.

3 glasses a day for 2 weeks can increase your fertility. Starting from after breakfast, after lunch and before dinner. Couples, male and female vitality and fertility will increase.

For more convenience, you can buy bottled soursop leaf extract and also bottled guava leaf extract to be younger. Advice from experts, if there are signs of pregnancy, stop using the soursop leaves first.

Under this provides some tips on planning your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Planning Tips

There are a number of things that you should pay attention to the couples saying they want to have a baby. The first is the fertile period of the wife or woman, second, the health of men and women (husband and wife), frequency or how often you relate, age and last, psychological condition of couples (men and women).

Every woman has a different percentage of pregnancy. The average female pregnancy presentation is 15-25 percent per month. This percentage increases when there is a relationship in a woman's fertile period.

The fertile period of the woman herself is almost all though there is something different (just a little). The fertile period of women is usually 14 days after the first day of the menstrual period or days 10-18 after menstruation. The peak of fertility is the 12th day after your wife has menstruation.

Sperm cells also need time to get to the egg that wants to be fertilized, so healthy sperm are needed to be a child. The sperm must last 1 week in a woman's womb.

Therefore, for men, please be aware of yourself if you can't have children, maybe your sperm are weak.

Apart from the above, there is still a frequency of couples' relationship. Pregnancy experts suggest increasing the frequency for those who want to have a baby.

The menstrual cycle can also determine the percentage of your pregnancy. If you have an irregular menstrual cycle, the percentage of your pregnancy will decrease. This is because your fertile period is uncertain. Consult your doctor if you experience a prolonged irregular menstrual cycle.

As for the problem of age, do not be offended for Pasutri's mother, the older you are, the more difficult it will be to get pregnant. Therefore, don't be late for marriage. Because late marriage means it's difficult to get pregnant.

For men / men, I have never heard of direct influence (there are still a lot of old people I read news about nursing people).

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Soursop Leaf Tea

The main thing to increase your chances of pregnancy is that health is maintained as well as your psychological condition. For men who want their wives to get pregnant quickly, in addition to determining the fertile period, drink a mixture of soursop leaves, drink egg yolks. Remember also to maintain the psychological condition of your wife. Romance is the key.

Maybe it's enough to discuss the "Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Male and Female Fertility" that we can share, hopefully it will be useful for all.