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8 Benefits of Orange Sonkit for Body Health - Healthy T1ps

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The Latest Of 8 Benefits of Orange Sonkit for Body Health - Healthy T1ps

Orange is one type of fruit that has many types, types, shapes, sizes and flavors. But any type of orange has a high content of vitamin C and other ingredients that are beneficial for health. Orange sonkit or also called Kasturi lime is one type of orange which is generally added to chili or to spice up dishes.

Orange sonkit has a smaller size than kaffir lime, is green and has a distinctive fragrant aroma of chili orange. In addition to being a spice, there are also benefits of orange sonkit or the benefits of castor fruit for health. Well, in this article we will discuss some of the benefits of orange sonkit for body health, namely:

Health Benefits Of Orange Sonkit - Healthy T1ps

1. Eliminate fatigue

Orange sonkit can be made a warm drink that is very good for consumption when tired after activities or not. Orange sonkit can be squeezed and added honey to reduce sour taste, then hot or warm water is added. Consuming this orange sonkit drink can increase energy so that the fatigue experienced is reduced.

2. Relieves cough and sore throat

As with the benefits of drinking warm lemon water, drinking warm sonkit orange juice can also help overcome itchy throat due to coughing or other causes. To get this benefit some people mix it with black pepper, with honey, some even mix it with soy sauce.

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3. Increase endurance

A weak body resistance will result in the body more susceptible to disease, easily tired, weak and not energized. One of the benefits of citrus sonkit for health if consumed regularly can increase endurance, so that the body will be awake in fitness and not easily experience pain.

4. Cure fever and heat

One of the benefits of other citrus oranges is that it can relieve heat and fever. In addition to using the juice to drink, orange sonkit or casturi can be boiled after being cut into pieces. The cooking water can be used to compress the forehead, using the help of a soft towel.

5. Treat headaches and dizziness

The ease of dizziness or headache appears can be caused by a weak body resistance and a less nutritious body. Warm sonkit orange drinks can increase endurance, while being able to provide nutrients to the body because it has many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are good for health.

The Latest Of 8 Benefits of Orange Sonkit for Body Health - Healthy T1ps
Benefits of Orange Sonkit for Body Health - Healthy T1ps

6. Prevent cancer

Orange sonkit is also efficacious to help prevent cancer, because it contains high antioxidant compounds. As with the benefits of soursop leaf boiled water, the efficacy of boiled orange sonkit can help fight cancer cells by inhibiting its spread in the body.

7. Helps treat hypertension

The nutritional content contained in orange sonkit can help stabilize blood pressure and is very well consumed for people with hypertension. In addition, the properties can also maintain the health of the heart and prevent various diseases such as strokes or other disorders.

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8. Promotes the digestive system

Like the benefits of lemon honey, drinking orange sonkit with or without honey can help facilitate the digestive system. Besides that it can also prevent the appearance of digestive disorders, because it can fight bad bacteria in the intestine and improve the digestive tract.

Thus reviews of the benefits of citrus sonkit for body health, hopefully useful.