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Ever feel confused why our faces are always dull, pimples are not lost, blackheads or others? Even though we routinely clean our faces every day. Hm, try checking again is it correct or not how to clean your face? This article will help answer all your confusion.

Avoid 13 Mistakes When Washing Face

Mistakes when washing your face can make facial skin problematic so you have to know the right way to wash your face. It is suggested that every day we wash our face at least 2 times a day to get rid of dirt or dust that sticks to the face especially after all day activities.

Washing your face is one of the easiest ways to clean your face from dirt or dust. Although it is certainly commonplace in doing these habits, but there are still many people who make various mistakes in washing their faces. Mistakes in washing your face can damage the skin and even make it spotty.

The following are mistakes that are often made by people in washing their face, namely:

1. Wash your face with dirty palms
Every day the palm of the hand is the part of the skin that most often makes contact with various kinds of objects. We do not know that the objects we have held have various kinds of dirt and bacteria and that they all gather in the palm of our hands.

If you clean your face without cleaning your palm first it's the same as you are removing all the dirt and bacteria in your palm to your face. So from that make sure to clean your palms before you clean your face.

2. Choose any product
Many people who don't care about facial washing products are used. Most of them use products advertised on TV or just recommendations from friends. However, careless and inappropriate products can cause facial skin problems such as excess oil, black spots, zits, and so on.

Therefore, you must recognize the skin type well and then look for facial wash products that are suitable for the condition of the skin. A good facial cleanser is a cleanser that can remove residual make up, dust that sticks, and remove dirt on the face. This is an error when washing face with soap carelessly.

3. Use moisturizer for dry skin
Moisturizers can make your skin a barrier to free radicals, foreign particles and poisons that are harmful to the skin. You can apply moisturizer after washing your face to make it feel more moist. Massage your face gently and circularly to get maximum results.

Massage movements can be started from an upward movement to avoid being attracted to the skin. However, before using beauty products it is better if you wait for your face to dry completely after washing your face so that the benefits of the product can be more actively working, not greasy and not sticky.

4. Using the wrong water temperature
Most people use hot water to open pores and cold water to close the pores. However, actually the pores do not have muscles to open and close so there is no need to do this because the use of hot water can actually make facial skin irritated and dry. Therefore, leave this habit and replace it by washing your face properly which is replacing hot water with warm water to make it safer for facial skin.

5. Wash your face too often or only once a day
The benefits of facial cleansing that can cleanse dirt from the face make some people often wash their face, even more than three times. In fact, good facial washing is done only 2 times each day, namely in the morning and evening.

In fact, for those of you who are not active outdoors, do not sweat and do not use make up, then just rinse your face with warm water at night. Washing your face often can thin your face skin and will not be good for skin health.

6. Exfoliating too often
In general, exfoliation is done about one to three times a week. Do not do this excessively and carelessly scrub the scrub because it can irritate, inflammation, infection and dry the skin. This skin damage can cause acne on the skin of the face.

Therefore, there are tips for you to do exfoliation to make it more effective for removing dead skin. Use your fingers to apply the exfoliator cream with a damp towel to prevent scratching or interest in the skin. You can also massage gently in a circle to get maximum results. This is the side effect of washing your face too often.

7. Rinsing in a hurry
As with a quick shower and certainly won't be good because this won't be effective in removing oil and dirt on the face. So that facial skin remains excellent, then take a minimum of two minutes to wash your face properly.

Give a gentle massage to the forehead and nose which usually produces more oil. Tips that you can do is to use a milk cleanser by gently rubbing it and circling it up on the entire face. Do this in about thirty seconds to break the rest of the make up and oil.

8. Chemical products
Beauty products with chemicals must be more careful so that they are not mistaken in choosing face wash products. Look at the composition of the product whether the composition is safe or not such as coloring, fragrances, and parabens. Avoid selection with high concentrations of detergent, sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS. Both of these ingredients can be at risk for irritation and allergic reactions to facial skin.

9. Skip face oil
Most people think that oil is the main enemy of oily skin. Dermatologists and beauty explain that oil is so friendly to all types of skin and generally, oil will dissolve when meeting fellow oil.

Therefore, the presence of this oil will break down the bacteria and dirt that cause acne that often arise on oily faces. In addition, the moisture of the skin will also be maintained so that there will be a balance of pH levels on the skin of the face.

10. Rubbing habits
All skin types must be careful when applying masks, cleansers or exfoliants. Unusually rubbing your skin or too tight can pull the skin. Therefore, do not rub your facial skin tightly in dry conditions because it can affect the elasticity of facial skin. Wait for your face to dry itself after washing your face or you can just pat it with a clean towel.

11. Expensive products must be more effective
Many people say that expensive products will be more effective in providing benefits. However, don't just hunt for expensive or branded face wash products to be able to clean your face to the fullest. Actually, the choice of facial washing products does not have to be expensive.

It would be better if you choose beauty products in accordance with facial skin conditions and needs. You can also use simpler cleansers with natural ingredients and beneficial ingredients in the long term, such as moisturizers and vitamin serum.

12. Wash your face without cleaning your makeup first
If previously you were using makeup on your face all day, then you have to clean it. But not a few of us are wrong with the stages in cleaning the face that is using makeup.

Before washing your face, you must first remove makeup with a make up cleanser or make up removal. Cleansing with make-up removal will help us to make the makeup that attaches to the pores of the facial skin.

13. Use a rough towel
After cleaning your face do not use a towel with a rough material, this can cause facial irritation. Use a special towel for a soft face. Tips for you are to distinguish between ordinary towels with special face towels to avoid bacteria sticking to our facial skin.

After knowing 13 errors when washing your face, you can see whether your way has been correct or not. If not, then you have to change the wrong habits that are often done in the right way. Wash your face properly or face skin will experience several problems such as acne, dull, and so forth. Don't forget to also choose a product that suits your skin type, too, this is a mistake when washing your face that must be considered.