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Basically, women all over the world always want to look beautiful in every situation and opportunity. Every detail in his body never escapes attention, one of which is hair. Hair is something that is considered important especially for women. For women hair is one part of the body that can support appearance. Therefore it is not surprising that there are now many beauty clinics that add to their services for hair problems. One of the problems that most people complain about is hair loss. This problem is quite attention especially for women, so it is not surprising that there are so many shampoo products that offer hair care to deal with hair loss.

13 Causes of Hair Loss

 What's the risk if you see strands of hair on the floor or sleeping pillow? Waking up should be our mood to be better, but if you see the hair that is stuck on the pillow instead of the spirit instead it becomes a mess. Maybe that some of us have felt like that. If it's like that, how do you deal with hair loss?

How to deal with hair loss

The case of hair loss actually does not only occur in women but also experienced by men. Hair loss is still considered reasonable if the number is less than 100 pieces per day. So, make sure that for those of you who have hair loss problems, check how severe the loss is. If it is still in the normal category there is no problem, but it is different from the one that is already severe.

Usually for women even though the problem of hair loss is still in the normal category they are still not satisfied if the hair is still experiencing hair loss, according to them it can be a big problem because it can make self-confidence decrease. So that it does not happen there we should know earlier the causes of hair loss and how to deal with hair loss.


13 Causes of Hair Loss - Healthy T1ps

1. Hormone Disorders
There are several hormones that can cause hair loss, namely Androgenetic Alopecia, Dihydro Testosterone (DHT), and Alopecia Areata. Hair loss can occur due to disorders of the hormone Androgenetic Alopecia. This hormone is the most common cause of baldness, with a percentage of 70% in men and 40% in women. Baldness because this hormone is a hereditary disease caused by an increase in genetic sensitivity of hair follicles to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

As in the picture above, the pattern of hair loss for women starts from the middle of the hair until it spreads sideways. While the pattern of hair loss experienced by men starts from the hairline that moves or shifts up and up, until it is bald only at the top of the head.

While the Alopesia Areata hormone is a hormonal disorder that causes hair to become phlegm. This hormone is caused by a disease called autonium. In this condition, it generally occurs in adolescents and young adults. But this type of shedding is not permanent which means the hair will grow back after one year. There are several diseases that can cause alopecia areata such as diabetes, anemia, thyroid disease, vitiligo and persinius. In addition to the causes of loss in women usually when entering the monopouse period, pregnancy and the influence of contraceptive use.

2. Effect of Nutrition and Vitamins
The next cause of severe hair loss can be due to the influence of nutrition and vitamins. Don't think that the hair that is small and soft doesn't need nutrition. Hair still needs nutrition to survive strong and healthy so that it is not easily fragile and falls out. When you go on an extreme diet that limits your nutritional intake for hair such as protein, zinc and so on, you can be sure that your hair will fall out horribly. For this reason, consumption of foods containing good nutrition for hair. Besides being good for hair, complete nutritional intake is also good for the health of the body and organs, so it's not in vain because of the many benefits.

3. Use of Chemicals
Excessive hair care and is included with the use of chemicals is one of the causes of hair loss that often occurs and is usually fatal. The use of hair coloring that is too frequent especially in excessive doses can trigger hair damage. Therefore, examine before doing coloring on the hair. In addition, chemicals used in the process of hair straightening (rebounding) are also not good for long-term hair growth. Moreover, the hair-drying process for 30 minutes when straightening this hair exacerbates the loss that will be experienced by the hair.

4. Hairdressing Tools
To support the appearance so that it always looks beautiful, women are usually willing to spend hours at the salon or are willing to get up early to arrange their hair like hair. Even though the treatment using vise and curly hair is bad for the hair if it is too often done.

This is because, the distance between the vise and the scalp is very close, making the roots dry and the hair breaking faster. While the curly tool, the hair is wrapped around the tool and makes the roots of the hair attracted so that the hair becomes cracked and branched. Another tool that is often used is a hair dryer or hair dryer. The use of this tool that too often results in hair becoming dry quickly and making the roots of the hair broken so that the loss becomes faster.

5. Drug Side Effects
There are several drugs that have side effects to make hair loss. Among them are drugs that are used to treat depression, blood thinning drugs, chemotherapy drugs, and contraception. Loss will be reduced if the use of the drug is stopped.

