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14 Benefits of Wild Bee Honey for Health - Healthy T1ps

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14 Benefits of Wild Bee Honey for Health - Healthy T1ps

Wild honey bee or more often called honey hutam is a type of honey produced by honey that is not bred aka honey from wild bees in the forest. In general, this type of honey is sold with the appendage of the name of the area of ​​origin of honey, such as Sumbawa honey bee, Kalimantan and so on.

When talking about the benefits of native forest honey for health, of course wild honey bee has more content and is more qualified than livestock honey. So do not be surprised if the price of wild honey bee tends to be more expensive than ordinary honey. Well, in this article we will review the benefits of wild bee honey for health and how to consume it the most appropriate. Check out the review below.

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Health Benefits of wild honey bees

Basically, each type of honey has almost the same content as glucose, minerals, salts, vitamins, organic acids, enzymes and hormones that are beneficial for health. However, wild bee honey contains bee pollen, propolis and high royal jelly which makes it more nutritious. The following are some of the benefits of honey for the health of wild bees, namely:

  1. Restore stamina and energy lost due to fatigue after working or doing other activities.
  2. Improve the body's immune system, so that the body will be maintained health and avoid disease attacks.
  3. Strengthening the condition of the fetus in the womb which is weak during pregnancy, can also increase the stamina of pregnant women by providing additional nutrients.
  4. Improve the concentration of learning power in children, so that children are smarter and can easily accept new things during the development period well.
  5. Increasing appetite for children who are usually picky and difficult to eat, can also protect children from health problems.
  6. Helping increase growth and development is one of the benefits of honey for toddlers, where nutritional intake must be considered for brain development.
  7. Giving comfort to the nerves and body fatigue, which can cause stress and trigger the arrival of various diseases.
  8. Overcome digestive and gastric problems, because honey is easier to digest, especially for seniors who often experience this disorder.
  9. Preventing infection and helping the treatment process to heal quickly is also one of the benefits of wild bee honey for health.
  10. Helps stabilize blood pressure and maintain heart health, so as to minimize diseases such as heart disease or stroke.
  11. Helps control diseases such as the benefits of honey for cholesterol, diabetes, gout and more effectively.
  12. Handle respiratory disorders and maintain lung health to function normally.
  13. Healthy eyes which are very good for people who have eye disorders or often work at the computer.
  14. Healthy, brightens and tightens the skin if used for routine skin care.
14 Benefits of Wild Bee Honey for Health - Healthy T1ps
14 Benefits of Wild Bee Honey for Health - Healthy T1ps

How to consume wild honey bees

After knowing the benefits above, then is the right way to consume honey in order to obtain the benefits of drinking honey every day for maximum health, namely:
  • For children: drink 1-3 tablespoons of honey every day.
  • For adults: drink 3-5 tablespoons of honey every day.
  • For wound care or skin beauty can be thinly thinned.

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Thus reviews of the various benefits of wild bee honey for body health and how to consume it.