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Hair is one of the most changed body parts. The goal is diverse, there are only those who try something new. There are also those that change hair to follow the trend. Some even believe in superstition, namely cutting hair to "waste bad luck". But there are only things that change hair by changing the color.

During this time you will always think repeatedly every time you want to dye your hair. The question that always arises in your mind is is there good and natural hair dye that doesn't damage the hair? To answer that question, you can refer to this article which will discuss good and natural hair dye.

A good hair dye is hair dye whose function is not only to dye the hair, but also can nourish the hair so that the hair does not become damaged. Hair dye that generally circulates makes hair dry. Even with frequent use can cause split ends.


6 Good & Natural Hair Dye Ingredient - Healthy T1ps

A good hair dye is a dye that uses natural ingredients. For example, those sold in packs like henna. If you want to make it yourself, you can also use ingredients from the home environment. Like, make your own hair dye from tea, hibiscus, and turmeric. By making your own natural hair dye, you will not be worried about the ingredients used to dye your hair. Natural hair dyes used are adjusted between the material and the color you want to produce.

1. Dark Brown Hair Dye with Black Tea & Coffee

This brown color matches you who have dark brown or black-brown eyeballs and also you who have brown skin. To get a good brown color you can use black tea and coffee. The way to make it is quite easy. Brew tea and coffee in different places, about one large glass. For long, thick hair you can add more.

Brew tea and coffee until thick and the color becomes thick. After that, mix the two liquids into one container and let them stand for some time until cool. Pour the liquid slowly into your hair. Hair is squeezed slightly so that the liquid is spread evenly. After finishing covering the hair with a shower cap then let stand for about half an hour. After that, rinse with clean water. Do this process twice a week until you get the color that you want. It should be noted when pouring liquid into the hair, do it carefully so as not to hit your clothes.

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2. Hair Color dye with Light Brown Color with Chamonile & Lemon Tea

There are two types of mixtures that you can choose to get light brown hair. First use chamomile and lemon tea. How to make it quite easy, chamomile tea is brewed until thick. While lemon is squeezed up to approximately one cup. Mix the results of steeping chamomile tea with lemon water in one container. Pour the liquid into the hair, squeeze the hair slowly. Let the hair stand for about half an hour. Don't forget to cover your hair with a shower cap. Perform this process repeatedly as much as 2 to 3 times a week until you get the light brown color you want.

The second way is to use a mixture of cinnamon and cloves. Cinnamon and cloves can both lighten the hair shaft to light brown. Making hair dyes using cinnamon and cloves is quite easy. Mix half to a cup of cinnamon powder with clove powder. The amount of powder used is adjusted to the thickness and length of your hair. Then add water to a full cup. Then pour the liquid into the hair slowly while squeezing the hair. Cover the hair with a shower cap and leave it for about half an hour. Repeat this process for two to three times a week for maximum results.

3. Dark Red Hair Dye With Shoes & Roses

Red is one of the many colors chosen for coloring hair. The ingredients for making red hair dye are quite easy to find around you. Shoe flowers and roses for example. You can use these flowers to produce red hair coloring.

First take a handful of shoe petals and a handful of red rose petals. Mash the petals of both types of flowers together until smooth, then add a little water. Apply to your hair by slowly pouring. Squeeze the hair so that the liquid is evenly distributed. Leave the hair that has been closed with a shower cap. The longer you keep your hair so the color will be maximal.

Do this process two to three times a week so that the colors obtained are better. You will get other benefits when using dyes from hibiscus and roses, your hair will look more shiny.

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4. Bright Red Hair Dye with Beetroot & Paprika

To get a bright red you can make it from beetroot and paprika. Prepare one cup of paprika powder and beet powder. Mix the two powders and add a little water. Stir until evenly distributed and the liquid becomes thick red.

Use it on your hair by pouring it a little. Squeeze the hair so that the liquid is evenly distributed throughout the hair. Let stand a few moments after closing it with a shower cap. Do this process repeatedly for two to three times a week. This repetition is done so that the results are maximum.

5. Black Hair Dye with Walnut Nuts & Urang Aring

Black is a color desirable by many women in Indonesia. Natural ingredients for producing black dyes are walnut seeds and urang aring. Walnut seeds can make your hair jet black and shiny. The way to make this dye is quite easy. You only need to prepare half a cup of black walnut powder. Then wrap the powder on a fairly thick cloth. Bring the powder to warm water the size of 3 cups.

Leave the mixture overnight for a solid black color. How to use it is enough to apply liquid to each strand of hair. Make sure it's evenly used so the results look good. Do this use two to three times a week.

Urang aring must be familiar to you. In our country, urang aring is very well known as a natural hair dye to produce black and also make hair healthier. There are many shampoo products which mention that using urang aring in the type of product. If you want to try to make it yourself, processing urang aring is not difficult.

Collect a handful of urang aring leaves then mash until it becomes a thick, thick liquid. Then apply this liquid evenly to your washed hair. Do this process every time you finish washing your hair so that the solid black color remains attached. Make sure the hair is dry when applying liquid.

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6. Blonde or Blonde Hair Dye with Turmeric

Color that is pretty much glimpsed by people who will dye their hair one of them is blonde. You can make this color yourself without having to spend extra money at the salon. The material used to produce this blonde color is no stranger. Turmeric, which you have always known to make yellow rice, can actually be used to make natural hair dyes.

The way to make it is not difficult. Prepare a quarter cup of shredded turmeric. Add warm water slowly then squeeze until you get a cup of concentrated turmeric solution. Prepare a spray bottle that has been washed clean. Enter the liquid into the spray bottle. Apply to the hair by spraying it all over the hair shaft evenly. Squeeze the hair slowly so that the liquid can be absorbed.

Let the hair stand for a few moments until the hair dries. Rinse hair with clean water. Do this process again every two days to get the color that suits you.

Okay, there are 6 ways to make good and natural hair dye. Is it easy not to make dyes for your hair naturally? The material is easy to find, you don't have to spend a lot of money to make your hair more beautiful with new colors.