6. Rarely Shampooing
Hair loss can also be caused by rarely shampooing. The hair will become oily and also moist. Things that make hair fall out, when there is exposure to sunlight that makes hair mix with sweat. Then the hair on the scalp can be absorbed by the hair follicles and cause hair to become limp. Also, while shampooing, try not to rub your head too tightly. This can damage the hair follicles, because it can also cause hair to fall out. In addition, choosing shampoo for hair loss must also be considered.

7. Too tight to tie hair
For women, hair binding is usually done to beautify the appearance. However, it needs to be noted the weakness or strength of the bonds made. Strongly tied hair causes hair roots to be attracted. This is what makes hair loss. If you want to tie your hair firmly, try not more than two hours. Because strong bonds not only make hair loss but also headaches.

8. Disease
There are several diseases that can make hair fall out quite badly. These chronic diseases include lupus, diabetes, down syndrome, and hopertiroidism. In addition, the effects of chemotherapy have a total impact on the scalp, face and body. Chemotherapy is not permanent and hair can grow back to normal after several months of stopping chemotherapy.

9. Pregnancy
Many women experience hair loss during pregnancy or after childbirth. The cause of hair loss in women occurs naturally and will recover generally after 3 months postpartum. There are also women who still experience hair loss after this period but the number has decreased.

10. Emotional Disorders
Loss can occur when a person is stressed or experiences excessive stress. When someone is stressed, what will happen is the nerve muscles in the head tighten. This tightening of the nerve muscles in the head can cause the nerve roots of the hair to weaken. When the nerve roots of the hair are weak, hair loss can occur.

11. Sunlight and Pollution
Quoted from wikipedia, sunlight or solar radiation has good benefits for our body but it is undeniable, if too long under the sun can cause various diseases, one of which is a decrease in the health of our hair which results in reduced keratin hair. Keratin is a protein that resides in hair, nails and teeth in humans. The function of keratin for hair is to maintain healthy hair to keep it shiny.

12. Cigarettes
The content in a cigarette does not have significant benefits for our body. Cigarettes contain addictive substances that can damage organs in the body such as the lungs, heart and so on. But not only can it damage organs in the body, but cigarettes also have a profound effect on our hair fertility, because of a new study published in the journal Archives of Dermatology, cigarettes can damage the blood supply to hair follicles.

13. Infection
If you have an infection of the scalp immediately treated, because if not the infection can cause hair loss in your hair. If it has happened, the best solution for losing is not getting worse is to use antifungal hair loss.

Those are some things that cause hair to fall out. A small amount is sometimes often ignored, even if it continues to be ignored, the head will become bald. Before that happens it is better to avoid. Always pay attention to the nutritional content you eat and reduce stress if you don't want to be bald.

After you know what causes hair loss, now you don't need to worry because we will discuss how to deal with the hair loss.

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While the symptoms of hair loss that can appear in men or women also vary. Want to know the symptoms? Here's the full review:

1. After being over 35 years old
Most men or women will experience hair loss problems when they are more than 35 years old. This is also caused by the diminishing growth of hormones. If the hair has begun to fall out, the more volume increases, the faster you have to take preventive or maintenance steps so that your hair remains strong and healthy. If it's late in handling, you might experience baldness which is guaranteed to make you distracted from believing when appearing in public.

2. Start thinning the top of the head
Especially for those of you women who experience thinning hair at the top, be careful because this can be an indication that you have the potential to experience baldness. This can occur because of hair loss in large quantities and in a long time. Most women underestimate this, which causes baldness and is inevitable.

3. The hair will stain due to hair loss
For men, it's very prone to experience baldness compared to women. Baldness that attacks men is usually caused by hair loss in large quantities and in a long time. There is a man's hair loss generally forming phlegm. There are several ways to deal with excessive hair loss for men whose information can be obtained from the next review.

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15 Ways to Overcome Severe Hair Loss - Healthy T1ps

Overcoming hair loss is not as difficult or complicated as we imagine. You can do it at your leisure time at home. In addition, dealing with hair loss at home is safer and cost-effective than you have to spend hundreds of thousands for one treatment at the salon with ingredients that you don't know for sure about the contents. Here are some ways to reduce hair loss at home easily.

1. Breakfast
In addition to filling our energy before a day of starting activities, other breakfast benefits are for the health of our hair. At breakfast you should consume foods that are rich in protein, nutrients and vitamins that are good for the body and hair. Lack of protein such as (red meat, eggs, chicken and so on) can inhibit the growth of keratin hair. Therefore, if you are lazy about breakfast, it's good to try not to skip meals this morning.

