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Fast Ways to Lose Weight with Plum Fruits - Healthy T1ps

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Fast Ways to Lose Weight with Plum Fruits - Healthy T1ps

Quickly Lose Weight By Eating Plums Regularly - Lately, plums or preparations made from plums are said to be able to lose weight. We hear this fruit quite rarely and of course it is still rare that we get this fruit on the market easily. This causes us to be curious, is it true that plums are able to lose weight?

Being overweight or obese is one of the risk factors for several diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. No wonder if almost everyone tries to lose weight when it starts obesity. Losing weight is usually done by exercising high intensity and applying a strict dietary pattern. However, it is not uncommon to fail

No need to worry. Because, there are simple ways that can help you lose weight. According to new research, eating several plums twice a day can be the key to losing weight. In the study, plums were able to suppress appetite. If you want to apply this method, it is recommended to start from small portions to minimize stomach problems.

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Plum fruit is the fruit of the genus Prunus. Other fruits from this genus are various types of cherries and almonds. Compared to cherries and plums almonds proved to have lower calorie content. In 100 grams of plum, 47.1 kcal is obtained, while cherries have 63 kcal of energy, almonds have the highest caloric content of 550 kcal. Calories are important in choosing food ingredients when you want to go on a weight-loss diet, so that compared to almonds and plum cherries are proven to be low in calories.

Benefits of Eating Plums for a Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps
Benefits of Eating Plums for a Healthy Diet

Besides calories, fiber is very helpful for the success of the diet. Compared to almonds, the fiber content in plums is very small. Almonds have 10x higher fiber content than plums.

Plums have a low calorie content but the fiber content in plums is also small. This can not help the success of a weight loss diet. But because of the low calorie content, plums can still be the choice of fruit for snacks or intervals in your diet.

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Eating 100 grams of plum every day can push the intestines to work normally. Therefore, consuming plums every day can streamline the body's metabolic system which ultimately helps slimming programs. "So, if you want to maintain hunger and stop snacking in the afternoon, then eating plums is the answer".

And here are some ways we can use to go on a diet with plums.

Plum Juice

Made with juice (Plum Juice) - Healthy T1ps
Made with juice (Plum Juice) For Diet - Healthy T1ps

The first way that we can use to be able to go on a diet with plums is to make juice. How to make juice with plums is fairly easy. First, we prepare some plums that are really still fresh, then we wash and we cut into pieces. After that, enter the pieces of plum into a blender and add a little ice cubes and honey. After everything is evenly mixed, the plum juice is ready to be enjoyed.

This plum juice is very suitable for consumption for those of you who don't like the sour taste of this plum fruit. The content contained in plum fruit juice will help us expedite the metabolic processes in the body so that the burning of fat and calories in the body will run optimally.

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With Pasta Made

The next way we can do to diet with plums is to process them into pasta. This plum paste is perfect for consumption as a heavy breakfast substitute. The content of carbohydrates and fiber contained in plums is effective enough to provide energy and satiety until lunch time arrives.

This method of making plum paste is fairly easy. First, we prepare some fresh plums. After that we cut it into several parts and we wash it thoroughly. Then we put the pieces of plum into a bowl and pour boiling water into the bowl. After that cover the bowl and let stand for about fifteen minutes.

By Drying

Dry Plum for Diet - Healthy T1ps
Dry Plum for Diet

How to diet with the last plum fruit is by drying the plums. This is so that the plums last longer and last longer. How to dry the plums is very easy.

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Nutrients of Plum Fruit

Before discussing how to diet with plums, it would be very good if we know in advance what are the nutritional content contained in it. Because by knowing the nutritional content in it, of course we will be more confident with the benefits of this one fruit.

First, plums are very rich in vitamin C. And the vitamin C content is very effective to help a person lose weight. The content of vitamin C contained in plums can effectively help facilitate the metabolic process so that our bodies will be able to easily digest the food that is in our body. And so, the calories and fat in our body can be burned optimally.