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6 Durian Flower Benefits for Skin Health - Healthy T1ps

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Best Of 6 Durian Flower Benefits for Skin Health - Healthy T1ps

This fruit is a king of fruit translated into Indonesian, namely the king of all fruits. Although many people tend to avoid it, many also like different durian fruit if you see the benefits of wuluh starfruit flowers, they are willing to struggle just to get durian fruit. Because it is one type of tropical plant, it is not surprising that durian trees thrive in Indonesia. In Indonesia alone durian fruit is most often found in the Kalimantan region because of the many durian farmers there, and durian itself is a native fruit originating from Southeast Asia. Durian fruit also has good nutrition for the body, in addition to its alluring taste.

With the abundance of nutrients available, besides being used as a mixture of processed foods such as cakes, ice, juice, pudding and many more, durian fruit also has benefits, among others, because of its high antioxidant content so that durian fruit can ward off free radicals that cause cancer. And by consuming durian fruit, you can prevent cardiovascular disease and keep your muscles and bones from getting sick easily. In addition, durian fruit is a species of plant that lives in groups originating from the genus Durio or Durio Zibethinus and its name is given from the clan and the shape of the fruit skin resembling thorns.

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But other than different durian fruit if you see the benefits of rocks, excuse tamarind, it turns out that durian trees have many advantages. One of the advantages is that it turns out durian flowers can be consumed. Most people treat durian flowers as an additional side dish when eating rice. There are various dishes made from durian flowers such as oseng-oseng, spicy vegetables, and mixed with fish or meat sauce. Its distinctive taste and its good content for the body can nourish your body well. For those who are curious about the nutritional content of durian flowers, here are the details.

Durian Flower Nutrition

  • Energy
  • Carbohydrate
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin
  • Folate
  • Acid
  • Potassium
  • Phosphor
  • Saponin
  • Flavonoids

Actually there are still a lot of ingredients from durian flowers, above only partially. The abundance of nutritional content in durian flowers is one of its own attractions in addition to taste and easy processing. Behind the existence of nutrients in durian flowers save a lot of benefits that you can get. For those of you who are curious about what are the benefits of durian flowers, here we submit the explanation.

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Health Benefits of Durian Flowers

Mushroom medicine
The saponin content in durian flowers can prevent and treat fungi and reduce infections that occur due to candida in the oral cavity. This is because saponins have high antimicrobial properties so they are able to treat them. This is very useful for those of you who want to maintain your oral health different from the benefits of Jiang Zhi tea, this is certainly very important to maintain health which has an impact on your confidence.

Lose weight
Durian flowers are also very useful for those of you who have problems with weight, especially for those of you who have difficulty losing weight. You can make various food menus from durian flowers and make them as a diet menu. This is because durian flowers can help the metabolic process faster and burn fat more effectively and quickly.
Health Benefits of Durian Flowers
Health Benefits of Durian Flowers

Nail Infection Medicine
For those of you who often experience wrong cuts of toenails or hand, this will certainly cause minor injuries. Usually this wound will cause a small infection commonly called "cantengen". To help the healing process quickly and as a different medicine with the benefits of cauliflower, you can consume it regularly. The nutritional content of durian flowers can repair wound-damaged cells and as an antiseptic and antibiotic to cure existing infections.

Promotes digestion
The fiber content of durian flowers is very good for those of you who often experience digestive disorders such as constipation or difficult bowel movements. Existing fiber will facilitate your digestion so that it will prevent and treat constipation and difficult bowel movements.

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Medication for Skin Fungus
There are several types of skin diseases caused by fungi such as itching, scabies, and much more. If you experience this, you can overcome it by regularly consuming durian flowers.

Wound medicine
Besides being very effective as a medicine for skin fungus, different from the benefits of angelonia flowers, durian flowers can also be used as medicine for wounds. Of course the wound medicine on the skin, as for how to cure using durian flowers, namely by consuming it or making it as a processed brewed drink.

Those are some of the benefits of durian flowers, hopefully the information above can be useful and increase your insight.