2. Olive Oil / Olive Oil
The first way to get rid of hair loss is to use olive oil. We all know that olive oil or olive oil has many benefits, from the tip of the hair to the tips of the feet, that it can be used. To treat hair that falls out with olive oil it's quite easy. Pour olive oil on 1 tablespoon at least 30 minutes before shampooing, apply olive oil from the roots to the ends of the hair while massaging for approximately 2-4 minutes slowly. After that, do shampooing as usual using shampoo until clean.

3. Fruit Mask
Most women must have done creambath treatments either at the salon or doing their own at home. You can make your own masks for creambath at home with several types of fruit such as bananas, avocados, watermelons and melons. Make a mask of several kinds of fruit, enough to overcome hair loss. How to make it very easy. Blend until smooth to 3 kinds of fruit then add 1 tablespoon of yogurt without taste stir until evenly distributed. After that apply throughout the hair, wait for about 10-15 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Do you know that the above fruit types are citric acid and antioxidants that are good for our hair. Avocado and yogurt are effective as a moisturizer for hair. While bananas, watermelons and melons can make your hair more shiny and healthy.

4. Head Massage With Green Tea Mix & Celery Leaves - Healthy T1ps
Before we start this stage, you should prepare it like:

  • Clean 1 piece of small towel.
  • Mentium and lemon are soaked in warm water.
  • Green tea and celery leaves that have been brewed
  • When all is ready, the first thing you do to deal with hair loss is to take one clean small towel and then soak the towel into warm water containing mentium and lemon for 2-5 minutes. Then squeeze the towel and cover it using a towel that has been squeezed for about 10 minutes.

While waiting for water to absorb into the scalp, you can do a number of activities that make you more relaxed like yoga or listen to classical music or breathe slowly and repeatedly. Make your body and mind feel calm. This can prevent feeling stressed to you. After 10 minutes, drop green tea and selendri gradually into the scalp, you can massage your scalp so that the droplets absorb into the scalp. Finally rinse your hair until there is no oil left on your scalp and hair.

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5. Mango, Yogurt and Egg Yolk
How to deal with other hair loss with mangoes, yogurt and egg yolks. First prepare a few pieces of mango and 1 tablespoon of yogurt and 2 eggs. Blend until smooth and thick after that filter the coarse fibers that are still there. You only need fine fibers to apply to your hair loss. If it's separated, apply the mask of mango, yogurt and egg yolks to your head evenly. Give a little massage on the head. Pause for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

6. Pecan oil
Using hazelnut oil to deal with hair loss is nothing new, since ancient times candlenut has been used to help nourish hair. In hazelnut seeds it contains 60-66% oil. This oil is used to overcome hair loss in ancient times until now. But nowadays, we don't need to get complicated to get hazelnut oil like before. Now we are very easy to get candlenut oil in stores around herbal medicines around our homes.

To use it is not difficult, you just need a few drops of hazelnut oil, then apply it to the entire hair to the hair roots evenly. And let stand for about 1-2 hours while giving a gentle massage on the skin of the head. After that, clean the hair (shampoo) until clean with shampoo.

7. Aloe Vera
This one plant is no stranger to our ears. Aloe vera is very well known for its benefits to overcome hair loss. The way the user is also very easy. You simply take 1 piece of aloe vera and use the inside or aloe vera meat and apply it to the hair evenly. Let stand about 15-25 minutes then you can clean your hair with shampoo with clean water. When shampooing it is strongly recommended to use running water.

8. Potato juice
Potatoes can help fertilize hair very quickly. To be able to get the benefits we just need to make it into juice. After that you can immediately apply it to the hair as a mask. For maximum results you can add honey and egg white and then blend until blended. After that, let stand about 30-60 minutes after that rinse thoroughly. In addition to being one way to deal with hair loss, potato juice can also be used to overcome dry and gray hair.

9. Garlic
In addition to preventing hair loss, garlic is also able to deal with hair that has already fallen out because garlic is believed to be able to stop the loss of even good hair. The antibacterial content contained in garlic is what serves to destroy parasites and can treat infections in the head. How to use take a few pieces of garlic cloves and puree, you can also add ziatun oil a few drops then rub on the hair evenly. Let stand about 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Besides the sulfur content in garlic is also able to facilitate blood circulation in the hair follicles. For maximum results, do this habit every day before shampooing.

10. Shallots
In addition to garlic, shallots also contain high sulfur so that makes onions a natural remedy for hair loss. The way the application is not difficult is even almost the same as garlic, you just puree the onion like juice then apply it to the hair until smooth. After 30 minutes you can rinse using shampoo to slightly reduce the odor caused by this onion.

