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A Million Benefits of River Snails, which must be consumed for health

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The Latest Of Healh Benefits of Eatting River Snails, For Body - Healthy T1ps

Snails are one of the animals with slow body movements that have a soft body characteristic and have a hard shell. snails have many types and inhabit several places. the snail is actually not the only soft animal, there are still many other soft animals but the snail has the characteristics of a strong shell and slow movements and mucus that can mark the movement of the snail because each movement of the snail will release mucus.

One of the environmental snails is in the river. River snails are very numerous and among the people the consumption of river snails is very popular. In addition to the good taste, this snail animal can be obtained at a cheap price on the market or you only need to hunt it in the river near your house, but a clean river, of course. River snails are believed to have many benefits to maintain body health, here are the benefits of river snails

The Amazing Of Benefits Eatting River Snail Meat For Health - Healthy T1ps

1. Wound Healer

River slugs have mucus produced when they walk. Snail mucus is believed to have the effect of healing wounds. In some cases of wounds with bleeding due to accidental sharp objects or moderate bloody wounds can be treated by smearing the slime of river snails. Mucus spread is obtained by removing mucus from snails taken using cotton or other media (not using hands directly) to reduce the sensation of disgust. River slime mucus also contains antiseptics so it is good for killing germs and cleaning wounds to avoid the danger of infection.

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2. Rich in protein

Eating river slugs will meet daily Protein requirements. The benefits of protein are obtained from snails because the meat contains high protein and amino acids. The advantages of snails as a source of protein are fairly cheap because they can be found in rivers and are not as expensive as animal protein from goats and cows. Proper processing of snail meat will add good benefits to the protein content in it

3. Low fat

Although it consists of meat that is soft, river snails are animals with low fat meat when consumed. The delicious taste of river snails is undeniable and is a dish for community idols. Delicious dishes and low fat content of river snails will make someone with a diet program not need to worry about their diet program will fail.
The Amazing Of Benefits Eatting River Snail Meat For Health - Healthy T1ps
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4. Treating Acne

Acne is a skin health disorder that often appears on the surface of the skin that makes sufferers less confident. Acne can be overcome with several drugs or beauty products with anti-acne formulas on the market, but if it does not match the product instead of recovering acne, it will increase and appear to be severe. Instead of treating the situation even more alarming. One safe way to reduce the risk of incompatibility with a product can be to use treatment with natural ingredients, for example with the benefits of snail slime. River slime mucus is believed to contain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties so it can clear the area of ​​acne from bacteria and relieve inflammation that occurs

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5. Strengthens the immune system

Have you ever craved a healthy body that is strong and resistant to disease attacks. This is very likely to be realized by diligently exercising and eating foods that are rich in nutrients. One of the dishes that you can try for a healthy menu full of nutrients, which is processed by river snail meat. Delicious river snail meat with a variety of nutrients when consumed has benefits for the body, namely increasing the immune system because the meat contains many benefits of vitamin A, C, and the benefits of folic acid are also good for maintaining maternal and fetal health.

Thus the benefits of river slugs are good for health.