11. Santan
In addition to glowing coconut milk is also able to overcome hair loss. The way your users only need to prepare a glass or can be adjusted to the condition of the thickness of your hair. Then apply throughout the surface of the hair to reach the scalp evenly. After 30 minutes you can immediately rinse with shampoo and clean water. After using coconut milk, the immediate result is that your hair will feel slippery and cheap and shiny. For maximum results, use this coconut milk at least 2 times a week.

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12. Ginger
In addition to providing warm benefits from the body, it turns out that ginger can also be used for our hair fertility. Zingeron content in ginger is what can help to overcome hair loss. To be able to use this plant is also not too difficult. The method is very easy, prepare one segment of ginger and then clean and peel the skin after grating it and then grated the ginger into the hair that has fallen out. Allow about 20 minutes for ginger to stimulate hair cells. After 20 minutes, clean your hair with shampoo and clean water.

13. Lime
Lime contains vitamin C which is good for hair health, in addition to being able to overcome dandruff. Lime is also able to overcome the problem of hair loss. It's also easy to use, you just need to cut the lime into pieces and then rub the pieces of lemon into the hair. After 15 minutes rinse the hair thoroughly.

14. Lavender oil
Lavender oil is one of the aromatherapy oils that has various benefits for our body and hair. Lavender oil can relieve itching on the scalp and dandruff. Lavender oil has a very strong antiseptic that functions as a disinfectant for our scalp. To benefit from lavender oil as a hair loss remedy, by dropping about 10 drops of lavender oil, you can also add essential oils such as olive oil into it and apply it to the scalp evenly. Let stand for 20 minutes then remove the hair.

15. Healthy Lifestyle
You know, a healthy body has an impact on your hair. If your body is healthy your hair will probably look more beautiful and healthy too. What is the use of you routinely doing the above treatments without regard to a healthy lifestyle. It's a good idea to start a healthy lifestyle by exercising lightly, consuming foods that are high in nutrition and rich in protein.

Did you know that hair is made of protein? Quoted from, "Now we have a kind of protein signal that can support the micro environment for hair development, and maybe even for new hair growth," said research leader Jing Gao MD. Therefore, consuming vegetables and fruits every day is very good. Especially vegetables or fruits that contain B vitamins, iron, calcium and zinc that are good for your hair's health. And don't forget to drink enough water.

7 Ways to Overcome Hair Loss With Medical Aid - Healthy T1ps

In addition to treatment or treatment of hair loss can be done naturally, how to deal with hair loss can also be done medically or in accordance with medical science. But in general medical care requires a higher cost than natural treatments. But when talking about results, medical treatment will produce results that are generally much faster in dealing with and treating hair loss.

The following are some ways to treat hair loss medically:

1. Ultraviolet light therapy
In general, hijab women will experience hair problems that are not less than those that are not closed. Because sweat mixed with hair impurities on the scalp and cannot evaporate properly because it is blocked by a hijab or a veil can often cause hair loss or other hair damage if not treated in the right way.

One way to deal with veiled hair loss that is currently being complained about is by doing ultraviolet light therapy. Patients who want to do this therapy will first be given psoralen medicine which serves as an enhancer of skin sensitivity. After that, the therapy begins to be exposed to UV A and UV B on the scalp which will restore the growth of hair that has fallen out or gone.

2. Tattoo method
Tattoos or better known as the dermatography method can also be used as a step to overcome hair loss for women and men. This method is generally done on hair or eyebrows and the results can be felt in a fairly short period of time. With this satisfying result, it is not surprising that the cost of implementing dermatography is enough to spend.

But you won't regret getting a lot of money because the results are really satisfying and perfect. The level of failure in the process of implementing this method is also very thin and so far, almost all actions with this method have always succeeded and made the consumers happy with optimal results.

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3. Immunotherapy
If the condition of hair loss is very severe, immunotherapy is the right way to overcome these hair problems. Immunotherapy is a cream that is used topical containing diphencyprone or DPCP. This cream is perfect for smearing on the scalp, which has started to crack and is almost bald because of severe and continuous hair loss.

The process of applying immunotherapy usually takes approximately 12 weeks to see the results or how the cream works. The doctor really recommends, it's best when you apply this topical cream to the patched scalp for 24 hours, all parts of the head and hair are covered with a hat or the like so that they are not affected or negative side effects of this cream.

Immunotherapy is a topical drug that has a high sensitivity. This makes use of it in several skin types able to simulate side effects such as vitiligo or discoloration, rashes, dermatitis to hair loss which is more severe than before if this drug stops being applied. But these side effects only occur with sensitive skin and will work normally with insensitive or normal skin.

For more self-confidence, you should before using and applying this drug consultation with your doctor whether or not your body and skin can receive the performance of the cream to deal with hair loss that you suffer or not. the doctor's approval will make you more confident and comfortable in taking care so the results will be even more maximal.

4. Steroid therapy
The medical method for dealing with hair loss is the next to do steroid therapy. This therapy can not be done carelessly because it is specifically done for people who experience hair loss problems due to immune system problems or the immune system that attacks the hair roots. Steroid therapy carried out in patients works effectively in suppressing the performance of the immune system so that the hair can grow normally again.

Loss caused by a problem with the body's immune system is only temporary, so you don't need to worry. If the immune system can work normally again, then the hairs that fall out and leave the scalp can grow back into new hair. But if the hair has fallen out excessively and made the head almost completely bald, the return of hair to be able to grow again needs time and process more or less a year by doing this therapy regularly. Steroid therapy can be done in two ways. The first method is by injection and the second way is by applying a spread on the part of the scalp that experiences hair loss.

5. Finasteride tablets
Hair loss, especially in men who can potentially be bald, can be triggered by changes in the hormone testosterone to dihydrosetestosterone or DHT. So, it is not surprising that many men who experience baldness after checking the disease are the many changes in the hormone. finasteride tablets can really overcome baldness because it can grow hair again because it can optimally dispel changes in these hormones.

But, it turns out the consumption of this drug can also give you side effects, although it rarely happens such as having prostate cancer, sex drive decreases, erectile dysfunction to hypotension. But these side effects rarely occur so don't worry. How to consume this drug for men who want to overcome baldness is to consume every day and the efficacy of this drug can be felt far for the next 3 to 6 months.

But unfortunately, if the consumption of this drug is stopped, there is a high chance that the hair will fall back on a matter of months when it stops consumption. It is very important to note that pregnant women are strictly prohibited from touching this drug especially when it is broken. Why? Because the content can harm the fetus in the stomach. For this reason, for pregnant women who experience hair loss, don't try to overcome the same hair loss in this step. hair loss during pregnancy is normal because hormones in the body still make adjustments that are wrong or the impact can be hair loss. Hair will be healthy and normal after postnatal later. So, don't worry.

6. Minoxidil lotion
Loison Minoxidil is one of the most efficacious drugs for men or women who experience baldness because hair loss is very large. This drug can be applied by smearing the bald scalp. This drug can only be used with those above the age of 18 years.

Suggestion for using this topical medication is almost similar to other topical drugs, which must be rubbed twice a day. The use of this topical medication will work effectively for 12 to 16 days. So, during that day do the scalp baldness and see the results if it's 16 days, it will definitely make the appearance more confident again.

This one topical medicine has side effects that are rarely found, including skin irritation, usually itching, heart rate and heartbeat and growing fine hair around the face and hands. If after a few days after applying the topical Minoxidil Lotion application there are some indications of these side effects, you should consult a doctor so that a solution and safe follow-up is recommended and recommended by a trusted medical party.

7. Hair transplant
Not only the eyes or heart, it turns out hair can also be transplanted. This step is done to grow hair in a bald area so that it looks very real. This step has been carried out by ateelt international football namely Wayne Rooney. Rooney has had baldness since a few years later and he decided to transplant his hair so that his hair can grow normally in the area or area of ​​baldness as you can see now. This process is carried out by operation.

The operation carried out with a simple explanation is carried out by taking a small part of the scalp with normal hair growth and blocking it or implanting it on the part of the scalp that has baldness. The cost needed to hold or perform a hair transplant operation is quite expensive, but the results will look very real, permanent and make the appearance look more beautiful. The time needed for this operation is also not short but very long.

The worst side effects that can occur postoperatively are the occurrence of bleeding and infections that can appear at any time indiscriminately. But these adverse effects or effects rarely occur and almost all hair transplantation processes in the world experience success.

All you need to do before taking this action is consulting the doctor so the doctor as the expert will explain whether you can do a hair transplant procedure or not for several health reasons. The doctor will give you certainty whether you can do this step or not with a more reliable and convincing medical explanation.

Okay, that's some explanation about the causes of hair loss and symptoms and how to overcome them. Hopefully useful for those of you who read.